15 Small Business Ideas You Can Start in Your Backyard in 2024

Profitable Small Business Ideas You Can Start in Your Backyard

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The potential of generating additional money streams has attracted the interest of an increasing number of persons in this day and age,

When it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a decent lifestyle on the basis of a single source of income alone.

The fact that many of these part-time endeavours can be started and handled from the comfort of one’s own home is a large part of the reason why they are so appealing.

But there’s a crucial first step you need to take before setting out on your entrepreneurial journey: you need to do some primary market research.

This comprises conducting first-hand research to evaluate the level of local interest in your envisioned product or service, with the end goal of determining the number of potential customers who would happily stand in line and pull out their wallets to purchase it.

This step involves determining your target audience in minute detail and defining your market, two terms that are commonly used interchangeably.

Small Business Ideas You Can Start in Your Backyard in 2024

Your route to success will be less bumpy if you take the time to make a detailed and thorough strategy outlining in great detail how you intend to carry out each of the required tasks.

It is a good idea to document your complete strategy before you start implementing it, and the more distinct your vision is before you begin, the better your chances will be of achieving your goals.

Have you always wished you could turn your garden into a work space instead of sitting in traffic to and from the office?

If this is the case, and if you’ve ever had trouble conceiving of a profitable way to make money, I strongly suggest that you continue reading this article.

Within the following content, you’ll find 15 creative ways to make money, each one of which may become the basis for a thriving business venture if you choose to implement it.

15 Profitable Small Business Ideas You Can Start from Your Backyard in 2024

  • Breeding rabbits

Oryctolagus cuniculus, more often known as the domestic rabbit, is a prolific breeder that provides a plentiful supply of delicious meat.

They have a higher output per unit of time than pigs, goats, or sheep.

The gestation period of a rabbit is extremely brief (just 27–33 days), and the female can rebreed soon after giving birth.

If kept in simple conditions, a breeding doe (Female) can have at least five litters every year, with an average of six kits per litter.

If there is a maximum death rate of 15%, 25 of the kits will mature to 3 kg after 5-6 months.

  • Rentals of Equipment for Parties and Events

The rental of party supplies is a booming industry, especially in major metropolitan areas.

Equipment including PA systems, canopies, chairs, a stage platform, ice, drums, pots and pans, table linens, and more are in high demand for parties.

The first thing you should do is research how much certain things cost and for how long.

The next step is to look into how much it would cost to produce or acquire some of these things.

The only thing left to do is contact local event planners and let your neighbours know about your services.

  • Cleaning and pressing of clothes

In spite of the fact that we all need to do laundry and ironing, many of us simply don’t have the time to do it all.

Making money by doing other people’s laundry and ironing is where you come in.

As more and more adults enter the labour field, there is less time to ensure that daily chores are completed properly or at all.

This business idea could be perfect for you if you have a large enough backyard to keep all the clothing, sort all the items, and start making money right away.

  • Handmade Carton Manufacturing Business

Amazingly, a simple cardboard box like the ones you see discarded by the wayside may be transformed into cash with nothing more than your bare hands.

A box is another name for a carton. The print, colour, surface design, and shape of a carton all contribute to its visual impact and appeal.

Your clientele includes beauty supply stores, pharmacies, restaurants, grocery stores, distilleries, beverage companies, and more because you offer both heavy and light packaging cartons. You need not worry about rivals who rely on mechanised production.

Simply focus on the small and medium-sized business (SME) market that is emerging in Nigeria.

Handmade carton businesses can be started with as little as N50,000 in initial capital.

Profitable Small Business Ideas You Can Start from Your Backyard

  • Commercial Gardening and Horticulture

The cultivation of ornamental plants and food crops is referred to as horticulture. Using iron rods in the garden is a part of it as well.

The gentle quality differs depending on the plants themselves. Planting grass, trees, bushes, edging, fruit trees, etc.

The good news is that you may launch your company with very little capital.

You can get started with as little as N1,000,000, N500,000, or N200,000.

It requires no initial investment at all. Begin by establishing grasses or plants in a tiny section of the yard. Take good care of it.

People will start noticing it and asking if you can do it for them before you know it.

Free work is another option for getting started. Don’t worry about it for three months.

They will be forced to offer you something, no matter how modest, and may even provide you new opportunities and connections as a result of the conclusion.

  • Farming fish as a business

Due to the increasing demand for protein and the limited supply, many people have become wealthy through fish farming.

If prepared well, food can win anyone over. If the proper infrastructure is in place, fish farming is a guaranteed bet.

Fish is becoming increasingly popular as a source of protein because of its low cholesterol content.

