Black Sherif Biography, Net worth in 2024 and Music Career

Black Sherif Biography, Real Name, Net worth and Career
Black Sherif - Via Afrokonnect

Everything about Black Sherif Biography, First & Second Sermon, Kwaku the Traveler, Net worth in 2024, Real Name and music Career via Afrokonnect.

You probably heard “Second Sermon” by Black Sherif and you are wondering Who is this Black Sherif guy. Well, now that you’re here, Blacko is one of the hottest music stars from Ghana.

Right now Black Sherif is no doubt one of the biggest export from Ghana. This young Ghanaian musician has evolved from just a viral sensation to one of Ghana’s hottest music stars pushing the African music. In this publication we will take you through his journey to the top, stay tuned.

Black Sherif Biography, Real Name, Net worth and Career in 2024 – Blacko 

First of all, Black Sherif also known as Blacko was born on the 9th of January in 2002. Black Sherif’s real names are Mohammed Ismail Sherif Kweku Frimpong. He born and brought up in Ghana, so it’s safe to say Blacko is a certified Ghana Boy.

Black Sherif is a native of “Konongo”, the same place he received his basic education. Afterwards, he proceeded to secure his higher education in the Ashanti Region, Ghana.

Blacko is also one of the Ghanaian celebrities that attended Kumasi Academy. He started from and completed his secondary education there, graduating in 2019. According to several sources Black Sherif is studying marketing at the University of Professional Studies (UPSA).

Though Black Sherif loves to sing and rap about the streets and Poverty, he wasn’t actually born into those situations, according to him he deliberately choose to make music about the street and poverty to pass his message as intended. No wonder he also chose the street life to give the world a deeper perspective into youth struggle in Africa.

In one of his most recent interviews with Pure Fm, Black Sherif said: “I’m from a very comfortable home. Not super-rich but very comfortable, I have chosen the street life. I’m doing this for myself because my biggest fear is failure”. Literally, Black Sherif’s mantra is war against poverty though he’s not even poor.

Blacko has been in love with music for a very long time, and he has been making music for years. Now that we’ve seen a bit about Black Sherif Biography, in the next section of this article we will look at his career so far.

Black Sherif Music Career, Songs and Net worth in 2024

Following the release of Second Sermon Remix featuring the African Giant “Burna Boy”, safe to say Black Sherif has gone continental. In fact the song became the first song by a Ghanaian to top the Nigerian Apple Music top 100, Burna boy really elevated the song to another level.

However, what some fans might not know is that “Second Sermon” was a follow up of “First Sermon”, First Sermon become the street anthem, it gave Black Sherif so much buzz in Ghana and some other African Countries.

When Second Sermon dropped it catapulted Blacko to nationwide prominence and he became a precious gift to Ghanaians. Before these two songs, Black Sherif was just another underrated young Ghanaian rapper.

He enjoyed his first major breakthrough in the industry when released his single “Money”. The song blew up on social media, it caught the attention of top Ghanaian stars.

Celebrities like Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, M.anifest and many others also reposted him, Uk International recording artist/producer “Jae5” made it clear he would love to work with him. One of Nigerian’s most respected Music Entrepreneur “Larry Gaaga” called him a blessed child.

Black Sherif came into prominence in 2020 with his single titled ‘Money’, he followed up with a remix as an independent artist. In 2020, he released another official single titled ‘First Sermon’ under the Blacko Management Group.

The next year in 2021 he release Second Sermon under the same imprint. In mid to late 2021, Black Sherif released Second Sermon Remix with Burna boy and Everything changed for him, Black Sherif has finally ‘arrived’.

In the exclusive interview with TV3 Network, Black Sherif revealed a lot about his music journey, how he met Burna boy and more. 

Songs Released by BLacko

  • Money – 2020
  • Cry for me – 2020
  • Mariana – 2020
  • Destiny – 2020
  • Ade Akye – 2020
  • Ankonam – 2021
  • First Sermon – 2021
  • Second Sermon – 2021
  • Second Sermon Remix Feat. Burna Boy – 2021
  • Kwaku The Traveller – 2022

Black Sherif Net worth in Ghanaian Cedi, Naira and Dollars in 2024

To be honest this article about Black Sherif career and Biography can’t be complete without including his net worth. So, having a Hit song in Ghana is enough to make you popular.

However, when your song becomes a hit in Nigeria and other African countries then you are up to something. Though Black sherif has been making music for few years now, his biggest years are undoubtedly ahead of him,

Blacko has performed in some of the biggest stages already, he makes most of his money through performance fee, Music royalties and personal investments. Black Sherif also known as Blacko has an estimated net worth of $50,000 in 2024, which equals over 379,850 Ghanaian Cedi and around 20,860,950 Nigerian Naira.


Profile Summary

Black Sherif Biography, Real Name, Net worth and Career
Black Sherif – Via Afrokonnect

Full Name

Mohammed Ismail Sherif

Stage Name

Black Sherif – Blacko


9 January, 2002


Mr Frimpong


Ante Marie


Konongo, Ashanti





Net Worth


Conclusion on Black Sherif Net Worth in 2024 and Biography

The life story of Black Sherif is proof of the value of skill, tenacity, and genuineness in the music business. His unvarnished lyrics, soulful melodies, and gripping storytelling have enthralled audiences since his modest origins in Ghana and his quick ascent to fame.

Black Sherif has gained the respect and adoration of both critics and fans by staying true to himself and his music in the face of obstacles. Black Sherif’s impact will surely last for years to come as he continues to leave his mark on the Ghanaian music scene and beyond, encouraging upcoming musicians to embrace their uniqueness and aim for greatness.

In addition to being a voice for his generation and one of Ghana’s most promising musicians, Black Sherif has made a lasting impression on the music business with his unmistakable delivery of infectious beats and reflections on personal experiences as well as social issues.

This brings us to the end of this article about Black Sherif Biography, First & Second Sermon, Kwaku the Traveler, Net worth in 2024, Real Name and music Career via Afrokonnect. If you enjoyed this article don’t forget to share it on social media with your friends.


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