10 Best Private Nursing Schools in California in 2024

Best Private Nursing Schools in California

This post is about the top 10 Best Private Nursing Schools in California in 2024 via Afrokonnect.

If you want to be an exceptional nurse that stands out from the crowd, enrol in one of the top private nursing schools in California that is able to provide its students with the greatest training possible to become Nurse Practitioners or Registered Nurses.

In this post, we will provide you with important information to consider before submitting an application to a California nursing school.

Accredited and Registered Private Nursing Schools in Los Angeles, California

How frustrating it would be to spend four years in school preparing for a career in nursing only to find out, a week before you graduate, that the school isn’t accredited or isn’t the greatest fit for you personally and professionally.

In order to get the best possible nursing education, you should only consider schools that have earned appropriate accreditation. Accreditation is awarded to schools that demonstrate they provide a quality education and have met specific criteria in order to practice.

In addition, having a degree that has been recognized by the appropriate authorities will make it easier to seek for license following graduation.

We would also examine the schools’ NCLEX-RN pass rates, accreditations, minimal GPAs, and expected tuitions to help you make an informed decision about which of the top private nursing schools in California is ideal for you.

Such private institutions are able to provide essential schedule flexibility, smaller class sizes, and a more adaptable curriculum than their public counterparts. They make sure their pupils have the skills they need to succeed in the workforce.

List of Top 10 Best Private Nursing Schools in Los Angeles, California

Here is a rundown of some of the greatest private nursing schools in California, along with details like admissions standards and contact information.

  1. Point Loma Nazarene University

The mission of this San Diego, California, private Christian nursing school is to provide an excellent education that helps students develop spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally as well as physically.

It is frequently shortened as PLNU. The Church of the Nazarene established it as a Bible College in 1902. Bob Brower serves as president of Point Loma Nazarene University. There are roughly 3,480 students there right now, including over 1,135 graduate students and over 2,346 undergraduates.

Point Loma Nazarene University’s Admission Requirements

A student’s application to Pacific Lutheran University (PLNU) is not complete without official transcripts from all previously attended institutions, standardized test scores (ACT or SAT) and at least two letters of recommendation from teachers or employers.

What GPA does Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) need?

Over time, the rigorous selection process and high level of competition at PLNU became clear. To get into PLNU, you need to be among the best students in your grade. You should have straight A’s and a GPA of 3.86.

Further, you’ll need to enroll in a number of advanced placement (AP) or international baccalaureate (IB) courses to develop the necessary skills for college-level work.

What is the rate of acceptance at Point Loma Nazarene University?

Some may wonder if it’s tough to get into PLNU. Only those who do not qualify for entry will find it difficult. 84% of applicants are accepted each year at PLNU. In addition, its acceptance rate in California is lower than the state average (#80).

The proportion of applicants who were accepted into the program last year was 71.34 percent. No one knows what the rest of the year will bring. To get into Point Loma Nazarene University, you really need to be at the top of your game.

In order to attend Point Loma Nazarene University, how much will it cost me each semester?

Tuition is projected to be $40,400 for the entire year, or $20,200 per semester. The annual tuition is $750 and the semester tuition is $350. The dormitory costs $37 each semester and $74 per year, respectively.

Accreditations – Best private nursing schools in California

Accreditation for the school has been granted by the following bodies:

  • Association of Schools and Colleges in the West
  • Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
  • The California Board of Registered Nursing
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Council on Social Work Education
  • National Association of Schools of Music

Best Private Nursing Schools in California

  1. The California Baptist University

California Baptist University, or Cal Baptist University, is a private institution of higher education situated in Riverside, California. Church of God University (CBU) was established in 1950 and is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention.

For the California Baptist Church, “living a purpose” is more than just a catchy slogan. Their ultimate goal is to instill in their students the confidence and fortitude to face any challenge and effect positive change in their local communities.

Ronald L. Ellis serves as CBU’s president. There are around 11,419 students there; they are known as the Lancers and wear blue and gold.

California Baptist Church Admission Requirements

A minimum of a 70% GPA in one’s undergraduate work is required for admission to California Baptist University. Professional and academic references are also required.

In addition, they need to answer questions like “what do you want to gain from your experience as a student at California Baptist University?” in a brief essay that is part of the online general CBU application.

How competitive is it to get into CBU?

The number of applications to CBU is increasing annually. No applicant has an acceptance rate at CBU lower than 80.2%. Given how rigorous the entry standards are, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

How much of a GPA do you need to attend California Baptist University (GPU)?

