Cost of shipping a car from USA to Nigeria in 2024

Cost of shipping a car from USA to Nigeria

Cost of shipping a car from USA to Nigeria, How you can start shipping cars from anywhere to Nigeria in 2024 via Afrokonnect,

So have you ever thought about importing a car from USA and you weren’t clear on the process you should follow?

I will be revealing the cost of shipping a car from the USA to Nigeria and how you can ship any car into Nigeria in 2024 alongside the procedures and required documents,

In 2018 Nigeria had an automotive importation share of 73%, Bitter truth is in Nigeria the citizens are more comfortable with foreign goods and items then the local ones, Tagging the local made goods and products as inferior or substandard.

Buying a car from the USA to Nigeria can take the form of a very frightening process but is actually a very easy process,

When buying a car from the USA to Nigeria you can’t just pick up your phone and make a call,

Well except if you have an already existing contact in the industry that will help you do everything.

Otherwise, You have to possess some required documents both from Nigeria and country of purchase.

So let’s dive into the main article and see how you can import a car and the required paperwork.

Top 5 car shipping companies from USA to Nigeria in 2024

We have Various shipping companies but here are the top 5 shipping companies that are guaranteed to perform exceptionally:

1. GIG Logistics

It was founded in 2012, the brand is a leading household name when it comes to car shipping,

They carry out their services in over 100 countries,

So, that means you can ship your car from anywhere in the world using GIG as long as it’s within their jurisdiction. The prices are based on the weight of the goods.

GIG Logistics Contact details


Location: 1, wole Ariyo street, off Admiralty way, lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

2. Courier Plus Services limited

Courier plus is a leading shipping company which was established in 2009, It was later taken over by superflux international limited in 2012,

Today they are one of the most reliable shipping company in Nigeria.

The Courier plus Contact details

Location: 42,Concord way off Airport Road,Ikeja,Lagos, Nigeria.


Phone: +234-703-307-4129, +234-703-178-7871.

3. FedEx Nigeria

FedEx Nigeria offers services to about 220 countries, they also carry out national deliveries.

The most unique characteristic of FedEx is their quote which says “At FedEx, we believe that a connected world is a better world, and that belief guides everything we do”.

FedEx Contact details

Phone: +234 12715670 



A captivating name which portrays their services, They engage in both local and international deliveries.

Packmyload Contact details

Location: 12,Hudeyin Street, Ramat estate, Ogudu GRA, Lagos, Nigeria

Phone: 0700-722-5776



5. AGS Movers Lagos

Patnerning with over 500 organizations, including the United Nations,

They have one of the biggest networks in the international shipping Industries.

They are present in 94 countries and they offer door-to-door service anywhere in the world.

AGS Movers Contact details

Phone: +234 809 041 7189


Location: 27B Liverpool Road, Apapa, Lagos.

Factors to consider when choosing a shipping company

Choosing a shipping company is a very critical decision with long lasting implications,

Which makes it important to analyze and calculate different carriers and know exactly the Cost of shipping cars from USA or Canada to Nigeria,

Highlighted below is a guide to assist you in picking the right shipping company for yourself/business:

  • Delivery time:

This is a very key factor especially for business owners as you wouldn’t like to be delayed for goods you have already paid for.

  • Services offered:

Evaluating your needs will help you to pick the shipping company which will be beneficial to you or suites your demands.

  • Transparency:

A reliable shipping company can help you in tracking your goods more efficiently and also keeps to time unlike others.

  • Safety of the goods:

Some shipping carriers with lower rates usually are known to break the law in order to cut costs and get to the destination on time, This act can result in either damage to the goods of confiscation of the goods.

How many days does it take to ship a car from USA to Nigeria?

You must be wondering how long does it take to ship a car from the United State of America to Nigeria,

The average transit time to ship a car from the USA to Nigeria is about 20 to 30 days,

Bare in mind that unforeseen circumstances do happen so you should consider nature,

All things been equal, delivery timeframe ranges between a month or two tops.

Ways to ship your goods from Nigeria to USA

According to carmart, there are 2 known ways to ship your goods from USA to Nigeria and they are:

  • RoRo shipping
  • Container shipping

RoRo shipping: RoRo is an abbreviation which means Roll-on Roll-off,

This is the most affordable method of shipping cars and goods from the USA to Nigeria.

