10 Best Places To Visit in New Zealand For Tourists in 2024

best places to visit in New Zealand for tourists

In this post we will explore the top 10 Best Places To Visit in New Zealand For Tourists and cost of traveling to NZ in 2024 via Afrokonnect. New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and for a good reason.

On top of it’s stunning natural scenery, this island nation has an incredible history, including the Treaty of Waitangi,

Which essentially created modern-day New Zealand after it’s signing in 1840 by Maori chiefs and the British Crown.

Today New Zealand’s tourism industry brings in more than $12 billion annually, with more than 2 million visitors visiting the country each year.

10 Best Places to visit in New Zealand for Tourists in 2024

Below are 10 of the best places to visit in New Zealand as a tourist (in no particular order).

1. Auckland – City of Sails

Auckland is one of two main islands of New Zealand. The city is home to about 1.4 million people, making it by far New Zealand’s most populous city and also its largest city by land area.

The City of Sails has a wide variety of attractions for visitors. The iconic Sky Tower dominates downtown Auckland and offers stunning views from both inside and outside it’s observation decks.

If you want to get out on water, there are plenty of options for sailing or boating adventures in Auckland harbor or other nearby locations around New Zealand.

You can visit Milford Sound, where steep mountains rise up from the ocean; Tongariro National Park with snow-capped volcanoes; and beautiful Queenstown on Lake Wakatipu with numerous activities available including bungee jumping off a bridge over an active volcano.

Most popular places in New Zealand

  • Christchurch – artsy cultural hub:

Christchurch is located on the South Island and is home to almost 400,000 residents.

It’s known as the Garden City because of its many parks and gardens, which are popular spots for locals and tourists alike during summer months when temperatures can be quite hot.

Christchurch was hit hard by earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 but was able to rebuild quickly after each event,

Thanks to efforts from residents who wanted their beloved city back.

2. Wellington – small but mighty

It might not be one of the largest cities in New Zealand, but it’s certainly one of its most exciting.

Wellington is a young city that offers plenty for tourists and locals alike.

There are restaurants on every corner and parks filled with beautiful wildlife to explore.

Best Places to visit in New Zealand for tourists in 2024

3. Christchurch – earthquake city

When you’re looking for an interesting mix of culture, history and adventure all in one place, head to Christchurch.

This city was recently devastated by a massive earthquake but is coming back strong with new festivals and activities.

You can stroll through these gardens while enjoying breathtaking views of the harbor or visit them on guided tours.

There are even interactive garden tours that teach visitors about native plants and flowers used in Maori traditions.

It’s no wonder Auckland earned recognition as a UNESCO City of Literature – take some time out to explore Auckland’s literary past!

4. Queenstown – Adventure Capital

Queenstown is a town in Otago, on New Zealand’s South Island. It’s known for adventure tourism and its scenery.

Some of the top activities include bungee jumping from gorges, whitewater rafting and kayaking on some of the Southern Hemisphere’s best rapids, skiing, paragliding, hiking and biking trails.

One could easily spend a week here trying out new activities every day and never get bored.

The beauty of it all is that you can do most things at your own pace, so there’s no rush to see everything.

Queenstown has also been called the adventure capital of the world because more than half of all international visitors to New Zealand go there.

In fact, with around 1 million tourists each year and more than 3 million annual domestic visitors, Queenstown has become one of New Zealand’s largest visitor destinations.

Best Places to visit in New Zealand for tourists in 2024

5. Tongariro National Park – Mountaineering Mecca

Similarly, Tongariro National Park is one of those hidden gems in New Zealand that not enough people know about.

This is a shame because there’s no denying that it’s absolutely beautiful.

If you want to be able to say you saw and experienced one of Kiwi’s natural wonders, then Tongariro National Park is definitely where you need to go.

The highlight of Tongariro National Park has to be Mount Ngauruhoe (Mt Doom), which was featured in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy as Mount Doom.

There are plenty of other things to do here as well, such as hiking or skiing,

So, even if you don’t feel like climbing Mt Doom there are still plenty of opportunities for adventure!

You can get an up-close look at some truly spectacular views by taking a helicopter ride over Mt.

New Zealand Tourist sites

  • Lake Taupo

Taupo is another one of those places in New Zealand that doesn’t really get all that much attention from tourists but should.

It’s known as Surfing Central due to its location on Lake Taupo, which means it gets great waves all year round.

Lake Taupo also happens to be a volcanic crater lake and therefore home to numerous hot springs and geysers – making it an ideal place for water sports enthusiasts.

6. Rotorua – Natural treats

In addition to being one of the country’s most attractive tourist cities, Rotorua has a lot to offer in terms of natural attractions.

Not only does it have thermal reserves and geysers, but it is also known for its wildlife and flora – perfect for nature lovers.