Buy finger lings for as little as N50–N200, keep them fed for 4–6 months, then sell them for anywhere from N200–N1,500, depending on their size and weight.

Tank hygiene monitoring is important since improper management of waste could destroy your business.

  • Growing herbs for sale

Herbs are becoming increasingly popular, and you can get anything from medicinal herbs to culinary herbs to herbal teas, baths, candles, and aromatherapy essences in stores large and small.

Growing own herbs in a large backyard or on rented cheap land is a great way to get started.

You’ll need to have some serious experience with cultivating herbs.

You can target wholesalers who make purchases for health product makers, grocery stores, and restaurants, or you can sell to these establishments directly.

  • The Making of Chalk

Today in Nigeria, there is a sizable demand for chalk, but only a limited supply on the market.

Universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, agriculture, nursing, etc. all use chalk in their classrooms.

Most of the few remaining chalk companies today lack the competence to make high-quality, industry-standard chalk. You can run this enterprise from the comfort of your own garden.

A business can be run by a single person, a family, or a big group of people.

Profitable Small Business Ideas You Can Start from Your Backyard

  • Establish a backyard coop.

You can start a profitable poultry company with as few as N100,000 and as much as N300,000, provided you have enough space in your backyard to house between 50 and 500 birds.

Feed, housing, and medicine for the birds are all factored into these estimates. Find an expert to assist you with setting up the pen.

To save money, you can get the timber you need straight from the sawmill.

Poultry waste management is crucial since improper waste disposal can negatively impact productivity, health, and welfare.

You may make money in almost any facet of the chicken industry,

Within two years, a single bird may lay an average of 730 eggs, which can be sold for around N500 to N600.

  • Making candles (production)

Candlestick manufacturing is still lucrative despite the unreliability of electricity in the country.

Due to the unreliability of the electrical grid, many people in Nigeria have resorted to using only candles.

If you spend N10,000 for a candle mould that makes 16 candlesticks at a time, you can make 800 candles in a day.

When your initial capital is between N20,000 and N25,000, you are in this predicament.

It takes no more than 10 minutes to make all 16 pieces; simply melt the wax, pour it into the mould, and wait 5 minutes for it to solidify; then repeat with more heated wax.

So instead of N100,000–N200,000, you may get started with just N45,000.

The initial investment is approximately N30,000 for the mould, N1,000 for the wax, N1,000 for the thread, N600 for the heat source, N1,500 for the bowl and packaging nylons, N2,000 for the ceiling machine, and N1,000 for the logistics.

  • Production of liquid air fresheners

The strategic significance that liquid air freshener plays in homes, offices, etc. is undeniable. Its appeal spans generations, demographics, and socioeconomic status.

Because all of the chemicals required are safe for human consumption, you can make this in your own backyard.

When making anything on a small or medium size, machines are also unnecessary. All necessary chemicals can be obtained in the area at any time of the year.

The fact that the production technology is so basic is also comforting. The high water content of this product means it can be sold for a premium.

Plastic containers of good quality and attractive design are readily accessible in the area, adding a professional sheen to the product.

  • Snail breeding

Multiple sources have confirmed that snail meat is a healthy and delicious treat.

If you want to learn the ins and outs of snail breeding, the rainy season is the greatest time to start, and you only need approximately 50 to 60 snails to get started.

The African giant snail is a good choice since it grows to a large size before it dies.

These snails are widely available from farmers and fishmongers around the country.

The price of a bunch of snails, which typically contains 20 individual snails, can range from N1, 800 to N3, 000 for the larger sizes.

The large ones are preferable to purchase because they can hatch in about 35 days. A new entrant to the industry should be able to get started with around N10,000.

  • Ice block production

The production of ice blocks in plastic containers or polythene bags for sale requires the use of a deep freezer.

The company’s core competency is the mass manufacture of ice blocks from clean water stored in virtually any tiny container, with the goal of satisfying the needs of a wide range of customers.

Wherever there are people and activities that require a cooling off, be it by a bottle of cold soft drink or a sachet of pure water, this business can thrive, especially in areas where power outages are frequent.

This includes motor parks, markets, schools, commercial and business areas.

Manufacturers of these clean water purifiers have developed partnerships with various financial institutions and are now offering investment capital to eager backers.


1. What are Small Business Ideas you can start in your Backyard in Nigeria?

Starting a small business in your backyard in Nigeria is a practical and cost-effective way to pursue entrepreneurial ventures.

