Rahama Sadau Biography, Controversies, Movies and Net Worth in 2024

Rahama Sadau biography - via Afrokonnect
Rahama Sadau Biography,

Welcome to this post about Rahama Sadau Biography, Controversies, Movies and Net Worth in 2024, via Afrokonnect. In this article we’re going to reveal to you some Interesting facts and information about one of Arewa’s Finest.

So take your time and read through this article about Rahama Sadau. Rahama Sadau is a popular Nigerian actress, singer, model and a producer. Incase you don’t know, Rahama Sadau was born on the 7th December 1993 in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

She came into the limelight and gained her prominence after featuring in Kannywood movie “Gani ga Wane” in 2013. Today Rahama Sadau is arguably one of the biggest female names in the Kannywood industry and beyond.

Known for her versatility and captivating performances, Rahama Sadau has become a prominent figure in Nollywood. Her journey in the world of entertainment is marked by achievements, challenges, and a commitment to breaking barriers.

Rahama Sadau’s rise to prominence in Kannywood can be attributed to her exceptional talent, dedication, and the success of several films in which she played significant roles. Her performances resonated with audiences, and she became a sought-after actress in the northern region of Nigeria. Notable films that contributed to her growing fame include “Sons of the Caliphate” and “Halacci.”

She speaks Hausa, English and Hindi Fluently, only few Nigerian actresses and actors can brag about that achievement. Before we proceed with Rahama Sadau Biography, career, controversy and Net Worth, let’s take a close look at her educational background first.

Rahama Sadau Biography and Net Worth in 2024

Educational Background

Most people might be wondering why Rahama seems to be so fluent and exposed in her dealings, well, the answer boils down to her educational background. Rahama Sadau went to one of the best schools during her primary and secondary education in Kaduna State, where she was raised. She then proceeded to study Human Resource Management at school of Business and Finance of Eastern Mediterranean University in Northern Cyprus.

After graduating she came back to Nigeria to pursue her career and childhood passion, now, this brings us to the phase where we get to discuss about Rahama Sadau career and movies so far.

Rahama Sadau Biography, Movies and Net Worth in 2024

  • Career and Movies

While growing up as a kid, Rahama Sadau use to compete in various dancing competition, this was because of her love for Dancing, Choreography and acting.Long story short, in early 2013 Rahama decided to officially and professionally join the  Kannywood Industry, she was encouraged, Helped and motivated to join by one of the Biggest actors in Nigeria “Ali Nuhu”.

Rahama Sadau started by featuring in several minor roles in Kannywood movies, in the Late 2013, she gained popularity after playing a major role in the movie “Gani ga Wane”. The movie featured top Kannywood actors and actresses including Ali Nuhu.

Going forward, Rahama Sadau started  featuring in several music videos and gradually became a household name, in 2017, she launched her own movie production company “Sadau Pictures”, she produced her first movie Rariya starring Ali Nuhu, Sani Musa Danja, Sadiq Sani Sadiq and Fati Washa.

She has featured in couple of Nollywood movies over the years, she also featured as a class teacher in MTV Shuga series.


Rahama Sadau Biography and Net worth in 2024

Rahama Sadau has also made a mark in the world of fashion. She is known for her elegant and stylish appearances on red carpets and events. Her fashion choices reflect a blend of traditional and contemporary influences, showcasing her cultural pride and modern sensibilities.

In addition to her acting career, Rahama Sadau has ventured into film production. She founded Sadau Pictures, her film production company, as a platform to tell compelling stories and contribute to the growth of the Nigerian film industry. Through Sadau Pictures, she has the opportunity to shape narratives and provide a platform for emerging talents.

List of Movies by Rahama Sadau

Rahama Sadau has featured in series of movies including but not limited to;



Zero Hour


Up North


If I Am President


Aljannar Duniya




Ba Tabbas


MTV Shuga Naija








Sons of the Caliphate


The Other Side


Kasa Ta


Wutar Gaba


Sallamar So


Wata Tafiya




Gidan Farko


Ana Wata ga Wata


Alkalin Kauye


Jinin Jiki Na






Kaddara Ko Fansa


Kisan Gilla


Mati da Lado


Sabuwar Sangaya


Sirrin Da Ke Raina


So Aljannar Duniya


Suma Mata Ne


Farin Dare


Gani Ga Wane


Da Kai Zan Gana


Mai Farin Jini


Rahama Sadau Biography, Movies and Net Worth in 2024

Awards and Recognitions

Rahama Sadau’s foray into Nollywood brought her recognition on a national and international scale. She received critical acclaim for her performances in films such as “The Light Will Come” and “Hakkunde.” Her acting prowess earned her nominations and awards, solidifying her status as a rising star in the broader Nigerian film industry.

Rahama Sadau’s talent has not gone unnoticed on the global stage. She has been featured in international media outlets and recognized for her contributions to the Nigerian film industry. Her ability to navigate the complexities of cultural expectations while embracing a global audience speaks to her adaptability and universal appeal.

During the span of her career Rahama Sadau has been recognized, Nominated and awarded by several bodies, Rahama Sadau has won couple of these awards including;

  • Best Actress (Kannywood) at the City People Entertainment Awards in 2014 and 2015.
  • Best African Actress at the 19th African Film Awards in 2015 by African Voice.
  • In 2016, she was recognized as “Face of Kannywood
  • In 2017, Sadau became the first Hausa celebrity to appear in the top ten Hottest Female Nigeria Celebrities.

