Best Hotels in Nigeria: Luxury and Affordability [TOP 10]

Best Hotels in Nigeria: Luxury and Affordability [TOP 10] - Overall best Hotel in Nigeria

Top 10 Best Hotels in Nigeria in terms of Luxury, Safety and Affordability in 2023 via Afrokonnect, We will also explore the overall Best hotel in Nigeria with prices per room, 

When you hear the word ‘hotel’, what comes to mind? Probably relaxation, vacation, leisure and entertainment,

Hotels provide so much more than the services listed above.

They are establishments that offer lodging, meals and other services to people.

Basically, a hotel is there to provide, on a commercial basis, services that are available for free at home but unavailable to travelers away from home.

So, if you are a foreigner coming into Nigeria for one reason or the other or even a Nigerian looking for the best hotels in the country, this article was written just for you.

Read on to find out 10 of the best hotels in Nigeria in 2023.

Best Hotels in Nigeria in 2023: 5 & 7 star hotels


Owned by Salim Chidiac, Hotel Presidential is located at number 1, Birabi street, Port Harcourt,

It was built in 1964 and was last renovated in 2015.

Some outstanding features of this hotel are it’s hotel bar, wheel-chair accessible rooms, a salon, restaurants, fitness center, outdoor pool, free wifi, a spa, service elevators and an executive floor for meetings.

Currently, the hotel boasts of 8 floors, over 200 rooms and over 50 suites.

The hotel is open 24 hours all week and has a price range of about N73,000 ($175) to N103,000 ($248) per night.


Located in Victoria Island, Lagos, the federal hotel palace and casino is owned by a South African hotel company named Sun International.

Commercial activities and services offerred by the hotel includes a 24 hour room service, restaurants, outdoor pool, conference rooms, fitness center, currency exchange and many more.

With a current internet rating of 4.4 stars, the hotel is considered to be safe for travelers,

The hotel has prices that range from N65,000 ($156) and beyond per night, depending on the standard of the room.

8. Sheraton Hotels – Best Hotels in Nigeria 

This hotel is owned by Marriott International (an international chain of hotels),

Sheraton Hotels is a luxury hotel located in Maryland, Lagos.

It has 337 rooms and 7 suites with extra features like event venues, a gym and bars.

The hotel was built in 1985 and acquired by Marriott International in 2016,

Sheraton has 5 hotels and 5 different event halls with a capacity of 300 each.

Reviews from customers show that the hotel uses simple but elegant designs to display a refined aura.

7. Swiss International Mabisel Hotel

This hotel is located at Peter Odili Road, Port Harcourt and has over 100 beautifully designed rooms and suites,

The hotel also has excellent customer service, 24 hours room service, free wifi, a peaceful environment, many conference rooms, a pool and various other services.

Currently, price per night start at N33,000 ($79.46) and goes up depending on the standard of room reserved.

The hotel also has large halls with sitting capacities within the range of 60-500 individuals.

6. Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel 

Founded in the 1960s and located on Victoria Island, Lagos,

The Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel is a luxurious hotel with free wifi, a pool, event centers and baby-friendly services such as cots for customers with babies.

A standard room has a flat rate of N66,000 ($158.91) and the price increases with an increase in the standard of the rooms.

5. Bristol Palace Hotel – Best Hotels in Nigeria in 2023

Bristol Palace Hotel is located in Kano just a few kilometers away from the Kidan Makam Museum and the Old Wall viewing platform,

Each room in the hotel is equipped with a flat-screen Tv, a desk, a fridge and a kettle.

Other interesting services offerred includes a continental breakfast served every morning,

And, also reception staffs that speak 3 languages namely Arabic, Spanish and English.

Reviews from customers state that the hotel maintains a high standard of cleanliness and the staff will go above and beyond to satisfy the customers.

4. Intercontinental Lagos Hotel 

Intercontinental Lagos hotel is located in Victoria Island, Lagos, a safe and conducive environment,

This hotel is a popular choice among sightseers because of the variety of faciities provided in the hotel.

They offer room service, luggage storage, free wifi, a restaurant, air conditioning and in some rooms; an executive lounge.

Customer reviews show that the rooms are comfortable to stay in, the food served is very delicious and that the hotel staff are courteous and treat everyone with the utmost respect.

3. Eko Hotel and Suits – Best Hotels in Nigeria  

Built in 1977 and initially called Eko Holiday Inn,

Eko Hotel and Suites is located on Victoria Island, Lagos and is part of the Chagoury Group of Companies.

Currently the hotrl has the largest convention center in Nigeria and has hosted major events in the country.

Besides having the largest convention center, the hotel also has 8 restaurants and bars, a lounge, fitness centers, airport transportation, numerous swimming pools, a serene environment and easy accessibility for disabled customers.

Standard rooms begin at a flat rate of N86,000 ($207) per night and this rate increases with an upgrade in room standard and services.