Here are some small business ideas that can be successfully operated in your backyard:

a. Poultry Farming: You can raise chickens for eggs or meat in your backyard, provided you have sufficient space for coops and proper care for the birds.

b. Fish Farming: Constructing fish tanks or ponds in your backyard is feasible for tilapia or catfish farming. Adequate water supply and good management are essential.

c. Gardening and Horticulture: Grow ornamental plants, flowers, or vegetables in your backyard. These products can be sold at local markets or directly to consumers.

d. Handmade Craft Manufacturing: If you have crafting skills, consider making and selling handmade crafts like jewelry, candles, soap, or other decorative items. Your backyard can serve as a workspace.

e. Laundry and Ironing Services: Running a laundry and ironing service is possible with minimal space. You can set up a washing and ironing area in your backyard and offer your services to the community.

f. Liquid Air Freshener Production: Create liquid air fresheners by mixing simple chemicals. With the right equipment, you can produce air fresheners in your backyard and sell them locally.

g. Chalk Production: Chalk production can be done in a small workspace in your backyard. It’s a simple process, and there’s a consistent demand, particularly in educational institutions.

h. Snail Farming: Snail farming is a low-cost venture. You can set up snail pens in your backyard and rear these mollusks for sale. They are in demand for their meat.

i. Microgreen Farming: Grow microgreens, such as sprouts and baby greens, in containers or small beds in your backyard. Sell them to restaurants and local markets.

Profitable Small Business Ideas You Can Start in Your Backyard in 2024

j. Beekeeping: Start a beekeeping business with beehives in your backyard. Harvest honey and beeswax products for sale to local consumers or businesses.

k. Rabbit Breeding: Establish rabbit hutches in your backyard for breeding rabbits, which can provide a steady source of meat.

l. Catering Services: If you enjoy cooking, start a small catering business in your backyard. You can prepare and serve meals for events, parties, or daily catering orders.

m. Car Wash: Set up a car wash business in your backyard, offering car cleaning services that don’t require much space.

n. Composting Business: Create a composting area in your backyard, collecting organic waste from your neighborhood and selling compost to gardeners.

o. Plant Nursery: Start a plant nursery by propagating and growing various plants in your backyard. You can sell seedlings and plants to local gardeners and landscaping companies.

These are just a few examples of businesses you can start in your backyard in Nigeria, and the choice will depend on your interests, available space, and local market demand.

2. Can you run a Business in your Backyard?

Yes, you can run a business in your backyard, but several factors need to be considered to ensure its success and compliance with local regulations:

a. Zoning Laws and Regulations: Check with your local government to understand zoning laws and regulations that may restrict or permit certain types of businesses in residential areas. Some businesses may require special permits or licenses.

b. Neighbors and Community: Consider the impact of your business on your neighbors and the local community. Ensure your business operations do not disrupt your neighbors or violate any community standards.

c. Space and Infrastructure: Assess the available space in your backyard and whether it’s suitable for your chosen business. Ensure you have the necessary infrastructure, such as water supply and electricity, if needed.

d. Environmental Considerations: Some businesses, like fish farming or composting, may have environmental considerations. Ensure that your business activities do not harm the environment or violate local environmental regulations.

e. Health and Safety: Follow health and safety standards and guidelines for your specific business. This is particularly important for businesses that involve food or chemicals.

f. Market Research: Conduct thorough market research to understand the demand for your product or service in your local area.

g. Marketing and Promotion: Develop a marketing plan to promote your business to your target audience. Consider online and offline marketing strategies to attract customers.

Profitable Small Business Ideas You Can Start in Your Backyard in 2024

In summary, while running a business in your backyard can be a cost-effective and practical way to start a venture, it’s crucial to be aware of legal requirements, environmental considerations, and community impact.

With the right planning and adherence to regulations, backyard businesses can thrive and provide opportunities for entrepreneurship.



Profitable Small Business Ideas You Can Start in Your Backyard

In conclusion, starting a small business in your backyard in Nigeria presents a multitude of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs.

These ventures are not only cost-effective but also convenient, allowing individuals to turn their passion and skills into profitable enterprises.

From poultry farming to crafting, from gardening to catering, the possibilities are diverse.

However, it’s vital to remember that success hinges on more than just a backyard space. Understanding local regulations, environmental responsibilities, and the impact on your community is essential.

By adhering to legal requirements, ensuring environmental sustainability, and promoting your business effectively, you can turn your backyard business into a thriving venture that contributes to your financial stability and the local economy.

So, whether you have a green thumb, a penchant for craftsmanship, or a culinary flair, your backyard can be the ideal starting point for your entrepreneurial journey.

With the right planning and dedication, your small backyard business can grow and flourish, opening up new horizons for your financial future.



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