Kelvin Power Biography, Kizz Daniel Bouncer and Bodyguard Career

Kelvin Power Biography, Kizz Daniel Bouncer
Kelvin Power (Kizz Daniel Bouncer) - Via Afrokonnect .

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Well, aside from being a prominent Nigerian celebrity bouncer, bodyguard, body builder, fitness instructor, and social media influencer, Kelvin Atobiloye is also known by his stage name, Kelvin Power.

In October of 2023, he gained popularity as a result of footage that went viral showing him and his boss, Kizz Daniel, while he was serving as the official bodyguard of the singer.

We are going to have a look at the life story of known Nigerian bouncer Kelvin Power in this piece that is dedicated to biographical information. Take a look at the following post content.

Kelvin Power Biography, Age, Career, Bodyguard, Kizz Daniel, Bouncer Challenge and more

Early Life and Background Information

There is not a lot of information available regarding Kelvin Power’s early life because he has only recently received his big break in the world of celebrities. Nevertheless, according to reports, he was born in the 1970s and is originally from Ekiti State, which is located in Western Nigeria. Also, not much is known about his education; we will provide additional information on it later on when we receive updates.


During the early 2010s, Kelvin Power began the process of growing his body. It wasn’t until 2023 that he began to shine, becoming the first celebrity bouncer to be known in Nigeria. The phrase “Strongest Man in Africa” or “Strongest Man in Nigeria” is frequently used to allude to him or his situation.

Furthermore, Kelvin Power serves as the official bodyguard for Kizz Daniel in addition to his role as Head of Security at Flyboy Inc. The fitness instructor became a famous bouncer as a result of videos that went viral on social media showing him bodyguarding Kizz Daniel while Kizz Daniel’s song “My G” played in the background. These videos elevated the fitness instructor to stardom and gained him a bigger audience and notoriety.

Not only did this not stop there, but the video also helped Kizz Daniel’s song “My G” become more popular and received a greater number of streams. The video has created a Tik Tok challenge that is known as the “Kelvin Power Challenge” or the “Bouncer Challenge.”

This challenge encourages popular content creators and other ordinary Tik Tok users to create videos that imitate Kelvin Power Bodyguarding Kizz Daniel and add a little bit of comedy to it, which makes it funnier.

Several well-known celebrities, such as Cute Abiola, as well as a great number of other content creators joined the movement. Even comedian Sabinus made a request for a fight between him and Kelvin Power, implying that he is capable of defeating Kelvin Power to the point of a puppy (but in a humorous manner).

Kelvin Power is currently working as a Fitness Instructor (both online and offline), a Celebrity Bouncer, and a Social Media Influencer. He is also a Fitness Instructor. Beyond the borders of Nigeria and Africa as a whole, we hope that he will achieve even greater success.


Kelvin Power is reported to have a net worth that is estimated to be around $200,000 in 2024, converted to Nigerian currency it equals over 215,150,000 Naira. It is via his work as a fitness teacher and as a bouncer that he accumulates his income.

Additionally, he generates income from the monetization of his social media handles and the modelling and ambassador gigs he has been getting since he became a celebrity bouncer.


@officialkelvinpower is the handle that Kelvin Power’s Instagram account uses.

The KELVIN Power Bouncer Challenge on TikTok

There is a fad and challenge on Tik Tok called the Kelvin Power Bouncer Challenge. In this challenge, people emulate Kelvin Power in the role of a bodyguard to Kizz Daniel. Trying to imitate his movements, muscles, and flexes. In the month of October 2023, it became a challenge that went viral on TikTok.


  • Kelvin Power stands at a height of 6.0 feet. From the information that was obtained ┬áindicates that Kelvin Power weighs approximately 320 kilogrammes (705 pounds).
  • Kizz Daniel has appointed Kelvin Power as his official bodyguard.


Who is Kelvin Power?

In addition to being a social media influencer, Kelvin Power is also a fitness instructor and a celebrity bouncer for Kizz Daniel.

What is Kelvin Power State of Origin?

Western Nigeria’s Ekiti State is where Kelvin Power was born and raised.
What is Kelvin Power Real Name? The real name of Kelvin Power is actually Kelvin Atobiloye.


Kelvin Power Biography, Kizz Daniel Bouncer
Kelvin Power (Kizz Daniel Bouncer) – Via Afrokonnect

In light of the fact that he has transitioned from being a Social Media Fitness Instructor with a small number of followers to a Celebrity Bouncer, Kelvin Power is undoubtedly feeling very pleased with himself. It would be great if he had more grease in his muscles.

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