You’ll need a 3.6 GPA to get into California Baptist University. Your final grade must include both As and Bs, but there should be many more As than Bs. This unquestionably necessitates your most best performance. Taking more challenging courses like AP or IB can help make up for a low GPA.

Exactly how much are CBU’s tuition and fees?

The cost of insurance for one person is $1,283. Students at the university are required to pay a “activity fee” of $39.20 per semester. The total cost of attending online for a 3-credit graduate MBA course is $2407.20 plus a technology fee of $17.61.

Accreditations – Best private nursing schools in California

The university has received accreditation from the following groups:

  • WASC Upper Division College
  • College or University Board

Best Private Nursing Schools in California

  1. University of California, San Francisco

At number three we have the University of California, San Francisco, USF, or the University of San Francisco, is a Jesuit, private institution in San Francisco, California. Its main campus spans an expansive 55 acres (22 ha) between Golden Gate Park and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Their total enrolment is around 10,636 people, including 4,059 graduate level students. They are recognized for the hues green and gold.

University of California, San Francisco Admission Requirements

It is expected that prospective students will have achieved a B average or higher in high school. Also, a combination of A, B, and c grades is required. A high school GPA between 2.00 and 2.49 is required for California residents while high school GPA between 2.47 and 2.99 is required for non-California residents.

How competitive is it to get into UC San Francisco?

If you’re anxious about getting into the school, you shouldn’t be because the admission rate is low to medium. The admittance rate at San Francisco State University is 64.6%. They are more lenient in terms of GPA and SAT/ACT score criteria than some other colleges.

How much are tuition and other charges at USF?

Total undergraduate tuition and fees amount to $55,532 ($54,980 tuition + $552 fees). Students are charged $11,310 per academic year for on-campus housing.

4. Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University, or APU for short, is a private evangelical Christian institution of higher learning in Azusa, California with a focus on providing students with a Christ-centered and ethically-sound education.

“God First” is their creed. Founded in 1899, Azusa Pacific University didn’t begin accepting students until March 3, 1990.

Hundreds of graduate and undergraduate courses, as well as seven off-campus locations throughout California, are available through a variety of delivery methods at APU. There are a total of 10,095 students enrolled, together with 1,235 faculty and 1,062 support personnel. They wear Brick and Black, earning them the moniker “cougars.”

Azusa Pacific University Admission Requirements

You are not required to take any particular classes as a freshman but you will need to take developmental courses in math, English, science, a foreign language, U.S. history or government, and some rigorous electives.

The minimum cumulative GPA for admission is 2.75 on a 4.0 US scale. Applicants seeking transfer status are expected to have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 on the US 4.0 scale. APU has a reported acceptance rate of 93.6%. Like some other private nursing schools, they do not accept everyone who applies to their program.

When enrolling at APU, how much do you have to pay for tuition fee?

There is a total of $54,826 bill waiting for you at APU. All students, from freshmen to postgraduates, can use the textbooks and e-books without cost.

Accreditation – Best private nursing schools in California

Azusa Pacific University holds accreditation from the WASC Senior College and University Commission (APU).

Best Private Nursing Schools in Los Angeles, California


  1. Charles R. Drew University Of Medicine And Science

The university was established in 1966 to address the lack of access to quality healthcare in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. From its inception, Charles R. Drew University served as a historically black college and university.

“A Private University with a Public Mission” is their well-known slogan. David M. Carlisle serves as CDU’s president. The WASC is a recognized academic partner of CDU. There are approximately 22080 students enrolled there, with 3190 in the undergraduate program, 460 in the graduate program, and 1420 academic members.

Curriculum Requirements at CDU

You need a 6.0 on the IELTS and a minimum 60% average in four subjects, one of which must be English, to get admitted to Charles R. Drew University. All prospective students at CDU need to be aware that the minimum grade point average required for admission is 2.24. On average, students have a SAT score of 1200 and a GPA of 75%.

How High is the Rate of Acceptance?

The College of DuPage (CDU) is a top-tier institution that ranks among the world’s greatest institutions. With a 64:1 student-to-teacher ratio, they have a 66 percent acceptance rate. Total tuition and expenses at Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science come to $25,920, including a $26,000 cost of living.

  1. Concordia College and University

This Irvine, California institution is a private college or university. To train pastors, teachers of religion, and heads of Christian schools in the Lutheran faith is an official responsibility of the Lutheran church.

