Cost of Living in Gabon Compared to Nigeria 2024

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Gabon is a country located on the western coast of Central Africa. The country is known for many things such as lush landscapes, diverse wildlife, and a rich cultural heritage.

This article will focus on highlighting and explaining the various factors that shape the financial landscape of those living in Gabon. Every individual or country needs to understand the cost of living in a particular locality.

This will help such individuals make informed decisions on their finances and daily expenses. Gabon is considered by many as a country whose cost of living is low.

This has been discredited as the situation of the economy in the country has a direct effect on every aspect of life. The massive inflation rate in the country plays a key role in shaping the purchasing power of the Gabonese population.

Cost of Living in Gabon Compared to Nigeria in 2024

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Understanding the cost of living in a foreign nation is essential when making financial preparations for an extended trip or when contemplating moving to that country.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people going to Gabon as a tourist destination due to the country’s stunning beauty and rich cultural diversity.

It features breathtaking natural beauty, a one-of-a-kind cultural experience, and a rapidly expanding economy.

Note: The average salary of a citizen after paying taxes is $462, which is able to cover living expenses for 0.7 months. This low salary level is responsible for the placing of the country in the 156th position of the best country to live in (worldwide).

This article will examine the cost of living in Gabon and compare it to that in Nigeria in order to provide you with helpful insights that will allow you to make decisions that are based on accurate information.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Living in Gabon

The cost of living in Gabon isn’t static as it is influenced by a multitude of factors. These factors collectively shape the financial landscape for the Gabonese.

They are also very important to learn as they aid individuals in managing their finances effectively:

1) Economic Conditions:

The economic condition is terrible in Gabon and this has significantly affected the cost of living in the country negatively.

Various factors such as GDP growth, rate of unemployment, economic stability, etc. are responsible for influencing the price of goods and services.

2) Currency Exchange Rates:

The economy of Gabon has a major reliance on imports and international trade.

This means that the fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates affect the cost of importation. This factor generally affects the cost of living in Gabon.

3) Inflation:

Inflation is a situation in which there is an increase in the general level of prices. It can also be viewed as a decline in the value of money/currency.

The Inflation rate in Gabon holds an important position in establishing the prices of goods. Gabon has a very high inflation rate. This is a major disadvantage as it diminishes the purchasing power of the masses.

It leads to the high prices of goods and services leading to a high cost of living in Gabon in 2024.

4) The Disparity between Urban and Rural Areas:

The disparity between urban & rural areas is evident throughout the world and Gabon is no different.

The cost of living is very significant between urban and rural areas as urban areas have higher housing costs, higher transportation expenses, and higher food prices.

The entertainment options in the urban areas make it attractive to tourists and the general populace. This makes the rural areas less populated and the prices of commodities in those areas cheaper.

Cost of Living in Gabon Compared to Nigeria 2024

  • Cost of Accommodation in Gabon

Inflation in the prices of commodities such as building materials affects the cost of housing.

This ensures that the prices of utilities to be paid increase daily which affects the “Housing Costs in Gabon”.

During the present economic crisis in Gabon, the rental prices for houses skyrocketed who felt they needed to increase the property’s value.

This is to ensure that the property’s value matches the economic situation in Gabon. The demand for houses in urban areas due to the high influx of Gabonese citizens also drives prices higher.

Housing Cost In Gabon

Housing is often one of the most significant expenses for expatriates in Gabon. The capital city, Libreville, is known for its high rental costs.

A one-bedroom apartment in the city center can cost around XAF 500,000 per month ($800), while the same apartment outside the city center might be somewhat more affordable, around XAF 300,000 ($480). Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on the city and neighborhood.

The housing costs in Gabon increase and decrease due to certain factors. Some of these factors include the location, accommodation type, and development of the area. The cost of housing in cities like Libreville (the capital of Gabon) tends to be higher than the rest.

Here are factors that affect the cost of housing in Gabon in 2024:

1) Rental Prices:

The rental prices in Gabon vary according to various factors.

Some are the size of the property, amenities associated with the property, and location. For example, rental prices in Libreville will be higher due to the demand for housing.

2) Property Value:

The value of the property in some urban areas can also contribute to housing costs. The value of a property can be determined by factors like:

a) Proximity to business districts and educational institutions; and

b) Amenities attached to the property.

3) Cost of Utilities:

This doesn’t essentially affect the price of the building itself but the expenses attached to the building.

These utilities include electricity, water, gas, feeding, etc. These prices vary depending on the local pricing structure and availability.

4) Housing policies:

Various governmental policies related to housing and urban planning can affect the cost of housing in Gabon.

The government must enact policies aimed at affordable housing hence influencing positively the price of housing.

The prices in housing costs in Gabon in 2024 can change anytime either positively or negatively.

This is due to the changes in the economy, the real estate market, and government policies. Hence, individuals need to consider their budget and needs when getting a house in Gabon in 2024.

