Nancy Isime Net worth in 2023, Biography and Career

Nancy Isime Net worth and Biography
Nancy Isime - via Afrokonnect

Welcome to this post about Nancy Isime Net worth in 2023, Biography and Career via Afrokonnect.

The first thing that comes to some people’s mind when they hear the name Nancy Isime is “Trending” showing on Hiptv,

It’s a show where A-list Celebrities in Nigeria and across Africa are interviewed about their career by Nancy Isime,

Others know Nancy Isime as an actress, Model, Fitness enthusiast, Tv presenter and also an entrepreneur,

Recently she started her own Television show called the “Nancy Isime Show” showing on DSTV,

Depending on how you perceive her personality and career, in this article we will discuss everything Nancy Isime.

Over the years Nancy Isime has shown that she’s good at what she does,

Weather she’s on set for her Nollywood movie gigs or hosting events like the Headies Award,

Whatever the case may be, Nancy Isime is undoubtedly always on point and never disappoints with her delivery,

Which is why she is among the best female characters in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Nancy Isime Biography, Net Worth in 2023 and Entertainment Career

Before we discuss about Nancy Isime career and current Net worth it is Imperative that we look at her biography,

That will expose us to her background information and enable us know her origin and roots, so let’s dive in.

Nancy Isime was born on the 17th of December in 1991,

Though she was born in Edo, shortly after her birth they relocated to Lagos state, Nigeria,

She completed her basic education there, Then Nancy Isime went to University of Port Harcourt to secure a certificate,

She also secured a diploma degree in the University of Lagos.

While growing up she lost her mom when she was just 5 years old,

So Nancy Isime was raised by a single dad, who she always compliments because of his positive impact on her life,

Nancy Isime admitted that relocating to Lagos State, the central hub for entertainment industry in Nigeria was one of the reasons she dived into entertainment,

She decided to start her entertainment career as a professional model,

That was the beginning of her career in the Nigerian entertainment industry, which takes us to the next section of this article.

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Nancy Isime Entertainment Career and Net Worth in 2023

So after relocating from Edo state to Lagos due to some private reasons, Nancy started off as a professional model,

Nancy Isime gradually began working with different brands and attending fashion shows in Nigeria,

In the process she achieved a lot from that niche including fame, awards and recognition,

Up until in 2011 when Nancy Isime quitted modeling and decided to join the Nollywood movie industry.

Her acting talents and skill inevitably brought more fame and publicity not just in Nigeria but also in some African countries,

Between 2011 to 2015 Nancy Isime was already a household name in the industry,

Right now Nancy Isime is among the shooting stars in the Nollywoood industry.

Nancy Isime Movies (Filmography)

Below are some the movies where Nancy Isime has either featured as a major or minor character;

  • Hex (2015)
  • Tales of Eve (2015)
  • On the Real (2016)
  • A trip to Jamaica (2016)
  • Hire a Man (2017)
  • Finding C.H.R.I.S (2017)
  • The Surrogate (2017)
  • Treachery (2017)
  • Kanyamata
  • Tempted
  • Guilty
  • A Better Family (2018)
  • Club (2018)
  • Johnny Just Come (2018)
  • Liars and Pretenders (2018)
  • My Name is Ivy (2018)
  • Sideways (2018)
  • Disguise (2018)
  • Merry Men: The real Yoruba Demons (2018)
  • Don’t get mad get even (2019)
  • Hire a Woman (2019)
  • Adaife (2019)
  • The Millions (2019)
  • Beauty in the Broken (2019)
  • Another Angle (2019)
  • Merry Men 2 (2019)
  • Levi (2019)
  • Living in Bondage: Breaking Free (2019)
  • Made In Heaven (2019)
  • Kambili: The Whole 30 Yards (2020)
  • Creepy Lives Here (2021)
  • The Razz Guy (2021)

Nancy Isime Net Worth in 2023, Endorsement deals and Biography

A lot of people in the Nollywood industry, Music and even her early audience from the fashion and modeling industry are curious about Nancy Isime net worth,

They all want to know how much she bags from all these conglomerates,

From hosting events like Headies award, anchoring shows like Trending on Hiptv, and most recently owing her own show the “Nancy Isime show”,

That is why we are going to evaluate all of Nancy Isime earnings in the entertainment industry and declare her net worth,

After evaluating her earnings and endorsements deals we’ll be able to figure out her Net Worth, so let’s move.

Endorsement deals

Based on our findings and research conducted, we found out that Nancy Isime has two (2) major streams of income,

The first stream comprises the movies, shows/event she host, appear and features in,

Of course she gets paid to appear in movies or to host event.

Her second major stream of income is through endorsement deals,

Endorsement deals in Nigeria and all over the world are perfect means by which entertainers and celebrities make huge chunk of their profit,

Basically they promote and endorse brands in exchange for money,

Even though no one can say exactly how much celebrities make from endorsement deals except when stated publicly, we can only make a rough estimate.

Earnings and Net Worth 

Averagely in Nigeria celebrities earn anywhere from N1 million to N5 million naira per endorsement deal depending on the nature and agreements,

According to Wikipedia Nancy Isime has acted a total number of 32 Nigerian movies as of the time of this publication,

Notably, none of these movies are tv shows or series,

So let’s estimate how much she made from 32 Nigerian movies,

Normally, production companies in the Nollywood industry pay anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 per movie depending on the nature of the movie and character profile,

So, if approximately she charged $2000 per movie it will be an estimated revenue of $64,000 which equals over 26,269,440 Nigerian Naira, hmm well that’s a lot.

Nancy Isime Net worth and Biography
Nancy Isime – via Afrokonnect





Nancy Isime Net Worth in Naira and Dollars 2023

Since 2015 Nancy Isime has been acting movies for the Nollywood industry,

She has hosted one of the biggest and most prestigious awards in Nigeria,

Nancy Isime is currently sponsored by telecommunication company “Airtel” to host Trending on Hiptv,

She also has private businesses running as well as several endorsements deals running in millions,

From all of these, Nancy Isime has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million United States Dollars which equals over 615,690,000 Nigerian Naira.

Profile Summary


Nancy Isime

Date of Birth


Place of Birth

Edo State, Nigeria


Actress, Tv presenter, Model, Entrepreneur

Net worth

$1.5 million Dollars

Associated act

Bovi, Don Jazzy, Peruzzi,





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You can watch a visual presentation of Nancy Isime Biography below;

Nancy Isime Boyfriend and Relationship

We all know some celebrities love to keep their relationship and love life private,

One celebrity that’s hardly caught in any form of Situationship or Relationship saga is Nancy Isime,

So, Nancy Isime Finally Opens Up on her Relationship Status and you can watch below;

I hope you enjoyed this article about Nancy Isime Net worth in 2023, Biography and Career via Afrokonnect.

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