MC Oluomo Biography, Real Name, Age, State, Wife, Children and Net Worth

MC Oluomo Biography, Real Name, Age, State, Wife, Children and Net Worth
MC Oluomo posing with some awards

MC Oluomo Biography, Real Name, Age, State, Wife, Children and Net Worth in 2023, via Afrokonnect.

Legally known as Musiliu Ayinde Akinsanya, also known as “MC Oluomo,” is the chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers in the state of Lagos.

MC Oluomo is considered to be the most wealthy and distinguished agbero in Lagos state.

He was born on March 14, 1975 at Agbo-Ile Atere in Oshodi, which is located in Lagos State, Nigeria.

His parents are Baba Akinsanya and Alhaja Abebi Zinat Omotonwo.

MC Oluomo Biography, Real Name, Age, State, Wife, Children and Net Worth 2023

Background Information and Early Life

Musiliu Akinsanya, often known as MC Oluomo, is a prominent figure in the political and corporate worlds in Nigeria.

So many people in Lagos see him as the agbero with the greatest wealth and power in the city.

MC Oluomo was born in Oshodi, Lagos, Nigeria, on March 14, 19975, and he grew up in a polygamous home that was poor.

After the passing of his father, he decided not to continue his education and dropped out.

MC Oluomo moved away from his family when he was 13 years old and began working as a bus driver in the Oshodi park area.

After some time, he was given the position as head of an Oshodi motor park.

Because of his position as head of the Oshodi motor business park,

MC Oluomo amassed a significant amount of power and gained widespread acclaim among the local community and commercial drivers.

As a result of MC Oluomo’s growing popularity, he was able to ascend to the position of chairman of the National Transport of Road Workers.

Following his appointment, MC Oluomo has attracted a significant amount of attention from the media.

In addition to this, Oluomo has been involved in the politics and elections of Lagos State since he struck it big.

In point of fact, he is one of the most influential figures in the state’s electoral process.

His buses are used to transport election supplies to voting places, therefore this is a problem.

In addition to that, he is a member of the All Progressive Congress and an associate of Bola Ahmed Tinubu,

Who is ran for president under the banner of the APC and won in 2023.

MC Oluomo Biography, Real Name, Age, State, Wife, Children and Net Worth 2023


Before abandoning his basic schooling, Oluomo had his primary education at the Afolabi Primary School in Oshodi and the Olu Efon Primary School in Abeokuta.


Before becoming a member of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW),

MC Oluomo worked in the transportation industry as both a bus conductor and a public bus driver.

He rose through the ranks of the union’s Oshodi section to become treasurer and then chairman.

As a result of his elevation, Oluomo has attached himself to a number of prominent political figures,

Including Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who contested and won the presidency of the All Progressive Congress to rep Nigeria.

MC Oluomo has been accused, during the whole of his career, of being a tool of electoral thuggery and of using members of NURTW as a weapon to disrupt elections in the state of Lagos.

Thugs from opposing gangs attacked MC Oluomo in the neck in 2019.

The administrative council of the Lagos chapter of the NURTW was disbanded because the national organisation of the NURTW received a large number of charges and complaints.

In addition to this, the union charged MC Oluomo with acts of misconduct, disobedience, and provocation.

In response to the collapse of the council, MC Oluomo removed the state chapter from its affiliation with the national body of the union.

The operations of the union inside the state were subsequently prohibited by the administration of Lagos state.

In a short amount of time after that, Governor Sanwo-Olu of the state of Lagos appointed Oluomo as the chairman of the Lagos Parks and Garages Management Committee that he had just established.

The Wife and Marriage of MC OLUOMO

MC Oluomo is a family man; he and his wife have nine kids.

On the other hand, he has three different spouses and is a polygamist.

Alhaja Madinat is the name of his first wife.

Aisha Ajoke Akinsanya and MC Oluomo

MC Oluomo does, however, have a number of girlfriends that are proficient in the public sphere.

Tayo Odueke, better known by her stage as Sikiratu Sindodo, an actress in Nollywood, and Ehizogie Ogbebor, an interior designer, were two of the people he dated.


MC Oluomo Biography, Real Name, Age, State, Wife, Children and Net Worth 2023


MC Oluomo is well-known for his participation in a variety of politically contentious situations.

Oluomo was accused of sending goons to the EndSARS rally in October 2020 in order to cause a disturbance there.

On the other hand, he refuted the allegations and said that he had nothing to lose in light of the violence that occurred during the demonstration.

In addition, he refuted allegations that he was responsible in the imposition of a tax on motor and tricycle drivers in order to pay for Bola Ahmed Tinubu political stickers.

MC Oluomo Current Estimated Net Worth in 2023

MC Oluomo is worth N830,000,000 ($2,000,000) in 2023.

He is a very successful businessman in Lagos, and one of the richest residents there.

The majority of MC Oluomo’s wealth comes from the job he does in politics, which is also the source of many of his close friendships.

His support for the Olu’s administration in Lagos State, which is headed by Babajide Sanwo and the APC, is steadfast.

Since he began working with NURTW, he has been able to supplement his income.

Because to his lavish spending habits, he became known as “The Richest Agbero.”


MC Oluomo Biography, Real Name, Age, State, Wife, Children and Net Worth
MC Oluomo posing with some awards

You can follow MC Oluomo on all social platforms including Instagram @kingmcoluomo


Real Name:

Musiliu Ayinde  Akinsanya

Nick Name:

MC Oluomo

Place of Birth:

Oshodi, Lagos

Date of Birth:

March 14 1975


48 years


Agbero, politician, Businessman

State of Origin:

Lagos State



Net worth:

N830,000,000 ($2,000,000)






Musiliu Akinsanya, better known by his moniker MC Oluomo, was born on March 14, 1975, and now serves as the leader of the Lagos state section of the National Union of Road Transport Workers.

Many people consider him to be the most famous and wealthy thug agbero in all of Lagos state.

Born in the Oshodi neighbourhood of Lagos, Nigeria, MC Oluomo is of Nigerian descent.

His home state is Kwara, and he was born there. He had only completed the elementary levels of his schooling before leaving school due to the passing of his father.

At the age of 13, he skipped out on his parental responsibilities and began working as a bus driver.

Before he became the leader of the National Union of Road Transport Workers in Lagos,

He ascended through the ranks to become the head of a motor park in Oshodi and, eventually, the most important agbero in Oshodi.

This was all before he became the chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers in Lagos.

It is believed that a supporter of the defeated candidate for re-election to the office of governor of Lagos State,

Akinwumi Ambode, stabbed MC Oluomo during a campaign event for the All Progressives Congress in Lagos in 2019.


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