Habits That Prevent Students From Becoming Successful Scholars

Not sleeping enough is a bad habit

Welcome to this post on habits that prevent students from becoming successful scholars, via Afrokonnect. One may argue that it isn’t their fault that they are average students as they have tried various tips and tricks but can’t cross-over from being an average student to a successful one.

My previous article highlighted steps on how to emulate habits of successful students but this article will be dedicated to highlighting certain habits that keeps students from being successful.

I must commend you – it isn’t easy to balance hectic classes, house chores and studying; they are very challenging to combine. Students that are successful have discovered the tricks & tips to balance those challenges and be successful in their academics.

Note: Studying is a talent as some assume but it is a skill which is acquired and nurtured to produce amazing results for the persona. If you have read my previous article (here) but is stuck being an average student, then you have to examine this article carefully as I am going to highlight habits that’s holding you back from being a successful student:

1) Don’t Study Alone:

In my previous article, I explained that this is form of reading is not recommended to most students as they are not as serious as students are expected to be.

Studying alone shouldn’t be recommended again as there will certainly be some topics/equations that you won’t understand but because you are studying alone, you have result to asking AI or search engines and I am over 200% sure that you won’t be satisfied with their explanation.

Before you start a group study, you must carefully select your group buddies as they must be students that are willing to learn even if they aren’t that intelligent. As a tip, your group can dedicate Mondays – Fridays as days for studying and Saturdays for drills at either a local library of Coffee Shop.

Note: Meeting friends physically may not be approved by your parents depending on the safety of your location; that should be a barrier again as there are apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts and Google Meet that can be used to host only study sessions.

2) Poor Management of time:

I stated previously that you have to create a schedule to avoid over stressing yourself but I didn’t state that it can also help to ensure you complete your task. Average students are known for their procrastinating spirit and it usually hamper their success either in academics or whatever profession they decide to pursue.

To avoid this, you have to have a planner either on a physical note or on your phones with designated apps such as Notepad. This planner can help you time your day from the time you get back from school to the time you will getting some sleep.

Note: Your planner must include breaks which are not expected to be too long, just ensure that you are engaging in activities that will improve your productivity for most of the day.

3) Not Training Yourself Enough To Avoid Distractions:

Distractions are the worst enemy a student can have but average students welcome it with open hands. Distractions come in various ways from your parents calling you all the time to your junior sibling/pet demanding your attention.

Those highlighted distractions are toddlers compared to the kind of distractions the digital world helps us with. Having academics related conversations with your group buddies can be very distracting if you start to digress from the main reason of conversation.

Social media apps are also one of the heaviest cause of distraction to students so ensure that you sign out from those platform or better still, Turn on the “DO NOT DISTURB” icon on your phone to prevent and form of notification.

4) Don’t Be “The Quiet Kid”:

Literally, there is no advantage of being a quiet kid in class. Various researches conducted on teachers stated that most of them agreed that inquisitive students in class turn out to be more successful,

As they voice out any issues they encounter unlike those that keep their questions bottled up inside without getting any solution. Teachers like inquisitive students as those students keep them on their toes to completely cover any topic.

It is very rare to meet any teacher harassing a student because they are very inquisitive, they are happy to have such students in their class. Also, don’t distant yourself from your peers anytime they are having any academic related session as engaging will help you a lot intellectually.

5) Studying the Wrong Way:

This can also be known as “Ineffective Studying”. This entails that you are studying to understand a topic or a concept but you are more interested in cramming that topic for an exam or test.

Your parents put you in a school not just to cram or read for a test or exam but to acquire knowledge for a lifetime and cramming is a way of going against their wishes.

Burning midnight candles a night to your test and exam shows un-seriousness as successful students are known to have being revising what they have taught way before that time. Getting extra hours of sleep before an exam is more beneficial than TDB {Reading Till Day Break}

6) Having a Negative Mindset:

If you follow some certain influencers on Social Media, you will notice that they talk about a person’s mindset a lot. You may be wondering what correlation that has to do with your studies, well let me explain.

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The type of attitude you portray towards your academics will determine if you will be an average student or an excellent student. Students who show hate to any particular topic or complain how academics can’t help in life usually end up being among the dull students in class;

While those with an optimistic attitude and are very inquisitive end up being the excellent and successful students. Without having the right mindset, other points listed above can’t work for you.


Not sleeping enough is a bad habit

I am confident that if you can stay clear these above habits of average students, you are sure to become a successful students and note it is never too late to emulate good habits. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you another time on Afrokonnect.ng.


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