MTN Data Plans Bundles in Nigeria | Codes & Subscription Prices in 2024

MTN Data Plans Nigeria, Codes & Subscription Prices 2021 - Afrokonnect

MTN Data Plans Bundles in Nigeria, find out Codes & Subscription Prices in 2024 via Afrokonnect.

You will agree with me that MTN is arguably one of the most reliable network in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa, this did not just happen overnight, it is as a result of consistency, Top notch delivery and customer service,

Today MTN is regarded as one the largest telecommunication network in Africa with one of the best quality internet service, what even makes it interesting is the affordable data plans they continue to offer to their customers.

MTN Data Plans Code

MTN has data plans for everyone, whether you need data for just a day or as long as you want, they have a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly data plans just like other networks in Nigeria.

Now in this post we’re going to show you all the available MTN data plans then you can choose your most preferred option, but first of all before you choose any plan, you need to determine what you want to use the data for,

Because what you will do with the data will determine how many Kilobytes, Megabytes or Gigabytes you’ll need, another thing to consider again is how long you want to use the data and how much you are willing to spend,

If you’re planning to just surf the internet for few minutes or to quickly reply some messages then you can opt in for the MTN Pay as You Go browsing for 5 kobo per kilobyte, this offer is not kobo wise if you want to browse for a long time.

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MTN data plans codes in Nigeria (2024)

This article contains the list of the latest MTN data plans in Nigeria in 2024 and how to subscribe to any of them, MTN offers 4G LTE connectivity in selected areas so you can enjoy super fast internet if you have a 4G enabled phone, so now let’s go straight to the Prices and subscription codes.

MTN Daily Data Plan Bundles 

This is the lowest and cheapest MTN data plan and you can have;

  • 40MB Valid for 24hours – N50
    Subscription Code – Text 114 to 131
  • 100MB Valid for 24hours – N100
    Subscription Code – Text 104 to 131
  • 1GB Valid for 24hours – N300 Subscription Code – Text 155 to 131

The above MTN Data bundles plan is suitable if you want to test the internet network strength in your area before buying a more expensive long lasting plan or if you need to browse immediately and don’t have much money.

MTN 2-Days Plans

Now let’s quickly look at the MTN 2-DAY Plans and how to subscribe;

  • 2GB Valid for 2days – N500
    Subscription Codes – text 154 to 131
  • 2.5GB Valid for 2days – N500
    To get this plan just download the myMTN app and sign in.
  • MTN also offers another data plan worth 200 Naira for 200MB,

It is valid for 3 days from the time of purchase, to subscribe for this MTN Data bundles simply load 200 Naira MTN airtime and text 113 to 131.

MTN Weekly data plans bundles

This is arguably the most used plans because it’s relatively affordable with great value,

  • 350MB + 350MB Bonus Valid for 7 Days – N300
    Text 102 to 131 to subscribe

This plan is useful if you are a light data user and need it to last longer than a day.

  • 1GB + 1GB Bonus Valid for 7days N500
    To subscribe text 142 to 131
  • 6GB valid for days – N1,500
    To subscribe Text 143 to 131
  • 750MB + 750MB Bonus Valid for 14days – N500
    To subscribe Text 103 to 131
  • 2GB + 2GB YouTube night Bonus Valid for 7 Days N1,000 
    Dial *131*105# to subscribe.

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MTN Monthly Data Plans

  • 1.5GB Valid for 30 Days – N1,000

This MTN Data bundles is probably the most popular; it offers 1.5GB of data which is suitable for most average internet users, you can subscribe to the MTN 1000 Naira data plan by texting 106 to 131.

  • 2GB + Free 4GB YouTube Night Streaming Valid for 30 Days – N1,200

To some customers this plan is better than the 1,000 Naira MTN data bundle because for just 200 Naira extra, you get 500MB extra data, also you get 4GB to stream whatever you want in YouTube, to subscribe text 130 to 131

  • 3GB + Free 4GB YouTube Night Streaming Valid for 30 Days – N1,500

Text 131 to 131 to subscribe

  • 4.5GB + Free 4GB YouTube Night Streaming Valid for 30 Days – N2,000

Text 110 to 131 to purchase

  • 6GB + Free 4GB YouTube Night Streaming Valid for 30 days – N2,500

To subscribe text 147 to 131

  • 10GB + (4GB for YT streaming) Valid for 30 days – N3,000

This is a special offer, to get this just download the MyMTN app and sign up.

  • 12GB + (4GB for YT) Valid for 30 Days – N3,500

To subscribe for the MTN plan, text 107 to 131.

MTN Data Bundles in Nigeria

  • 20GB + (4GB for YT) Valid for 30 Days – N5,000

To subscribe for the 15GB MTN data plan, text 116 to 131,

This plan is effective for browsing on personal computers and tablets.

  • 25GB Valid for 30 Days – N6,000

To get this plan you must download and sign up on the MyMTN mobile app

  • 40GB Valid for 30 Days – N10,000

This plan is suitable for multiple users like family and friends or co-workers

To subscribe text 117 to 131.

  • 75GB Valid for 30 Days – N15,000

Text 150 to 131 to subscribe

  • 120GB Valid for 30 days – N20,000

To subscribe for this data plan, text 149 to 131.

  • 200GB Valid for 30 days – N30,000

This plan is available for only users that have the MyMTN application installed.

