Top 10 Richest Gospel Musicians in Kenya and their Net Worth

Welcome to this post about the Top 10 Richest Gospel musicians in Kenya and their Net Worth in 2024 via Afrokonnect. Recently there has been an increase in revenue generated by gospel musicians in Kenya, this is largely credited to the relative increase in number of people streaming songs digitally.

The streaming royalties generated through digital platforms is another way musicians make money in Kenya. A lot of fans and supporters have been searching and trying to find out who is the wealthiest gospel musician in Kenya. We did a research in that respect, hence, the publication of this article.

Most artist in Kenya both gospel and secular musicians make their money from shows in and outside the shores of the country, in this Publication I will be revealing the top 10 wealthiest gospel musicians in Kenya, some of which are among the richest in Africa.

Noticeably, majority of gospel songs in Kenya are sung in Kiswahili dialect. However, since music is a universal language like football, people from other countries careless about the language barrier, as they rock to the melodious rhythm even without understanding the language literally. So without taking too much of your precious time, I’ll like to dive straight into the main subject.

Top 10 Richest Gospel Musicians in Kenya and their Net Worth in 2024

10. Eko Dyddah Net worth and Short Biography 2024

Biography and Background Information about Eko Dydda

Eko Dydda is a popular Kenyan artist who sees himself as a band and not just a singer. As a gospel musician Eko sings gospel in the hip-hop genre, He is an award-winning singer recognized within and outside the shores of Kenya.

He grew up in Nairobi’s Eastlands in a staunch Christian upbringing, Eko lived with his parents in Mathare before moving to Mathare north where he was raised. Dydda has three siblings, two brothers and one sister, his father was a carpenter and his mother used to sell vegetables.

Eko Dydda gave his life to Christ while in class four, while growing up Dydda worked as a garbage collector, he used to perform songs to people and then get paid, that was how he was able to save up for his education, Eko Dydda Went to Riverside academy in Kariobangi for his primary education. Then proceeded to East Leigh high school, unfortunately, he had to drop out because of some financial difficulties.

Today, he is the 10th Wealthiest Kenyan musician based on our compilation and findings, he earns most of is incomes from sale of albums, stage performances and appearances. Eko Dyddah reportedly owns a Luxurious bungalow in Karen worth millions, we Estimated Eko Dyddah Net worth to be approximately around $118,053 United States Dollar which equals over 12,999,996 Kenyan Shilling.


9. Ben Githae Net worth

Africa is a very religious continent and it’s no surprise that gospel music in Africa is one of the most sought for genre, Ben Githae is among those making waves and impacting lives through their music. When we talk about A-list musicians in Kenya, Ben Githae cannot be missing in the conversation as far as Kenyan gospel industry is concerned.

Ben Githae is also a father of two daughters who has managed his private and music life efficiently and free from scandals, his album Mabataro gained him significant attention within Kenya and beyond the boarders.

His hit single `maya ni mabataro’ got him serious attention globally. From our findings, Ben Githae has an estimated net worth of $120,053 United States Dollar which equals around 13,220,236 Kenyan Shilling.

Richest Christian musicians in Kenya with their present net worth in 2024

8. Juliani Julius Owino Net Worth

Julius Owino known professionally as Juliani is a kenyan hip-hop gospel artist, his hit song ‘Utawala’ was a success and often seen as his breakthrough single. It is worthy of notice that he is the third child in a family of six who grew up in Dandora suburb.

Juliani used to perform with his friends in numerous clubs and nearby accessible gigs, they have performed at the prestigious Florida 2000 night club and gambling club before switching to gospel.

Although some of the estimated figures revealing his net worth might be based on rumors, the artist recently confirmed that he is indeed a millionaire musician and his financial breakthrough can be traced back to 2011.

In a recent interview, Juliani says he used to earn 10 to 20 Million Kenyan shillings every year; According to Juliani ‘Every year I used to make like 10 Million, accumulatively, we’ve been making 10 -20 Million directly or indirectly if we value everything we have been doing and investments” he stated. This revenue comes largely through his music and from community projects established under his name.

7. Esther Wahome Net Worth

Esther Wahome is a household name in the Kenyan Gospel industry, her musics are widely appreciated and played in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and of course Kenya her motherland. She is one of the most prolific figures who has always featured in the Kenyan gospel music scene.

She has also dominated the scene for over two decades now, mentoring many upcoming musicians in the industry. Besides singing, she also participates in charity events, endorsements gigs and ambassadorial duties,

Esther Wahome is so beautiful and has represented her country in Mrs. World beauty pageant. Additionally, Esther Wahome has an estimated net worth of $454,297 United States Dollar which equals about 49,999,927 Kenyan Shilling.

Richest Gospel musicians in Kenya in 2024

6. Rufftone Net Worth | Roy Smith Mwita

Roy Smith Mwita popularly known by his stage name Rufftone is a Kenyan gospel musician, he is known popularly for his contribution on ‘Mungu Baba’, where he featured the GSU. Rufftone is a Goodwill Ambassador for Public Diplomacy of the Republic of Korea, he is a graphic designer and also the founder of Lampstand Music Record.

The musician was born in the Western province of Kenya, He specializes in gospel dancehall and raga. Besides being a gospel artist, he is also a music producer, entrepreneur and a philanthropist, Rufftone has an estimated net worth of $500,297 United States Dollar which equals around 55,062,687 Kenyan Shilling making him the 6th richest gospel musician in Kenya.

