Abeg App Review: How Pocket by Piggyvest Work

Abeg App Review: How Does Pocket by Piggyvest Work?

Welcome to this post about Abeg App Review, where you will learn exactly How Does Pocket by Piggyvest Work via Afrokonnect. A previously known software that is currently developed by Piggyvest and given the name Pocket is almost identical to the popular Cash app.

The millennial population of Nigeria and Africa as a whole is the primary focus of the P2P (peer-to-peer) payment software called Pocket by Piggyvest. It’s a social payment software that’s not only entertaining and participatory, but also makes it simple to transfer and receive money in Nigeria and other African countries.

In addition to that, it is the primary sponsor of Big Brother season 6 (2021), which is a popular reality TV program with approximate price tag of $2 million, they have Patricia as a co-headline sponsor (A site for selling & buying bitcoin and other cryptos in Nigeria).

Abeg App review: What does Abeg imply in Nigeria?

Abeg is a slang in Nigeria, the phrase literally means “please” in West African countries. However, it is most often used in Nigeria as a term to beg for something. Take this example: “Bros, if you’re going to send me anything, make it big abeg”.

What exactly is the function of the Abeg app? How does Abeg App work?

There are a variety of different financial technology applications that can be used to send and receive money, the fintech business in Africa and Nigeria is seeing explosive growth. However, most of them are the same or similar, they also have a great deal of problems with the user experience.

The Abeg app is not like the others. It’s a straightforward program that does it’s  job well, is entertaining, and easy to use. Process of sending and receiving money is given a social spin as a result, this, by far, is Abeg’s most compelling argument.

Through the use of Abeg, you are able to transfer money to and request money from the contacts on your phone. They are required to also be active users of the app before that is possible though, with it’s request for money function, you are able to solicit financial assistance from relatives, close friends, and even complete strangers without even requiring a loan app, provided that you have their unique identifiers, or “tags.”

Who is the owner of Abeg App? Who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Abeg App?

Muheez Akanni, Michael Okoh, and Dare Adekoya are the founders of Abeg App, they started the company in September of 2020. Because of the app’s strikingly similarity to Cash App and the extraordinary social approach it takes to both receiving and making payments, the introduction of the app quickly went viral on social media.

According to the founders someone asked for a Nigerian rival to the Cash app on social media, which is where the concept for the Abeg app is said to have originated. Dare Adekoya is the Chief Executive Officer of the Abeg app.

What does the Pocket by Piggyvest have to offer for Individuals and Small Businesses?

Giveaways were one of the primary inspirations for the development of abeg. People have a positive reaction when they get money as a present. You’ll come across a lot of posts on social media from people in Nigeria that say something along the lines of “Boss come do giveaway.” Some users are able to attest to the fact that giveaways are another technique to gain popularity on social media platforms.

Abeg App review (Best app for your money) – Nigerian Cash App

Abeg Tags: Make money on Abeg app

This review of Abeg won’t be complete until we discuss the Abeg tags, so let’s get to it. You are able to make a financial request to any other Abeg users that are in your contact list by using tags.

Simply enter their Abeg tag into the appropriate field, and they will be notified of your request to send them money.

Your financial information is not required for this. However, in order to connect your phone number to your BVN, the BVN you registered with must already exist. When you transfer money to other users on Abeg, you will also obtain badges in return.

You may earn a number of badges, some of which include “You’re a Darling,” “Money Spender,” and “Anon.” Other badges include “fundssss,” “Thanks,” “Lifesaver,” and “Thanks.” In addition, Abeg intends to open a merch shop in which users will be able to purchase Abeg gear and potentially even give it as gifts. Donations to a variety of causes (fundraising) and gratuities for professionals may also be made by users of this app.


There have also been discussions about the possibility of users being able to save and spend in groups. It would work like this: you and your friends would create a group inside the app, then be able to divide the costs of purchasing items as a group.

In addition to the capability of saving in groups as well (Ajo). Additionally, Abeg is working on plans for loans, with the goal of providing customers with access to loans as well.

Abeg App review

Abeg App Review: How Does Pocket by Piggyvest Work?


Both the Android Playstore and the Apple Appstore provide users with the ability to download the Abeg app. Using the Abeg app, which is now known as Pocket by Piggyvest, you can immediately begin spreading joy to others by giving away cash prizes.

Before you leave, you can check out our review of popular payment gateway, Paystack. Thank you for reading through this article about Abeg App Review, where we explored How Pocket by Piggyvest Work via Afrokonnect.


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