Why Online Casinos Are Becoming More Popular

Welcome to this publication about Why Online Casinos Are Becoming More Popular, via Afrokonnect. Online casinos have been around for almost three decades.

From the fringes of the internet, online gambling has grown into a thriving industry that generates billions of dollars and creates tons of jobs each year. Online gambling has been growing in popularity for the last two decades, reaching new heights year after year. If you wonder why, read on.

Why Online Casinos Are Becoming More Popular

Better Access to the Internet

Back in the mid-1990s, there were around 40 million internet users. Today, there are more than 5 billion. In other words, more than half of the world’s population is connected, this means a much larger potential customer base for online casinos.

This growth is especially notable in African countries. In Nigeria, the number of internet subscribers has grown from 90 million in 2015 to more than 150 million in May 2022. In South Africa, the growth was even faster – internet traffic in the country has grown by more than 440000% in the last decade. Today, South Africa is one of the online gambling powerhouses, with an ever-growing number of casinos listed at playcasino.co.za offering services to locals.

More gaming devices

Online casinos made the transition to smartphones shortly after the release of the first iPhone. And their bet paid off: today, the vast majority of internet users connect to the web on the go. This means billions of gaming devices that bring online casino games within reach for a never-before-seen number of players.

Growing game variety

Back in the day, there were a few dozen online casino games, mostly offered by just a handful of developers. Today, in turn, there are dozens of developers launching tens of new games every month. The game variety of online casinos has grown from a few hundred a decade ago to thousands today. With more games to play, the popularity of online casinos continues to grow.

Growing competition

The casinos’ game variety was not the only thing to grow in the last decade – the number of online casinos has exploded, too. And, thanks to the strong regulations imposed by the authorities, a much larger number of these casinos are safe, secure, and user-friendly. Plus, competition means better specials and promotions, more consistent bonuses, and other benefits for the players. And this makes online casinos increasingly popular.

More focus on responsible gaming

With better regulations, casinos are becoming safer and more secure – and they focus more on responsible gaming. This means that players can dig into their favourite games with peace of mind – the casinos will go to great lengths to prevent gambling to become a problem for them. This peace of mind makes online casinos more popular among players.


Why Online Casinos Are Becoming More Popular

Why Online Casinos Are Becoming More Popular

Final words

Why did online casinos grow this much in popularity recently? The reasons are multiple, from a much larger potential player pool to better access, safer gaming, more attractive promotions, and peace of mind provided by better regulations and more comprehensive measures. Not to mention the larger game variety that attracts more and more fun-loving players to the growing number of gaming outlets.


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