Te Puia is an ethnobotanical garden that offers visitors a chance to learn about Maori culture through various exhibitions and performances.

The Garden of Unearthly Delights is a unique attraction where you can see some of New Zealand’s native plants as well as view traditional art forms.

If you want to explore more of what Rotorua has to offer, then be sure to check out some other attractions such as Whakarewarewa Forest or Rainbow Springs.

Most Popular places in New Zealand for Tourists

You might want to check out these 10 best amusement parks in the world based on current ranking.

7. Rangitoto Island – understated beauty

Rangitoto Island, an extinct volcano, is a quick ferry ride from Auckland. While popular with tourists, it has retained it’s rugged natural beauty and charm.

A smaller version of some of New Zealand’s other volcanic islands, Rangitoto’s understated beauty, no wonder it attract as many visitors as it should.

The island offers a mixture of open spaces and hidden beaches and is home to one of Auckland’s best camping spots: Boyd’s Bay Campground.

You can check out the Top 10 Resorts and Best Beaches in New Zealand.

If you want to get away from it all without venturing too far off-shore, then Rangitoto Island is your best bet.

It will give you a taste of what life was like for early Maori settlers in New Zealand – before they were discovered by Captain Cook in 1769.

The island’s main attraction is it’s black sand beach. Black sand is actually made up of tiny fragments of pumice, which are formed when lava cools very quickly at depth.

Pumice rafts are also created when volcanoes erupt underwater (as happened at Rangitoto).

These rafts float to shore and often wash up on beaches around New Zealand. Black sand is not just black; if you look closely enough, you can see that it has a multitude of colors within it.

Best Places to visit in New Zealand For Tourism in 2024

8. Geothermal Wonderland – Taupo

Taupo, located in central North Island, is one of New Zealand’s most popular tourist destinations.

The three million-year-old Taupo Volcano is a geothermal wonderland, and its activities – including both bubbling mud pools and lava flows – never fail to amaze.

It’s also a great jumping off point for discovering other parts of the island, such as Rotorua, WaiOra Thermal Spa Resort or Coromandel Peninsula.

Other attractions include Waitomo Caves, Hobbiton Movie Set and Matamata Country Farm Park.

If you’re visiting with kids, Lake Tarawera Scenic Reserve provides hours of fun for swimmers and boaters alike.

9. Nelson – Best places to visit in New Zealand for tourists

The city of Nelson is only a one-hour drive from both Kaikoura and Picton, so it makes for an excellent day trip.

A true arts town with a thriving café scene, Nelson also has plenty of museums, green spaces and independent boutiques to explore as well.

The highlight of any visit to Nelson is arguably sailing on Lake Rotoiti—or better yet, water skiing there!

Other than that, Nelson’s beaches are also top-notch. If you can’t make it down during summer, spring is another great time to visit; September through November offer mild weather and fewer crowds.

If you do find yourself in Nelson during summer, pack a picnic and head out to Tahunanui Beach.

The beach is patrolled by lifeguards all year round, making it safe for swimming even when there are rough surf conditions.

And, you can consider any of these 10 Best Hotels in New Zealand that will make your stay unforgettable.

Best Places to visit in New Zealand for Tourists in 2024

10. Bay of Islands – island hopping paradise

The Bay of Islands sits on a beautiful stretch of coastline, and it’s easy to see why these islands have become a safe heaven for tourists in search of adventures.

This area has been dubbed one of most scenic places in New Zealand and is popular among visitors from all over the world who want to experience authentic parts of New Zealand without venturing far from Auckland.

From waterfalls to lush forests, you can find just about anything at the Bay of islands.

There are also plenty of activities available, including hiking and kayaking.

If you’re looking for some adventure while visiting New Zealand, you might consider booking a trip to the Bay of Islands.

Cost of traveling to New Zealand from USA or Australia in 2024

best places to visit in New Zealand for tourists

The cost of traveling to New Zealand from USA, Australia or anywhere else depends on so many factors,

For example, if you’re traveling from Australia to New Zealand then you might be spending less than someone visiting NZ from South Africa,

Other factors like accommodations, Currency rates, Number of travelers and duration of holiday also contributes a lot.

More so, a 7-day trip to New Zealand will cost you an average of $2,200 for a single traveler,

If you’re traveling with your partner then a budget of $3,500 for a couple trip should be fine.

New Zealand hotels cost between $53 and $245 per night on average scale depending on your location,

Whereas most vacation rentals cost between $160 and $490 per night for the entire house.

Averagely, economy tickets to New Zealand cost between $1,125 and $2,393 per person, while first class flights cost between $3,533 and $7,514 per person.

We recommend allocating $40 to $85 per person each day for transportation and dining at local restaurants, depending on activities.


10 Best Places To Visit in New Zealand For Tourists in 2024

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