7 Lucrative Small Business Ideas in Cameroon in 2024

This page contains information about 7 lucrative Small Business ideas In Cameroon and investment opportunities, via Afrokonnect. If you’re a native Cameroonian, you already know that agriculture, tourism, industry, and services are the backbone of the country’s economy.

We have compiled a list of small business investment opportunities in Cameroon, that are both simple to launch and lucrative for their owners in the event that you are interested in making money in Cameroon and becoming a successful businessman.

As one of Africa’s largest countries, sharing borders with places like Nigeria, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, the Republic of the Congo, and Gabon, Cameroon has positioned itself well to profit from the export of its goods.

Lucrative Small Business Ideas in Cameroon

  1. Tea Cultivation and Production

Since Cameroon is widely regarded as one of the world’s largest tea producers, it stands to reason that other countries would welcome your exports, provided they were properly packaged and labeled. Don’t just consider about the tea sales in your home country but also the tea sales abroad and the profits you’d make is doubled if you can export them.

  1. Livestock Farming

The cattle farming industry is one of the most lucrative projects and opportunities for investment in Cameroon, despite the fact that the majority of your sales would need to be made to people in your immediate area.

The majority of Cameroon’s livestock farmers may be located in the country’s most remote regions. The good news is that labor in these areas can be recruited at a low rate, lowering the overall production costs for your business.

Lucrative Small Business Ideas in Cameroon

  1. A Business That Handles Food Processing

Because the food processing business in Cameroon has not yet reached its maturity and is still in its early stages, it is one of the most attractive Investment Opportunities in Cameroon.

You may still enter the market and make a significant amount of money from it. While Cameroon’s erratic power grid is a hindrance to the food processing industry, the country’s fertile soil means there’s more than enough raw materials to make up for the costs lost due to electricity.

Which is the best investment opportunity in Cameroon in 2024?

  1. Transport Business

You might enter this industry, which addresses one of the primary concerns of people living in Cameroon, one of the crucial problems Cameroonians are facing is the transportation system.

Use public transportation like cabs, buses, or any other mode of transportation available, and make sure to charge a steep fare. If you own a car then lucky you, here is How To Make Money With Your Car in 10 Lucrative ways, the rewards on investing in transportation are really high, and you ought to do the same.

  1. The Fabrication of Plastics

Cameroon is one of the leading exporters of rubber products in Africa; Nevertheless, the country does not yet have a solid plan for the production of plastics on its own.

You might reduce the amount of plastic products that are imported into the country, while simultaneously dominating the market if you developed a solid business plan and found appropriate investors to fund it.

Lucrative Small Business Ideas in Cameroon

Profitable Small Business Ideas and Investment Opportunities In Cameroon

  1. Own and operate a football agency

If you are very knowledgeable about football and you watch football, you should know that Cameroon is one of the strongest African nations when it comes to the sport, they have a whole set of talents who are looking to play abroad.

You might be able to function as an agent for these players and earn payments, as an agent, some of the ways you can earn money ranges from their endorsements, signings, transfers and other transactions of a similar nature, if you are successful in establishing a reputable football licensing agency.

  1. Outdoor Catering

What is stopping you from starting your own catering business in Cameroon, even when you are a chef with culinary expertise? Establish connections with individuals, participate in professional networking events and court customers that might assist you in expanding your company.

Even for something as uncomplicated as a cocktail party, hosting a buffet or throwing a tea party, having a caterer present is absolutely necessary. Food business will never stop as long as humans continue to give birth. Here is How To Start A Restaurant Business – Step by Step Guide.


Small Business Ideas In Cameroon 2024


These are by no means the only investment ideas in Cameroon. However, these are some of the business ideas that you can start with little capital in Cameroon.

On that basis, these brings us to the end of this publication about Small Business ideas and Investment Opportunities In Cameroon, via Afrokonnect. Before you leave, you can check out 5 ways to succeed doing your own small business anywhere. Good luck


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