2. The Wheatbaker Hotel 

Built in 1950 by Amos Stanley Wynter Shackleford, the Wheatbaker Hotel is located in Ikoyi, Lagos state.

It is a luxurious hotel with customer satisfaction as it’s main mission,

Which is it is regarded as one of the best hotels in Nigeria today, 

Because of this, they offer massages, steam room, manicures, pedicures, waxing sevices and lots more.

Besides the body treatment serices that they offer, they also have food, drinks, a spar and event center.

A standard room goes for N125,000 ($300) a night and above for higher standard rooms.

1. Transcorp Hilton – Best Hotel in Nigeria 

The Transcorp Hilton is located in Abuja and is owned by the Transnational Corporation of Nigeria,

It has been given the alias ‘home to the stars’ Because it has hosted so many stars in the past and even presently,

Infact, the Transcorp Hilton hosted the ECOWAS inaugural summit.

The hotel has 670 rooms and suites and offers other ammenities and services including swimming pools, restuarants, bars, meeting halls, casinos etc.

Currently rated 4.7 stars on the internet, the luxurious hotel rents out it’s standard rooms for as low as N95,000 ($228) for a night,

They have several rooms for all kind of travelers and you can visit their website for bookings and more information Here.

Best Hotels in Lagos, Nigeria 2023

Lagos is a major city in Nigeria and is home to a plethora of hotels,

With so many options to choose from, it is important to go for hotels that give the highest level of customer satisfaction.

The list below shows the hotels in Lagos that offer the best quality service and amenities,

Including a safe, clean and serene environment, fitness centre, conference halls, restaurants, bars, outdoor pools, ATM, free wifi and many more.

So, below are some of the best luxury yet affordable hotels in Lagos, Nigeria.


Newly opened in 2021, the hotel is located near Mega Plaza Century 21 Mall in Lagos and has 35 rooms you can choose from,

Nordic is regarded by many as one of the best hotel in Nigeria.


Opened in 2019, this luxurious hotel boasts of 20 rooms and is located few kilometers away from the Red Door Gallery in Lagos.


This hotel has 12 rooms and is also located close to the Red Door Gallery,

It was opened and fully commissioned in March, 2020 and they are still in full operations.


This charmingly elegant hotel was opened in 2018 and boasts of 54 rooms all equipped with luxurious amenities to various capacities.

The hotel is located in Ikeja, Lagos state and it is easily located. 


Located near the National Stadium in Lagos,

The Greenpoint Hotel has 82 rooms and a shared lounge.


MITOS Luxury suites is also located near the National Stadium,

This hotel has 10 standard rooms and some of these rooms have a seating area,

The hotel was opened in 2019 and still in full operations.


Just recently opened in September 2021,

The hotel currently has only 8 rooms and is located close to the National Art Theatre.


This hotel has just 41 rooms and is also located near the National Stadium, 

Which makes it very easy to locate among the Best hotel in Nigeria. 


This hotel has 158 rooms, an outdoor pool and a restaurant.

As the name implies, it is located in Ikoyi, Lagos, One of the the safest places in Lagos. 

Best Hotels by the Beach in Lagos, Nigeria 2023

If you are a beach person, you’d probably prefer accomodation and lodgings near the sea,

Maybe for the exquisite view or simply for the sense of calmness being near the sea brings.

The list below shows some of the best hotels by the beach in Lagos;


Located in Lekki phase 1 and has 22 rooms of varying standards.


Located near Beach Front, Delightful Property,

This hotel is one of the best hotel in Nigeria with 65 rooms and staff that speak Arabic and English.


This hotel is located close to the National Museum and has 18 rooms.


Bon Voyage hotel has 85 rooms and each room has satellite channels controls and other amenities.


Best Hotels Abuja, Nigeria 2023

Here is a list of the best hotels in Abuja curated from extensive research and customer reviews;

  • APARTMENT 1010

Best Hotel Booking Sites in 2023

Best Hotels in Nigeria: Luxury and Affordability [TOP 10] - Overall best Hotel in Nigeria

It is important to be strategic about hotel booking sites especially if you are searching for affordable hotel deals,

Hotel booking sites help save you the stress of locating and lodging in a suitable hotel on your arrival into that particular country, state or city.

These would have previously been done on the site and on your arrival, you can just go straight to your reserved hotel and avoid the onerous task of looking.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best hotel booking sites;


Best Hotels in Nigeria in 2023


The video below is about best Luxury 5 Star Hotels in Nigeria;

In conclusion, whether you clicked on this article to know the best hotels in Nigeria or specifically in Lagos or Abuja,

Or you clicked simply to check out the best hotel booking sites,

We hope this article was helpful enough to satisfy your curiosity.


This brings us to the end of this article about the top 10 Best Hotels in Nigeria in terms of Luxury, Safety and Affordability in 2023 via Afrokonnect.


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