In this type of shipping, your car must be in a good working condition,

It is easier to predict the departure and arrival of the car using RoRo.

Ports that offer RoRo shipping from USA to Nigeria includes;

  • Galveston
  • Texas
  • Jacksonville
  • Florida
  • Savannah
  • Georgia
  • Portsmouth
  • Virginia
  • Bayonne
  • New jersey
  • Baltimore
  • Maryland

The vessels can arrive in “Tin can island” in Lagos State.

Container shipping: This method of shipping is mostly used for exotic cars.

This is of two types, the Shared container shipping and Exclusive container shipping,

The Shared container shipping means your car is shipped alongside other car in an enclosed container.

In this method, you can still get your car even if it isn’t in a working condition but you have wait for the container to be full before your car can get shipped.

While with the Exclusive container shipping is mostly used by the very wealthy people because it is too expensive,

It is used to transport exotic cars like Bentley, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz etc.

This is the method the likes of Davido, Wizkid and Burna boy used in importing their luxury cars into Nigeria.

Ports that offer container shipping form the USA to Nigeria include;

  • Oakland and long beach in California
  • Houston
  • Texas
  • Miami
  • Florida
  • Savannah
  • Georgia and Newark
  • New Jersey

The vessels can arrive in “Apapa Port” in Lagos.


How much does it cost to ship a car from USA to Lagos?

Cost of shipping a car from USA to Nigeria

Note: The average price of shipping a car from the USA to Nigeria ranges from $955-$1650 which equals approximately 686,466 Nigerian Naira, 

The Cost of shipping cars from USA to Nigeria is not fixed as the type of car you want to ship or import to Nigeria is also a determinant factor.

Cost of clearing cars in Nigeria in 2024

There are some required fees which must be paid to the Nigerian Customs service (NCS) and they include:

Old cars: Nigerian customs clearance fee = 35% duty.

New cars: Nigerian Customs clearance fee = 35% – 70% duty of the vehicle’s value.

SPECIAL OFFER: Nigerian Custom Service Recruitment, the NCS are recruiting qualified candidates.

Factors to consider before shipping a car from the USA to Nigeria

1) It is imperative you should know that the Nigerian Customs service doesn’t allow vehicles older than 15 years from the manufactured date into the country (Nigeria).

2) It is prohibited to import a right hand car (RHC) into the country as Nigeria now use Left hand cars (LHC).

3) The price of shipping the car, because you would not want to go above your budget or be in debt when some important bills aren’t settled.

4) The Documents: There are certain documents you must posses before importing a car from the USA to Nigeria,

You must have both the American and Nigerian documents to enable Shipping cars from USA to Nigeria smoothly, which are:

Nigerian Document includes;

  • Nigerian Drivers license
  • National Identification Number
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of insurance
  • E-form ‘M’
  • A filled-out plate number form
  • Original invoice
  • Packing list
  • Combined certificate of value and origin (CCVO)
  • Adequate description of the imported goods.
  • Shipped/Clean on Bill of landing/Railway Bill/Airway bill

American documents includes:

  • Bill of sale
  • Original vehicle title

How much does it cost to ship a car from Canada to Africa/Nigeria in 2024

The cost of shipping a car from Canada to Nigeria or any part of Africa can vary,

Factors like Currency, Custom Duties and Country Destinations can largely determine the cost,

However, it will cost you around $1500 to $2500 depending on the value of the car, Converted to Naira it will equal around 1,040,100 Nigerian Naira.

The video below is about shipping cars from Canada to Nigeria, I recommend you watch it as it is practical and will add to your knowledge;

Don’t worry we’ve written a comprehensive guide on How to Start a Driving School Business in 10 Easy Steps.

Cost of shipping a car from USA to Nigeria – Import Cars to Nigeria in 2024

Conclusion on Cost of shipping cars from USA to Nigeria

To round it up is a video about the easiest way to ship cars into Nigeria for commercial or personal purposes above;

Congratulations you’ve made it to the end of this article about Cost of shipping a car from USA to Nigeria, How to ship a car from anywhere to Nigeria in 2024 via Afrokonnect,

Hopefully you found what you were looking for on your quest of Shipping cars from USA to Nigeria, if you haven’t please kindly let us know via the comment section.



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