Premier League History: Five Clubs with Most Defeats

Welcome to this post about Premier League History: Five Clubs with Most Defeats, via Afrokonnect. Soccer fans honor winners and celebrate the successes of great teams. This is certainly the case with the Premier League as well.

There is no doubt, you have heard Manchester United fans gloating about their 20 league titles, while Liverpool’s six European Cups are a mere mockery of the Merseyside fans. Nevertheless, let us look back at some of the negative records and take a look at the teams that have lost more often than other clubs since the establishment of the Premier League.

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There are many teams in the history of the Premier League that not only have a big name but also various failures. A great example is legendary Tottenham. This is a team that is notable for its striking unluckiness because they rarely earn the league title. Nevertheless, there are also teams that lose all the time and by some miracle, they stay in the top division of England. These teams are the ones that we will talk about in this article.

Premier League History: Five Clubs with Most Defeats


Their highest number of defeats in a Premier League season was 23 back in the season of 1993/94. Southampton is on this list because they have consistently lost games during their time in the Premier League.

Every season they played in the league, they lost at least 10 games. With that kind of record, the team succeeded in avoiding relegation. Indeed, they were relegated from the Premier League only once but it took them five more seasons to return to the top division.

They dream of not losing at least 10 games this season but history seems to be against it. Southampton lost the most Premier League games in the season of 1993/94. They had 23 defeats and finished the season in the 18th position of the tournament table. Southampton’s biggest defeat was in the game against Tottenham in 2000. The Sours won 7-2.



This team used to be a regular title contender in the early years of the Premier League. Over the recent years, Newcastle United has experienced something of a yo-yo effect as they were relegated to the Championship twice in the last decade.

Those relegation campaigns were the result of 346 defeats in the Premier League, with only two teams losing more often than Newcastle. Newcastle is likely to struggle again to prevent relegation this season, as the club has lost six of its first 13 games in the league, and Steve Bruce is hoping to have success in his first season.

Aston Villa

Aston Villa has lost a total of 340 games during their time in the Premier League. The Midlands team returned to the top division after a three-year absence this season and have made a solid start to their life in the Premier League.

Dean Smith’s team hopes this figure will not rise much before the end of the campaign as the club expects to maintain its top-division status. Aston Villa is a team with a fine background. They won the old European Cup in 1982.

However, in recent years, they’ve either had the wrong standing or dropped out of the Premier League. All because they lose too many games. During the Premier League era, Aston Villa lost 20 or more games per season four times.

This is one of the main reasons why they ended up on our list. Aston Villa’s manager Dean Jones hopes his team does not come close to that result this season, as they hope to build on last season’s result – 11th place in the standing. Aston Villa lost most Premier League games in the season of 2015/16. With 27 defeats, the team was in last place in the standing.

West Ham

West Ham United F.C.’s failures this season have further entrenched their position among the unluckiest teams in the division, with a total of 370 defeats in the Premier League. This club did not complete the season above fifth place in standing in 23 out of 27 Premier League seasons.

Furthermore, West Ham finished 12 seasons in the lower half of the league standings. Manuel Pellegrini’s team has already lost six times this season and is currently one position above the relegation zone, and their position may be at risk in the coming weeks.

West Ham is above the relegation list – but no more than that – with a one-game lead over Everton. The Hammers had their time outside the top division in the Premier League, and they have the most losses because of some bad seasons.

For example, they lost more than 20 games per season twice in the Premier League and lost 19 games per season three times. The good news for West Ham is that things seem to be getting better, they lost 11 games last season, and there should be a good chance that by the end of the season, they will not lose the majority of their games again.

West Ham lost the highest number of Premier League games in the season of 2006/07. Despite 21 defeats, they were not relegated to the lower leagues and finished the season in 15th place.


Premier League History: Five Clubs with Most Defeats

The biggest anti-record belongs to Everton. The club’s current situation has further worsened its position in the list. Only Norwich and Southampton have lost more matches this season than Marco Silva’s team.

This club has been a part of the top division for a record 116 seasons. As a matter of fact, Everton has enjoyed a consistent presence in the top division throughout the history of English soccer, although, unfortunately for its distressed fans, it has been the most regular source of three points for their opponents.

Like Tottenham, Everton made it to our rank because of its years in the league – they have played in all the Premier Leagues seasons. However, they have had more problems with relegation than the Spurs, so they have faced more failures. It had the highest number of defeats (22) in the Premier League season of 1993/94. The team avoided relegation by finishing in 17th place in the standing.


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