The Wealthiest Gospel artists in Kenya and their Net Worth in 2024

5. Willy Paul Net Worth

Wilson Abubakar Radido popularly known as Willy Paul is a Kenyan gospel musician born on the 1st of September in 1993. Recently gospel music in Kenya are beginning to appear in new dimensions, as a result it’s raising the interest of most people, making it easier to reach a wider audience.

Additionally, this is adding a lot of revenue and respect to those who are into it, especially with the introduction of different Streaming platforms. Willy Paul is one of the best Eastern African gospel musicians with several awards to his credit, he is popular in Kenya and his musics are played all over Africa, Europe and beyond, including non-english speaking countries.

Most of his earning comes from live shows both in Kenya and abroad, Willy Paul has an estimated net worth to be around $550,297 United States Dollar which equals about 60,565,687.82 Kenyan Shilling.

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4. Lady Wanja Net Worth in 2024

Ejidiah Wanja popularly known as Lady Wanja is a Kenyan based gospel female musician, she is the daughter of the late Kenyan music legend Queen Jane. Kenya gospel artists are beginning to get rewarded for their efforts these days, even though most of them are not doing it for the money or fame.

Lady Wanja is the second richest female gospel musician in Kenya based on our list, she has over 140 songs and several other gigs to crown it all. Her love for gospel music really thrilled music lovers and she has been doing great since she came to the limelight,

This has influenced her earnings positively, increasing her net worth significantly. She makes money om sales of her CDs, streamings and also live performance, Lady Wanja has an estimated net worth to be around $615,297 United States Dollar which equals about 67,719,587.82 Kenyan Shilling.

3. Alex Apoko A.K.A Ringtone Net Worth 2024

Alex Apoko also known as Ringtone is a Kenya based gospel musician, born in 1994 in Kisii County, Kenya. Several sources on the internet suggests his mother dumped him at the doorstep of a bar along Nairobi’s Tom Mboya Street.

Long story short, today he’s grown up and has clinched the number three spot of the richest gospel musicians in Kenya based on this publication by Afrokonnect. Over the years Alex Apoko has featured some highly rated A-list gospel artists like Daddy Owen, Rose Muhando, Ada and also Gloria Muliro,

His songs are topping the charts as they are being streamed across every music platform including Spotify, Audiomack, Soundcloud, Deezer, YouTube, BandCamp and many others. Apoko is also an entrepreneur as well as a musician which makes him even richer,

Alex Apoko is the wealthiest artist in Kenya currently with an estimated net worth of $625,297 United States Dollar which equals 68,820,187.82 Kenyan Shilling.Apoko makes his money through his music and personal investments, he owns several properties worth millions in Kenya and outside Kenya as well.

Richest gospel singer in Kenya in 2024

2. Linet Munyali | Size 8 Net Worth in 2024

Linet Munyali is professionally known as Size 8, She was born on August 4 1987 in Nairobi, Kenya, she was raised in Kenya though her father is Ugandan and her mother a Kenyan from the Kikuyu tribe. Linet Munyali is married to DJ Mo legally known as “Samuel Muraya”, they’re blessed with two kids namely Ladasha Wambui and Muraya Junior. Size 8 is a prolific personality in the Kenyan gospel music industry,

Professionally she is recognized as a Kenyan singer, songwriter and also an actress, she started music as a secular artist before she switched to gospel music, Size 8 is known for her popular singles “Shamba Boy” and “Moto”.

Occupying our 2nd spot for the list on richest gospel musician in Kenya is Size 8, making her the richest female gospel artist is Kenya, Size 8 also known as Linet Munyali has a net worth of $1,000,000 United States Dollar which equals 110,050,000 Kenyan Shilling based on her assets and endorsement deals.

Richest gospel artist in Kenya in 2024

1. Kevin Bahati Net Worth in 2024

Kevin Mbuvi Kioko popularly known as Bahati was born in 1994 in Kenya, He lost his mother when he was very young, as a result he grew up in an orphanage home, however, academically and musically Bahati has been a gem.

He currently has over 2 million followers on Instagram and he is one of the most streamed gospel musicians in Kenya, Bahati is also known popularly as a professional Actor as well as an award-winning singer,

Kevin Bahati is one of the most-watched gospel artists in Kenya, with his hit songs “Mama” becoming a global hit, with several awards to his credit and also some mouthwatering endorsements deals.

On our list today, he occupied the first  spot for the richest gospel musician in Kenya. Certainly a familiar name among the richest musicians in Kenya, Kevin Bahati has an estimated net worth approximately to be around $2,500,000 United States Dollar which equals over 275,200,000 Kenyan Shilling.

Richest Gospel musicians in Kenya in 2024

Wealthiest Richest Gospel musicians in Kenya and their Net Worth


Yes, gospel music are made to enrich our souls and make our spiritual life even better. Additionally, in the process a lot of gospel musicians rack hugely in terms of revenue,

Arguably, gospel acts can even make more than secular acts because a gospel artist can choose to go to a different church every Sunday to minister and sell CD’s for 3 months straight.

However, very few secular artist can perform every week aside A-list secular artist for 3 months straight. Lastly, if you think we have omitted some prominent gospel names in this list, kindly drop a comment below.


Who is the richest gospel musician in Kenya 2023?

The richest gospel musician in Kenya is Bahati with an estimated net worth of ($) 2,500,000 United States Dollar which equals 275,200,000.00 Kenyan Shilling. That’s the end of this publication about Top 10 Richest Gospel musicians in Kenya and their Net Worth in 2024 via Afrokonnect.

The range figures in this Publication shows an estimation based on evaluation generated by public information about sponsorships or other sources found on the internet.


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