Rahama Sadau Biography and Net Worth in 2024


Rahama Sadau has had some ups and downs during her career and in this section we’ll talk about her major controversies over the years. In 2016, Rahama Sadau featured in a romantic music video by Classiq which lead to her suspension by Motion Picture Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN) for a whole year.

However the suspension was lifted after her apology and the intervention of Kano State Governor “Abdullahi Ganduje”. In 2019, Rahama Sadau returned to acting again. Despite the backlash, Rahama Sadau handled the situation with grace and resilience. The incident sparked conversations about the intersection of art, culture, and societal expectations in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

After her suspension, Rahama Sadau made a triumphant return to the Kannywood industry, proving her resilience and commitment to her craft. She continued to excel in her acting career and expanded her reach beyond the northern film industry. Rahama ventured into mainstream Nollywood, where she starred in English-language films that catered to a wider audience.

Her crossover success showcased her versatility as an actress and demonstrated that talent knows no language barriers. Rahama Sadau’s ability to seamlessly transition between Kannywood and Nollywood marked a significant milestone in her career, opening up new opportunities and collaborations.

In 2020, an Islamic scholar, Lawal Gusau petitioned the Inspector General of Police Adamu Adamu to arrest and arraign Rahama Sadau before the Sharia Court over indecent dressing. 

The petition was after Sadau shared a pictures of her wearing a backless gown on social media. Her dressing was reported to be blasphemous against Prophet Mohammed. She later apologized in a video released via her social media Handles;

Rahama Sadau Net Worth in Naira and Dollars in 2024

Beyond her acting career, Rahama Sadau is actively involved in philanthropy and social advocacy. She has used her platform to raise awareness about social issues, including the importance of education and healthcare in underprivileged communities. Her commitment to making a positive impact aligns with her belief in the transformative power of the arts to inspire change.

As Rahama Sadau continues to make her mark in the Nigerian entertainment industry, her future endeavors hold exciting possibilities. Her ability to bridge the gap between regional and national film industries positions her as a dynamic force with the potential to influence the direction of Nollywood. Whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes, Rahama Sadau’s impact on the cultural and artistic landscape of Nigeria is poised to grow.

Rahama Sadau has made a name for herself and has also establish a steady stream of income for herself, she owns a Cosmetic Brand “Sadau Beauty” which brings her a huge chunk of her earnings alongside her “Sadau Pictures” company.

Rahama Sadau also have endorsements deals running with top brands across the country and her movies royalties is another major source of income, from this multiple streams of income it is estimated that Rahama Sadau has a Net Worth to be around $500,000 in 2024, which equals over 206,970,000 Nigerian Naira.

Profile Summary


Rahama Sadau

Real Name

Rahama Sadau

Date of Birth

December 7th, 1993


Rumored to to be Miguel Núñez

State of Origin

Kaduna, Nigeria


Actress, Model



Net Worth


Rahama Sadau Biography and Net Worth in 2024

Personal life and Relationship

Rahama Sadau is the daughter of Alhaji Ibrahim Sadau, she has four siblings with three sisters and a brother namely Zainab Sadau, Fatima Sadau, Aisha Sadau and Haruna Sadau. Rahama Sadau’s boyfriend was rumored to to be Miguel Núñez, An international actor, writer and producer.

Social Media Handles

She’s an active social media person and you can follow her on;

  • Instagram – @rahamasadau
  • Twitter – @Rahma_sadau


Conclusion on Rahama Sadau Biography and Net Worth in 2024

Rahama Sadau biography - via Afrokonnect
Rahama Sadau Biography,

Rahama Sadau grew up in Kaduna, Nigeria, in a family that supported her passion for the arts. She attended the Federal Government Girls’ College in Zaria, where she developed an interest in acting and the performing arts. Her early exposure to drama clubs and extracurricular activities set the stage for her eventual entry into the entertainment industry.

After completing her secondary education, Rahama Sadau pursued a degree in Human Kinetics and Health Education at the University of Abuja. During her university years, she continued to nurture her passion for acting and sought opportunities to showcase her talent in various capacities.

Rahama Sadau made her acting debut in the Kannywood film industry, which produces films in the Hausa language. She quickly gained attention for her acting skills and ability to bring depth to her characters. Her breakthrough came with the film “Gani ga Wane,” where she played the lead role. The success of this film marked the beginning of a prolific career in the world of Hausa-language cinema.

Rahama Sadau, with her talent, resilience, and versatility, has become a trailblazer in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Her journey from Kannywood to Nollywood, coupled with her advocacy and philanthropy, showcases a multifaceted artist who transcends boundaries. Rahama’s ability to navigate challenges, champion social causes, and contribute to the global recognition of Nigerian cinema positions her as a role model for aspiring artists.

In the evolving landscape of African cinema, Rahama Sadau stands as a symbol of cultural pride, artistic excellence, and the transformative power of storytelling. Her story is one of breaking barriers, embracing opportunities, and leaving an indelible mark on the rich tapestry of Nigerian entertainment. As she continues to shape narratives and inspire change, Rahama Sadau’s legacy is undoubtedly one that will endure in the annals of African cinema.

This is the end of our article about Rahama Sadau Biography, Controversies, Movies and Net Worth in 2024, via Afrokonnect. Hopefully, you enjoyed this piece, kindly let us know what you think via the comments section below.



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