Average Cost of Education in Gabon

If you have children, you may be interested in the cost of education in Gabon. There are various international schools that offer quality education.

Tuition fees for these schools can range from XAF 500,000 ($800) to XAF 2,000,000 ($3,000) per year, depending on the grade level and the school’s reputation. The education system in Gabon is categorized into 2 parts namely:

a) Private institutions: It involves institutions headed by private individuals.

b) Public institutions: It involves the government taking charge of institutions and providing education to the masses at a minimal price.

The prices of education vary in Gabon depending on which kind of institution you attended.

Here is an overview of factors affecting education costs in Gabon in 2024:

1) Tuition Fees:

The tuition fees of any institution in Gabon in 2024 hinge on 2 major talking points. They include private and public education.

Various statistics and facts have proven that public schools generally have lower fees than private schools.

2) Cost of Higher Education:

The university is known as the place of transformation from childhood to adulthood. It is meant to refine you properly to become the best you can be in your chosen course.

This generally puts them at a disadvantage as their fees tend to be more expensive than both primary and secondary education.

3) Additional Expenses:

Most university students in Gabon in 2024 have to pay almost two of their school fees to cater for additional expenses.

These expenses include textbooks, notebooks, uniforms, feeding, and several extracurricular activities.

4) Transportation:

The transport sector in Gabon is very expensive for common citizens as the price of public transport is on a high-time rise.

It is important as a student to consider these factors when attending a school in Gabon in 2024.

5) Scholarships and Financial Aid:

Some institutions, most reputably public institutions are known for granting numerous scholarships to brilliant but financially incapable students.

These scholarships are used to support these categories of students to study in that institution.

Average Cost of Healthcare Services in Gabon

Gabon provides access to healthcare services through public and private facilities.

Medical costs are relatively affordable, and expatriates are advised to have private health insurance to cover their medical expenses. A visit to a doctor typically costs around XAF 10,000 ($16).

Cost of Transportation in Gabon

Gabon has a well-maintained road network, and transportation costs are reasonable.

A monthly public transportation pass in Libreville costs around XAF 30,000, and a liter of gasoline is approximately XAF 800.

Average Cost of Food and Groceries in Gabon

Gabon offers a wide range of dining options. Eating out at a mid-range restaurant can cost approximately XAF 15,000 per person.

However, to save money, consider trying the local markets and street food, where you can enjoy a delicious meal for as low as XAF 2,000.

Groceries are reasonably priced, with a standard shopping basket consisting of essential items costing about XAF 50,000 per week.

Local produce is affordable and of good quality, making it cost-effective to cook your meals.


Cost of Living in Gabon Compared to Nigeria in 2024

To give you a better perspective on the cost of living in Gabon, let’s compare it to Nigeria, a neighboring country in West Africa.

Expense Category Gabon (Monthly) Nigeria (Monthly)
Rent (1-Bedroom Apt) XAF 500,000 NGN 150,000
Food (Mid-Range) XAF 15,000 NGN 5,000
Transportation XAF 30,000 NGN 10,000
Education (Intl. School) XAF 500,000-2,000,000 NGN 500,000-1,500,000
Healthcare XAF 10,000 NGN 5,000

Please note that the currency exchange rates may fluctuate, affecting the cost comparison.

Cost of Living in Gabon Compared to Nigeria in 2024

Cost of Living in Gabon Compared to Nigeria

Summary on Gabon Living Expenses

Gabon offers a unique blend of natural beauty and economic opportunities, but it’s essential to understand the cost of living when considering a move or an extended stay.

While living costs in Gabon can be relatively high, especially in the capital city, Libreville, they may still be lower compared to some Western countries.

Comparing the cost of living in Gabon to Nigeria, you can see that there are variations in expenses, and it’s important to align your budget with your financial goals and lifestyle.

Before making any decisions, it’s advisable to research further and seek advice from expatriates living in Gabon.

Ultimately, your cost of living will depend on your lifestyle, location, and personal preferences, so planning ahead and making informed choices is key to a successful and enjoyable experience in this vibrant African nation.

Whether you’re considering Gabon as a new home or just exploring the potential for a short visit, understanding the cost of living will help you make the most of your time in this beautiful country.

Gabon has much to offer, from its pristine beaches and lush rainforests to its diverse culture and economic opportunities. Make the most of your journey and enjoy all that Gabon has to offer.


This topic, the cost of living in Gabon in 2024, touches the life of every Gabonese resident. This article has been drafted to expatiate the influence of the financial landscape in Gabon ranging from housing, healthcare, transportation, food to education, and more.

The article has also helped in stating the disparities among the urban and rural areas, with urban areas attracting higher costs. Families and individuals in Gabon need to be informed to make wise financial decisions.

Residents can navigate the cost of living by adopting budgeting strategies and seeking cost-effective alternatives. Gabon is a country full of culture and beauty but understanding and managing the cost of living will help you live a fulfilled life in Gabon.


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