It opened in 1976 under the name Christ College but has since changed its name. Their mission is to nurture a community of well-rounded individuals who are wise, honorable, and cultured.

Anyone hoping to enroll at Concordia University must have completed at least the equivalent of the university’s required minimum of four years of high school study. In addition to the SAT or GPA, a curriculum vitae is required, as well as any other documentation that helps to clarify your academic credentials.

What is the minimum GPA needed to enroll at Concordia?

An overall average of 2.8 on a 4.0 scale is required in order to be considered, you need to have completed at least five academic courses in addition to English by the time you graduated from high school.

In reality, they are only fairly selective, accepting 66 out of every 100 applications. Therefore, the proportion of people who agree is 65.9 percent. Expenses for higher education come to $17,810. The anticipated cost of transportation is $926, while the cost of books and materials is $3964.

Best Private Nursing Schools in California

  1. Mount Saint Mary’s University

Mount St. Mary’s College and University of California, Los Angeles are both names for the same institution of higher education. It has been open since 1925 and is entirely exclusive. There were roughly 2,079 full-time students and 709 part-time students.

Their mission is to impart God’s truth to their students. You need a grade point average of 4.27 or above. In the event that a student’s GPA is lower than 2.50, they may be admitted on probation if they have a 2.0 or lower.

In addition, a SAT score of 900-1110 is required. The acceptance rate for Mount Saint Mary’s is 89 percent. You need to be at the top of your game to get in there, as they are really picky. Part-time students pay $1,400 every semester, while full-time students pay $44,330.

Accreditations – Best private nursing schools in California

Accreditations from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, NCATE, IACBE, ATS, and CEA.

Best Private Nursing Schools in California

  1. Bradman College

The current name of this establishment is the University of Massachusetts Global (UMass Global). It’s history begins in 1958. Now there are roughly 23,000 students enrolled at the university.

You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above from high school. In addition, a 2.0 GPA is required of all students applying to the Baccalaureate or Associate in the Arts degree programs. The average annual tuition at Bradman is peaked at $12,480.

  1. The Fresno Pacific University – Best private nursing schools in California

Originally established in 1944 under the name Pacific Bible Institute, the University was named after its founder, the Pacific District Conference Institute. The motto “Founded on Christ” expresses the core values of the institution.

Dr. Joseph Jones is in charge as president. They employ over 200 people, have 2731 students enrolled in undergraduate programs, and 1298 enrolled in graduate programs. Entry standards are not as strict as those at some other institutions.

Students with a B+ average or higher from high school are accepted. You have a passing grade point average of 3.54 (mostly A’s and B’s, with very few C’s). If you have a poor GPA, taking more challenging classes like AP or IB may help.

Your SAT/ACT average must be at least 74%. The approval percentage is only 66.9%, therefore they are picky. A total of $52,075 for tuition and fees, $14,408 for food and lodging, $1,050 on books and supplies, and $2,000 on miscellaneous costs.


Best Private Nursing Schools in California

  1. Holy Names University

Oakland, California is home to a Roman Catholic institution of higher education. It was established by the Sisters of the Most Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. Their goal is to instill their pupils with a sense of noblesse oblige and a commitment to virtue.

The first class of students enrolled in 1868. Approximately 1846 students are enrolled as undergrads, while 328 are enrolled as grad students. You can get away with getting A’s and B’s if you really try, but you should really try to avoid getting any C’s at all costs.

You should also have a high grade point average. Also, keep in mind that the SAT is not a prerequisite for admission to Holy Names University. Holy Names University requires students to have a cumulative GPA of 3.35 on a 4.0 scale.

Top 10 Best Private Nursing Schools in Los Angeles, Californiam

  1. Point Loma Nazarene University
  2. California Baptist University
  3. University of San Francisco
  4. Azusa Pacific University
  5. Charles R. Drew University Of Medicine And Science
  6. Concordia University
  7. Mount Saint Mary’s University
  8. Bradman University
  9. The Fresno Pacific University
  10. Holy Names University

Conclusion on Best Private Nursing Schools in California

Best Private Nursing Schools in California

It doesn’t matter how well you did in high school or how impressive your GPA was; If you don’t take advantage of your situation by enrolling in one of the best Private Nursing Schools in California,

You might not obtain the education you’ve always wanted and it could hurt your career. I’m sure it won’t sit well with you, so you’d be wise to take that into account while you consider California nursing schools.


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