How to choose the right college major for your future career

Welcome to this post on how to choose the right college major for your future career, via Afrokonnect. Students often ask themselves this question, “What major (degree) should I choose for my college education?”

This is a challenging question and most students have chosen the wrong part hence allowing peer pressure and parental influence get the better of them. This question comes down to the persona asking a personal question on what he/she is most passionate about.

According to various studies, it has shown that students perform better in courses that they are passionate in – as they would give 100% of their time and effort to ensure that they succeed in that field.

Note: You shouldn’t choose a major because of the influence of family and friends because studying that course won’t be as exciting and motivating as they would assume it to be. They may provide you with advice which you may take into consideration but the final decision is YOURS.

How to choose the right college major for your future career

Questions to ask yourself before choosing a college major?

Being in college entails that you are a step ahead to your future goals and choosing the right major only accelerates your process to achieving your future goals. There are certain questions you have to ask yourself before deciding to apply for any major in college:

1) Firstly, What are you interested in:

What fills you with excitement? and what topic can you talk on and on about without getting tired?

These are some of the questions that can help identify where your core interests are and prevent you from making some costly mistakes. Getting the right major is very helpful in setting you up for your future career.

Even though you have identified your interest – it is important you consider some other factors before deciding to apply for the major in college. For Example: Vivian loves animals but can’t stand the sight of blood; it wouldn’t be wise for her to study veterinary science as she won’t be able to cope.

2) Understanding your strengths:

Understanding your strengths is key to determining the major you will be applying for in college. Your strengths are very effective in pointing you towards the right career path. For example: someone who is very good at debates is sure to have a career in Law or Journalism.

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This point can only be fully harnessed when the persona is honest with his/her strengths and weakness. You can also consult close friends, teachers and family members who are very familiar with you to guide and counsel you so you won’t be making a wrong choice.

3) What are your future goals?

Imagine yourself where you want to be in the next 5-10 years. So, what condition do you want your house to be in? What income are you targeting within that time? Also, what position do you want to hold wherever you are working?

After asking yourself these questions, you will decide if your desired major can help you achieve that!!! If No is your answer then you have to start considering other majors which can help actualize your goals.

4) Are you interested in the nitty-gritty of that major?

Some majors may come with some core courses which you may not be interested in but is important.

You have to ensure that you research in-depth about your desired major to ensure that you see yourself passionate about the attached courses, understand if you are genuinely passionate about the major and reveal your true interests.

5) Meet a counselor:

I have provided you with four (4) important questions to carefully understand before choosing a college major but if you are still unsure with your choose, I would recommend you go see a certified counselor in the academic field to help with your uncertainty. Having an appointment with a counselor can help you a lot as you can relate your problems and ask for advice on what step to take next.

Is Double Major advisable for college?

As an undergraduate, you are not limited to studying one major as most colleges provide students with the opportunity to double major or triple major. Students who consider double major usually choose courses that complement each other even though it isn’t compulsory like:

  • Business management and a foreign language
  • Engineering and math
  • Criminal justice and psychology
  • Accounting and finance

Some may be interested in applying for double major but due to a hectic class schedule – he/she can’t apply for such, such students can apply for a minor in a secondary subject that tickles their fancy.

Mistakes to avoid when choosing the right major for college

You may be among the undecided who don’t know what to study in college but you must ensure that you aren’t among the portion of students who drop-out immediately after the 1st year of their chosen course because it didn’t meet their expectation.

Here we will be pointing out mistakes made by students when choosing a major for college, in order to help you avoid them:

1) Having the thought that going to university (college) is the only way forward:

Getting admission into college isn’t a waste of time and it can be seen as a reward for your effort in your sophomore (secondary) years – it is also a way to gain knowledge and experience. However, not all students needs to apply to college as some can get their desired skills by taking a vocational training course.

Some may get their desired skills in a vocational school but want to further their knowledge and decide to take a college course, this isn’t a problem as long as you have acquired your vocational qualification, and hence having a degree is just an added advantage.

2) Giving to parental pressure:

I have said this times without number, don’t let your parents decide your future for you!!! This is time to take your destiny in your own hands so your parent’s opinions are what it is, OPINIONS not instructions/orders.

3) Waiting till the eleventh hour:

You have to make your decision on time with minimal external pressure. Once you put off this decision till the last minute, it can cause unnecessary tension which causes a person to make hasty decisions.


Deciding you college major shouldn’t be an horrendous task if all these tips are taken into consideration and mistakes avoided,

It takes a lot of critical thinking to decide the right college major and some who can’t handle the pressure should make sure that they seek advice from certified counselors. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you another time on



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