Top 10 Tips For A Successful Virtual Job Interview

Virtual Job Interview Tips and prep

Welcome to this article about Top 10 Tips For A Successful Virtual Job Interview via Afrokonnect. No matter how they are conducted, job interviews are always a source of anxiety, but virtual ones are especially so.

Interviewers are looking for a way to get to know you while dealing with cameras, background noise, and possible internet issues. While it’s impossible to put your best foot forward when you’re hundreds (or thousands) of miles away, you can ensure your best performance by prepping ahead of time and following these virtual job interview tips.

Tips For A Successful Virtual Job Interview Preparation

Prepare for your virtual job interview by following these 10 tips and ensure that you are ready to go when it begins.

1. Ensure A Steady Internet Connection

Does anyone hear the sound of a tree falling in the forest? Is it still brilliant if a new scientific discovery is shared over a bad connection? If you have a bad connection, you run the risk of having muddy audio on your call, which can be a deal breaker.

When your interviewers can’t hear you or your video freezes, no matter how much preparation you put into the call, you’re out of the running. If you’re curious about how fast your internet is, you can use tools like Speedtest to find out. In addition, it’s a good idea to close out any other programmes that may be slowing down your computer or hogging data prior to your interview start time.

2. Obtain The Necessary Hardware

Do your video calls on a laptop with a webcam whenever you can! For both parties, it’s a better experience; Joining a video call for a virtual job interview via mobile phone can appear unprofessional if done incorrectly.

But if not possible then try to get a phone stand if you need to take the call on your phone. Wearing headphones during a video call is always a good idea, especially if you’re doing an interview.

You’ll be able to hear more clearly, avoid echos, and avoid unexpected background noise. The earbuds with a microphone that come with the majority of mobile phones work just as well as more expensive models of headsets. 

Pro-tip: It’s a good idea to take notes during an interview call. You can even discuss this before the interview commences. Although note taking can seem distracting, in that case, it’s better to have your attention free from such detail. This is where using a call recording software comes in handy. Utilizing a call recorder app like Call Recorder for iPhone will be more comfortable because you can re-listen to your interview and either make notes of the meeting or make notes of what not to do in the future.

3. Become Proficient With Your Tools

With remote virtual job interviews, you don’t have to share a physical space with your potential new employer and instead communicate via technology. Get familiar with any technology that will be used in your interview. As a result, your human connection will shine through while the technology remains in the background.

Look into whether the video call service you’ll be using for the interview requires you to create an account or download new software. There is nothing worse than missing a conference call because you didn’t download the necessary plugin. It’s critical that you’re familiar with both your computer’s audio inputs and outputs and the video call service’s audio settings.

4. Stage The Setting

Using the software your interviewers will be using, make a practise call:

  • As you sit in front of the camera, make a decision about your posture.
  • The background of your photo should be free of anything that could distract from your interview.
  • With two or more screens, make sure that you can see the camera on the screen ahead of you at all times. In this case, your interviewers will see the side of your face and you will appear disengaged and unprepared.

Virtual Job Interview Tips

5. Check The Lighting

Make sure your light source is directly in front of you when you’re on a video call. To avoid a strange interview experience, avoid having your face backlit while talking about your amazing view out the window.

Because you’re unlikely to have ring lights and other glitzy lighting equipment on hand, face a window instead. You can use a table lamp instead of a window if you don’t have one, and then test the video call to see what you see.

6. Consider Going To A Quiet Location

A coffee shop interview is not an appropriate location for a job interview, especially a virtual job interview. Distracting background noise and the potential for interruptions must be eliminated.


Virtual Job Interview Tips and prep

7. Disable All Notification Sounds

As a pre-interview checklist item, turn off your cell phone and make sure it’s on silent before your video interview begins! As a final precaution, make sure to turn off notifications from any other online services that might interrupt you during your interview.

Close any social media sites that send you notifications, sign out of messaging services, turn on do-not-disturb in any tool you can’t close, and close any browser windows or tabs that might surprise you with an auto-play video are all good ideas.

8. Adjust What You Can See

In video calls, you can see yourself and the person or group of people you’re speaking with on the same screen at all times. Try out different arrangements of these windows to find the one that works best for your call.

9. Make A Test Run – Virtual Job Interview prep

You don’t want the technology that allows you to work remotely to trip you up on the day of your interview! Practice so that you and your interviewer don’t notice the technology.

You don’t have to have a professional relationship to practise with someone. Reconnect with a friend or family member who you haven’t spoken to in a long time and ask them to join you for practice.

You can also test out the Call Recorder app in this scenario of a test run. For those who aren’t familiar with video calls, you’ll get a chance to see each other’s reactions on camera in real time.

10. Prepare For Contingencies

It doesn’t matter how much you plan, a video tool can malfunction, causing your call to disappear into the digital ether. On the day of your interview, run a test run to make sure your technology is still working, and be prepared to send an alternate suggestion, Such as a traditional phone call, to the interviewers in case your technology fails.

After A Virtual Job Interview, What should I Do?

As with an in-person interview, sending your interviewer a quick email to express gratitude for their time and leave a positive impression is always a nice touch. Reiterate your enthusiasm for this team and the opportunity at this time.

You need to show your enthusiasm for the company and the value you can bring to their business when interviewing for a remote position, just like when you are interviewing for a co-located position. You’ll be able to focus on your interview if you’ve prepared thoroughly so that you’re confident and comfortable with the technology that will be powering your call.


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