The study habits of successful students

Welcome to this post on the study habits of successful students, via Afrokonnect. We all want to be successful students but most of us to emulate habits which successful students are known display wherever they find themselves. This synonymous to us having $5 and planning to buy a ship, why don’t you find a way to covert that $5 to millions of dollars then we start talking of how to buy a ship.

To identify a student with aspirations to be successful/ a successful students, they are certain habits they are fond of which may seem odd to other average students. These habits or characters are peculiar to successful students and aided them achieve great heights in their future careers.

1) Getting a good place to study:

It is impossible to study at a marketplace, concert or recreational center as these places are designed to distract the human mind; getting a quiet spot to study is one of the most important habit of a successful student – a successful student can’t be seen studying at a noisy area.

There are a lot of great and quiet places to study such as a school, library or a quiet place in your house e.g. your room.

Note: Try changing locations when studying as research has shown that this helps to brain retain information.

2) Avoid distractions:

Distraction is an enemy of students and unfortunately most students fall into its traps. Once you get a quiet and perfect spot to study, you must ensure that it’s free from distractions. Here are some of the distractions a student encounters commonly:

  • Your Wi-Fi: Have you ever been in that situation when you try to study but notifications on your Phone or PC decides to turn up. This is very distracting so the best advice for you is to turn off your Wi-Fi and switch it on later.
  • Your Phone: Your study buddy may turn to become a source of massive distraction to you as a student. Most students of the 21st century usually read with E-books, it is very helpful but when notifications and calls start disturbing – it is very distracting. I advise students to have Focus applications such as Forest & Focus-To-Do to help set timers for study sessions.

Note: Some phones come automatically with focus mode.

  • Study with a friend
  • Listen to wordless and calm songs to help reduce stress.

3) Take regular breaks:

On my PC, when I am studying and I set a session for an hour – it usually surprises me that after 30 minutes I am forced to take a 5 minute break to cool off. This is very essential as the brain can get stressed so take breaks in which you can:

  • Take a walk (short)
  • Listen to your favorite song
  • Drink Juice and Relax, Etc.

Note: Never pick up your phone to check your socials as that only decreases the volume of knowledge accumulated.

4) Don’t panic-read:

This can also be called cramming. Average students are fond of this as they pile through hundreds of pages in a day just to ace the test or exam coming up but shortly after – they forget. As a student aspiring to be successful, you are intended to review what you were taught weekly and drill yourselves hence getting an edge over your peers.

5) Set goals:

Don’t read because you were forced or you feel like reading, read because you have a goal you are targeting for that study session. This is very helpful as it reduces the burden on the brain due to overload and aids with understanding of topics being taught.

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6) Give yourself some rewards:

Like a dog who gets a reward after obeying the owner or carrying a task, try to reward yourself. This can also be called “Bribing your brain”; After scaling through a study session, reward yourself with your favorite snack or food and I bet you will be gingered to engage in another study session. This serves as a motivation for your brain and helps a student relax after a hectic study session.

7) Group study:

Some students prefer studying alone but only disciplined students can engage in that. If you know that you are a type of person that procrastinates a lot, I would advise you study in a group. Once you study in a group, each member will be given a target and not meeting that target brings shame to the persona so that can also serve as a source of motivation for the student.

Note: Understanding where your motivation comes from is pivotal to becoming a successful student.

8) Taking drills:

You don’t just study but after studying ensuring that you take some drills to ensure that you fully grasp that topic. This helps in revealing a student’s weakness which propels the student to study harder in that particular aspect.

9) Summarize what you read:

After reading and taking drills, it is important to jot down what you read “In your own words”. This shows the reader that he/she has fully understood the topic or is still lacking in some specific areas.

10) Ask for help when necessary:

This is the major disadvantage of proud students as they feel that they know it all. It is important to know that no man is an island – so a student may not still understand a particular topic even after studying. This is not shameful but shows that the student is willing to learn. Guidance is needed from both teachers and parents to achieve great exam results and is also the most effective study habit that a student can adopt on his/her path to success.

11) Start strong:

Most students may be scared to attempt hard questions when faced with series of questions – they would prefer to start with the easy ones then move over to the hard ones but what they fail to understand is the fact that their brains would have been tired before attempting the complex and challenging questions.


There are a lot of study habits portrayed by successful students and if you aim to be one, you have to put aside what you think you know and examine this article carefully – don’t forget to share with friends. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you another time on Afrokonnect.


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