2 months MTN Data Plans in Nigeria

  • 30GB Valid for 60 DaysN8,000
    Text 119 to 131 to active the plan
  • 100GB Valid for 60 DaysN20,000
    Text 118 to 131 to active this plan
  • 160GB Valid for 60 DaysN30,000
    To subscribe this plan simply text 138 to 131

3 months Data Plans

  • 400GB Valid for 90 Days – N50,000
    To subscribe for the 150GB MTN data bundle, text 133 to 131.
  • 600GB Valid for 90 DaysN75,000
    To purchase this plan text 134 to 131.

MTN yearly Data Plans

  • 800GB Valid for 6 Months – N90,000

This plan works best for people that want a plan long enough but not a yearly plan, Text 115 to 131 to purchase this plan.

  • 1TB Valid for 365 daysN100,000 Text 136 to 131 to purchase
  • 2.5TB Valid for 365 daysN250,000

Download the MyMTN app to purchase this plan

  • 4.5TB Valid for 365 daysN450,000

To purchase this plan text 137 to 131

To get information about the different data plans you can also dial *131*1# and follow the instructions. Not sure of how much the data you need? You can use the Free Data Calculator on their website to get an estimate of how much data bundle you might use in a month.

Best MTN Data Plans for Android & iPhone in 2024

MTN Data Plans Nigeria, Codes & Subscription Prices 2021 - Afrokonnect

Before now MTN offers different data packages for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and other devices and subscription for blackberry won’t support an android or iPhone. More so, Currently all MTN data plans have been merged into one group, therefore any data plan will work for any device except older blackberry handsets, Use any of the data codes above for your iPhone, Android or other smartphones and it will work perfectly fine. Here are >> Cheapest Data Plans For Android, iOS and PC Users.

How to Activate Internet Browsing on MTN

To browse with MTN, you need a phone with internet connectivity, a modem or router to use with a personal computer or tablet. You can also connect your MTN data to your computer by setting up and connecting to your phone’s USB or Wi-Fi hotspot.

These days, once you put your SIM card in your phone, you automatically get internet settings to enable you browse but in case you don’t get it automatically, here is how you can get it:

Send a text containing SETTINGS to 3888 to get the automatic configuration file, requesting for settings is free of charge, save the settings immediately you get it and you’re good to go. To get it manually use these configuration below;

Account name: MTN GPRS

Access point name (APN):

IP Address:

Port: 8080 (for HTML) or 9201 (for WAP)

Username: web

Password: web

Use Port: 8080 except your phone supports only WAP, all Android smartphones should use 8080.

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What are the New MTN USSD Codes to Recharge, Check Data and Airtime?

The following is a list of the new MTN USSD codes and how they should be used:

  • This is the new MTN USSD code to purchase data bundles, and it is *312#.
  • Recharging your airtime on MTN using the new USSD code of *311# is as simple as that.
  • This is the new MTN USSD code to borrow airtime and data, The code is *303#.
  • *323# is the new MTN USSD code that allows you to check your available data on the MTN network.
  • *310# is the new MTN USSD code that allows users to check their account balance (also known as their airtime balance).
  • The *321# is the new MTN USSD code that allows users to share their info with their friends and relatives.
  • Simply dial *305# to get MTN’s newest value-added service.
  • *996# is the new code that you will need to enter in order to connect your NIN to your MTN number, check your NIN number, alter your SIM information, and do a variety of other things.

How To Activate South Africa MTN Free Browsing Cheat 2024

  • Get a south Africa MTN sim card, make sure you don’t have data on the sim card.
  • Now, download EC Tunnel VPN from play store. Click Here To Download.
  • Install and launch the VPN application.
  • In Server, select SA|MTN 200MB Server
  • In Tweaks, select SA|MTN 200MB/Day.
  • Finally, tap on the green circle to Connect and wait for 10 seconds for it to connect.

How can I activate 1GB on MTN 200?

Steps to Activate and get the Mtn 1GB for 200 Naira

  1. You need to have a minimum of ₦200 airtime on the MTN Simcard to be used for the data subscription.
  2. You dial the code *131*65#, Select 2 as an option in the dialogue box that appears.

How to cancel MTN auto-renewal?

You can cancel auto-renewal on any MTN data plan anytime by sending “opt-out” to 131.

How to check MTN Data Plan balance?

To check your MTN data bundle balance, text 2 to 131, dial *131*4# for main data balance or *559*63# for data bonus balance.

Can you buy 2 or more MTN Data bundles at the same time?

Yes, you can, each one will have a unique expiry date and your data balance will be the sum of both plans, the one with the nearest expiry date will be used up first.

How to Borrow Data on MTN?

Dial *606# and follow the on screen instructions to borrow data, terms and conditions apply.

Can you rollover your unused data bundle?

Yes, you can roll over all unused data bundles so far you buy another bundle before the current one expires, unused bonus data, however, cannot be rolled over.

How to opt-in for Pay As You Go browsing?

To opt-in for PAYG browsing, dial *131*200# or send RESET to 131, you will be charged at 3 Naira per MB. To opt out of MTN PAYG, dial *131*201# or send SUSPEND to 131. This brings us to the end of this article about MTN Data Plans in Nigeria, the Codes & Subscription Prices in 2024 via Afrokonnect.


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