Top 10 Best Aviation Schools in Ghana and Fees 2024

This post is about the top 10 Best Aviation Schools In Ghana in 2024, via Afrokonnect. In this article you will discover the latest list of the best aviation schools in Ghana.

If you’re on a research about the best aviation schools in Africa currently, then you most likely have South Africa, Ghana or Nigeria in your mind.

South Africa and Ghana have some of the best learning institutions in Africa, especially in aviation industry, many people from Europe, other African countries and all over the world tend to apply for study in these institutions.

It is worthy of notice that Ghana has more than 10 fully equipped and active aviation schools. We have done a research and compiled a list of the top 10 best aviation schools in Ghana you can choose from.

But first, what is Aviation school really about and why do people spend so much money for it?

So Aviation schools are also known as flying or pilot schools.

You go to Aviation school to learn how to fly a plane and acquire certifications or license. One of the core objectives of an aviation school is to train and discipline aspiring pilots on how to fly different types of aircraft in the aviation industry.

So now that you know what an aviation school means and what is all about, let’s check out the best aviation school in Ghana.

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Top 10 Aviation Schools In Ghana in 2024

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10. Ambassador Institute of Aviation

This institution of aviation is located in Dzoewulu, Accra, Ghana. It is one of the pilot schools in Ghana trusted by many Africans,

You will find Nigerians, South Africans, Kenyans and a lot of other Africans in this school.

Ambassador Institute of Aviation is licensed to operate and issue license to qualified students,

Students who enroll will go through series of aviation courses and trainings before getting their certification.

Just like other pilot schools in Ghana, Ambassador Institute of Aviation has its own requirements and core values. Discipline, Hard work and Dedication is a top priority in Ambassador Institute of Aviation.

Ambassador Institute of Aviation gives students the opportunity to study variety of courses. Some of the courses offered at the Ambassador Institute of Aviation includes;

  • Airport Cargo Handling
  • Passenger Handling
  • Airline Marketing
  • Travel & Tourism (Foundation Ticketing)
  • IATA Passenger Ground Handling
  • Airline Customer Service
  • Airport Management Operation
Contact Details:
  • Telephone No(s): (080)2444968429, (080)503920629.

9. Starwest Flight Academy – Best Aviation Schools In Ghana

Google map is accurate, Starwest Flight Academy is located at No.7 Sunkwa Road Osu, Greater Accra, Ghana. This flight academy has a very good track record and it has been in the aviation industry for a while now. Most of their instructors are highly educated, experienced and well drilled.

Starwest Flight Academy has some of the most modern facilities compared to other flying schools,

Which is why Starwest is rated by many as one of the best aviation and flying schools in Ghana.

In 2021 Starwest Flight Academy was one of the most recommended air flight schools in Africa,

This comes as no surprise as the school operates with up to date learning facilities and training materials to engage their students adequately.

Starwest flying school has one mission in the aviation industry, which is to walk students through the entire process of becoming a pilot by giving them the perfect flight training.

Contact Details:

8. Aero Vector

This school is arguably the best flying school in Ghana. It has been established for years as a unit with the public works department,

Since then, the school has been working on training competent and reliable pilots.

Currently, the aero vector flying school is one of the certified aviation institutions in Ghana, it is also regarded as one of the well-known pilot schools in Ghana.

Aero Vector is located at No2 Adom Avenue, West Legon,  Accra Ghana, you can apply for any of the 3 major types of trainings they offer. At the moment Ghana Civil Aviation Authority offers;

  • Airmen Training
  • Ghana Civil Aviation Training
  • Academy (i.e. Ghana Civil Aviation Training Academy).
Contact Details:

Best Aviation Schools In Ghana in 2024

7. International School of Aviation

Yearly several pilot and aviation schools in Ghana are constantly improving their qualities,

So as to suit the needs of their aspiring pilots and international students in general, which is exactly what International School of Aviation in Ghana strives to achieve over the years.

International School of Aviation was founded on the October 19, 1998 in Tema, Ghana. The school went on to expand and grow even bigger, currently it boosts of 3 standard and highly equipped campuses,

Interestingly, two of their campuses are located in Tema while the other one is located in Kumasi, Ghana. The first campus is located Behind VRA Quarters, Box CE 12381 Tema, Ghana,

Second campus is situated at House No. PR/2, GE 6, Opposite CMB Quarters Kassadjan Flats Area Com.2, Tema, Ghana,

While the third campus can be located at Abibiman premises, kwadoso, Box KS 12145, Adun-kumasi, Ghana. This makes the school one of the few flying schools with tales around Ghana.

They offer different courses for both local and international students depending on your interest. Some of the courses you can enroll in the International School of Aviation includes:

  • Shipping Management
  • Hotel Management
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Cargo Handling
  • Travel Management

You can choose from any of the course listed above or contact their support for precise details.

Contact Details:

Telephone No(s): (080)30216834, (080)277524849, (080)322091563.

6. Mish Aviation Flying School

Mish Aviation school is probably the most recommended place to learn how to fly an aircraft in Ghana,

Of course hard work and concentration is the key to success and greatness in the aviation industry,

However, the role of instructors, quality of education and information transmitted to students cannot be overemphasized.

Mish Aviation Flying School is one of the notable and most recognized affordable aviation schools in Ghana. Aspiring pilots can learn so much about flights in this institution,

When the Mish Aviation Flying School was founded in 2006 their sole focus was to undertake the business of Air transport. As well as engaging in personnel flight Training and Aviation consultancy services,

It has went on to achieve even more by creating job opportunities to Ghanaians and also contributing to the country’s economy.

