Highest Paying Companies in Nigeria in 2024

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Getting hired by a high-paying company that would provide standard living wage is a goal for many recent graduates in Nigeria, the unfortunate reality, however, is that only a small percentage of businesses truly pay sufficiently high wages.

The ongoing economic slump that Nigeria is going through is further putting a dent in earnings, making it tough for take-home payments to take salary workers home.

Despite this fact, there are still businesses in Nigeria that provide their workers with salaries that are substantial enough to bring a smile to their faces as they go home at the end of each month.

Below, you’ll find descriptions of a few of these top-tier employers.


In the field of oil and gas, Chevron is a well-known and respected corporation, and it ranks among the top in Nigeria. It is not only lucrative for the firm’s owners but also for the people who work for the company, placing it among the most profitable oil corporations in Nigeria.

Getting hired by this organization, on the other hand, is not a simple process. There are relatively few people that are successful in securing work with them and in certain cases, job decisions are made depending on the applicant’s level of influence.

The employees of Chevron are compensated on an hourly basis. Duties of the work are taken into consideration while determining the salary.

  • The hourly wage for the position of Sales Associate is $8.73.
  • Hourly rate for an intern is $28.66.
  • A customer care representative earns $10.54 per hour on average.
  • The hourly rate for a cashier is $9.54.


This firm also deals in petroleum and natural gas. The members of the staff are likewise compensated quite well. Mobile Nigeria is another company that makes it very hard to get work, similar to Chevron.

Additionally, all of their employees are compensated in US dollars. Therefore, the current state of the economy in Nigeria does not have any bearing on the employees working for Mobil.

  • An annual salary of $107,477 is provided to engineers working at Mobil.
  • Annual salaries for process engineers average $114, 526 dollars.
  • Interns get a monthly stipend of $6,810.
  • The annual salary for project engineers is $120,055 dollars.
  • While the salary for the senior engineer is $144,467.

Everyone on their workforce is paid at the same rate, regardless of whether they are located in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world.

Highest paying companies in Nigeria in 2024

Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC)

Nigerian National Petroleum Company is what the acronym stands for “NNPC”. The employees of NNPC are compensated in naira rather than dollars, in contrast to Chevron and Mobil.

Keep in mind that NNPC is a Nigerian enterprise, in contrast to Chevron and Mobil, which are both multinational corporations based in other countries. Even though it is a Nigerian enterprise, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is not an easy place to get work.

Sadly, the NNPC is a company that only the Nigerian elite can aspire to work for. However, a “unknown” individual could be able to secure a job with NNPC with a little support from above.

  • The salary for the position of Sales Manager at NNPC might go up to N314,000 per month.
  • National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) offers an annual salary of up to 3.85 million naira to its economists.
  • A newly graduated employee at NNPC might get a monthly salary of up to 130,000 naira.


MTN is a firm that deals in the provision of telecommunications services. In addition to this, it is Nigeria’s very first mobile telecommunications firm.

The majority of its employees are natives of Nigeria. In the past, they provided quite generous compensation to the members of their employees.

The amount that the corporation is paying its employees has, however, decreased as a direct result of changes to the working and employment circumstances in the organization.

Contract workers are the preferred option for them to hire at this time due to the significant cost savings that this option provides.

There is no provision for a raise in pay for contract employees, both the bonus and the retirement plan are out of the question for this individual. At any moment, they may recruit or terminate a contract worker at their discretion.

  • Representatives working in the company’s Customer Care department might make up to N83,000 per month.
  • The annual compensation for their project managers may go up to N839,000.
  • On the other side, the annual salary for program managers might go as high as N9.44 million.
  • Members of Senior Management are eligible for annual compensation of up to N12.4 million.
  • The annual salary range for quality assurance engineers is N4.69 million.

Highest Paying Food Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria in 2024


The company’s primary focus is on food-related items. Nowadays and for a while, they are one of the best-paying enterprises in Nigeria. They not only pay their employees their base wages, but they also provide them with a variety of perks.

The employee may be eligible for benefits like medical coverage. However, in order to be eligible for the health insurance, a staff member must first have been employed by the organization for a period of time ranging from six months to one year.

  • The annual compensation for its sales managers may go up to N6.27 million.
  • The annual compensation for its production supervisors might reach up to 5 million Nigerian naira.
  • You may make as much as $19 per hour as a sales rep intern.
  • The intern may earn up to $22 an hour in pay.
  • The starting hourly rate for a Mechanical Engineering Intern is up to $21.00.

Workers employed by nestle are also entitled to time off during a calendar year.


It may not make much sense at first, but the fact of the matter is that the Nigerian civil service is one of the highest paid corporations in the country. One of the numerous reasons why so many Nigerians are searching for work with the federal government is because of this.

In addition to the generous salaries, the Nigerian government sector offers guaranteed employment opportunities. It is possible that the other firms that were listed above do not provide job security;

However, this is never an issue with the Nigerian government service. Though, the amount that you are paid is set by the individual ministry, department, or agency that you are employed by.

When entering the Nigerian public service from secondary school, graduates may earn a maximum of N242,994 per year at Level 4 Step 1 salary. Individuals who have reached the pinnacle of their careers and are working at level 17 Step 1 may earn up to N4,183,600 per year in salary.

This indicates that your monthly salary in the Nigerian public service would be around N20,000 if you are employed at Level 4 Step 1 and N348,633 if you are employed at Level 17.


Highest paying salary companies in Nigeria in 2024

Highest paying companies in Nigeria


Another multinational oil and gas corporation, total is now one of the highest-paying companies in Nigeria. They have as many as 1,700 people working for them,

They’ve been in existence for almost half a century. At the moment, the business has a dominant position in the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. In Nigeria, Total’s wide distribution network serves more than 500 service stations in total.

The energy items that the corporation is now selling are of the highest possible quality. In 1956, it was converted into a private firm. The current share capital is 169.761,000 Nigerian naira.

Over the course of many decades, the corporation had seen nothing but steady expansion. Total Nigeria is interested in a wide variety of other minerals, including bitumen, azalt, modulotal, and many more.

Superior quality is what sets Total Lubricant apart from the competition. They provide both aviation fuel and culinary gas in equal amounts. The annual compensation for entry-level workers might go up to N12 million.

Highest Paying entry Level Jobs in Nigeria – Salary Tech Jobs in Nigeria 2024


Even though Nigeria is not among Top 10 Countries with Highest Salary for Workers in the world, Nigeria still offers some tech jobs, Skilled, Unskilled and other online jobs you can make a comfortable living from.

However, this is a country that only the elites and most connected gets employed. This brings us to the end of this this article about Highest Paying Companies in Nigeria for the year 2024 via Afrokonnect. Good luck to you on your quest for highest salary paying job in Nigeria.


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