You can easily locate the Mish Aviation school at House E12 knights close comm 22, Tema, Ghana,

Mish Aviation Flying School has a core mission they adhere to in all their dealings,

One of their core mission is to maintain the highest standards of professionalism in all aspects of training including safety, academic content, flight operations and administration,

While their vision is to become a leading aviation training, air transportation & management company,

They are a company that delivers a wide range of world-class services, targeting not only the West Africa sub regional market but the world in general.

Contact Details:
  • Telephone No: (080)302916350
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Website:

Best Aviation Schools In Ghana in 2024

5. Pegasus Aviation Academy

If you will like to become a pilot or work in local airlines the most reliable, legal and trusted way to achieve this is to enroll in an aviation school,

Which is exactly what Pegasus Aviation Academy brings to the table. The school is located at CA 15 Commercial Area, Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana,

There is a reason why Pegasus Aviation Academy is one of the most recommended aviation schools in Ghana,

It is because this school literally teaches and guides students through the practical and physical aspect of training,

You will go through an impressive learning curve according to world standard of aviation.

No wonder one of the missions of Pegasus Aviation Academy is to teach the science and practice of aviation,

That way it prepares students for productive careers and leadership roles in service around the world.

Some of the courses and licenses achievable in Pegasus Aviation Academy includes but not limited to:

  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Private Pilot License
  • Flight Instructor
  • Ground Trainings
Contact Details:
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Telephone No: (080)200816770
  • Website:

4. Institute of Aviation and Professional Studies

This institution has one vision, which is to become Africa’s source for innovation and excellence in aerospace education. Their aim is to use applied research and  contribute to the aviation industry generally.

Institute of Aviation and Professional Studies can be located precisely at Fijai Obiri junction, Takoradi, P.O Box AX 1354 Takoradi, Ghana,

Arguably, it is one of the most popular best aviation schools in Ghana, largely because they offer a variety of courses to different clients from all over the world. Some of the program you can enroll in the Institute of Aviation includes but not limited to;

  • Maritime/logistics Management
  • Aviation Management
  • Human resources Management
  • Travel and Tourism Management
  • Health & Safety Management.
Contact Detials:


Best Aviation Schools In Ghana in 2024

3. Global Institute of Aviation

This flying school is located at Faanofa Road, Adabraka adjacent Iran Clinic, Accra, Ghana. At the moment Global Institute of Aviation is among the most sought after aviation schools in Ghana,

The institution was founded in 2000, with over a decade of experience in aviation this school is the perfect flying school for any aspiring pilot.

So far they have been operating with a sole mission of promoting higher education, as well as equipping their students with necessary skills to make an effective contribution to society and the economy at large.

Global Institute of Aviation has a vision of creating an institution that is not constrained by present possibilities,

Obviously, we can say they are on the right path based on their rating and track records. Global Institute of Aviation is a distinct institution offering several course.

Contact Details:

2. Crystal Galaxy College

Top 10 Best Aviation Schools In Ghana 2022

Crystal Galaxy College is the second best aviation school in Ghana base on ranking. The school is located at Third Floor Galaxy House Odurkor Bus Junction, adjacent Anointed Engineering Odurkor traffic light, Accra, Ghana.

This is another flying school in Ghana known for their reliability and core values, some of their core operating values includes;

Acceptability: that they will be responsible to their stakeholders,

Standardization: that all efforts will be aimed at meeting standards locally and internationally,

Lastly, Satisfaction: that students will have a bouquet of academically stimulating exercises that will meet their needs in its entirety.

Currently, Crystal Galaxy College is one of the most popular aviation schools in Ghana, they are not just popular but also very suitable for student’s flight education.

They have a mission to train men and women who have the greatest desire and passion to impact knowledge,

Specifically into the aviation, maritime, hospitality, business and media industries in Africa and the entire world,

A variety of programs are offered in the Crystal Galaxy College under the aviation department which makes them very distinct.

Contact Details:

1. Ghana Civil Aviation Training Academy (GATA) – Best Aviation Schools In Ghana in 2024

This school is regarded by different sources as one of the best aviation school in Ghana. It provides competent training for both academic and professional staff.

GCAA was founded in 2008 by Ghana Civil Aviation Authority and since then the school has produced competent graduates consistently,

Ghana Civil Aviation Training Academy “GCAA” is located at Private mail bus Kotoka International Airport, Accra, Ghana.

It is a reliable institution, certified and licence to operate according to all Aviation regulations. The institution was created to be a center of knowledge acquisition,

At the moment, Ghana Civil Aviation Training Academy is one of the leading aviation schools in Ghana.

The institution is known for their core value which includes Customer focus, People Centered, Challenge new possibilities and Collaboration,

While their primary Vision remains is be recognized as a world-class aviation Training organization.

Contact Details:

List of top 10 Best Aviation schools in Ghana in 2024

  1. Ghana Civil Aviation Training Academy (GATA)
  2. Crystal Galaxy College
  3. Global Institute of Aviation
  4. Institute of Avation and Professional Studies
  5. Pegasus Aviation Academy
  6. Mish Aviation Flying School
  7. International School of Aviation
  8. Ghana Civil Aviation Authority
  9. Starwest Flight Academy
  10. Ambassador Institue of Aviation

Conclusion on Best Aviation Training schools in Ghana 

In the video below Engineers perfective covered everything you need to know about Top aviation schools in Ghana;

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Though there are other amazing and highly recommended aviation Schools in Africa, Europe and all across the world,

Pilot schools in Ghana are quite affordable  compared to others, also, they have knowledgeable instructors with efficient and adequate facilities to train their students.

Aviation requirements hard work and concentration, you will need to be on your “A” game if you want to succeed.

This brings us to the end of this article about the top 10 Best Aviation Schools In Ghana 2024 via Afrokonnect.



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