Msaki Biography, Relationships, Career & Net Worth in 2024

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Asanda Lusaseni Mvana, better known by her stage name Msaki, is a musician from South Africa who composes, sings, performs, and writes songs professionally. On December 31st, 1988, Msaki was brought into this world, Msaki spent her entire life in East London, which is located in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

She is currently in her mid thirties and this article contains information about Msaki’s biography, including her specific age, songs, relationships, net worth and social media profiles.

Msaki Biography, Relationships, Career & Net Worth in 2024

Early Life and Background Information

Asanda Lusaseni Mvana, better known by his stage name Msaki, was born in the year 1988 in East London, which is located in the Eastern Cape. As a child, she was surrounded by musicians, hence, her undeniable love for music.

Additionally, her grandfather was a music composer and her father was a DJ, which had a huge influence on her career. Msaki participated in a variety of musical activities throughout her childhood while she was growing up.

She found her love for music and decided the nurture the talent, Msaki currently focuses on composing, singing, performing, and writing songs professionally.

Msaki Biography, Relationships, Career & Net Worth in 2024

Educational Background and Career Studies

While Msaki was pursuing her undergraduate degree, she performed with a progressive rock band. She enrolled at Nelson Mandela University but did not complete her degree there and left the school within a year.

After some time, she received her Master of Fine Art degree from Rhode University, where she had initially enrolled. Msaki went to school for music in the year 2012 in the state of North Carolina in the United States.

That was where she learned professional music and after graduating she went into the music industry to start releasing commercial music.

Msaki Biography, Relationships, Career & Net Worth in 2024

Professional Career in Music

In 2008, while the singer was only 20 years old, she launched a professional career in the South African music industry. While she was enrolled in college, she was also an active member of a rock band.

In spite of this, she launched her own record label, One Shushu Day Artistry, and issued her first extended play, titled Nal’ithemba, the same year (2013).

She went on to release her single “Imfama Ziyabona” in 2016, which made its debut on the Metro FM Charts and stayed there for 19 weeks in a row. Nduduzo Makhathini was a co-producer on her debut album, Zaneliza: How The Water Moves, which was released in June of 2017.

At the 23rd edition of the South Africa Music Award, the album was put into consideration for the award for Best Adult Contemporary Album.

In the wake of the success of her self-titled first album, Msaki teamed up with DJ Prince Kaybee from South Africa to create a single named “Fetch Your Life,” which was released on February 8, 2019. The month of February 2019 saw the release of her single “Pearls To Swine,” which featured TRESOR and Kid X.

In the end, it was nominated for the award for Best Produced video. Msaki and Mandisi Dyantyisa were the headlining acts of the 14th Annual Mzansi Fela Festival, which took place at the State Theatre in Guateng in December 2021.

Msaki, Goodluck, and Shekhinah, together with YoungstaCPT, worked together on a song titled “Own The Future” in January of 2022. Heer double single, “Mntakababa” and “Fetch Your Life II,” which features Kabza De Small and Focalistic.

Msaki Biography, Relationships, Career & Net Worth in 2024

Relationships Life and Affairs

After a picture of the two lovers kissing was discovered by Kefiloe, the wife of Smash Afrika, it was speculated that singer Msaki and Smash Afrika were having an affair with one another.

The encounter resulted in a number of negative reactions from fans on Twitter, many of whom were surprised to learn that Msaki was a lesbian. Also, when being confronted about it, Smash Afrika admitted to having an affair with Msaki while married to his wife.

“He told her that, in contrast to her, Msaki brings him happiness and peace,” The revelation comes from Kefiloe, Smash’s wife.

Msaki Biography, Relationships, Career & Net Worth in 2024

Msaki Discography: EP’s & Songs

She released her debut album titled “Zaneliza: How the Water Moves” in 2016, which garnered critical acclaim and introduced her to a wider audience.

The album features a fusion of African rhythms, acoustic instrumentation, and electronic elements, showcasing her eclectic musical style. Msaki’s collaboration with artists from different genres has also contributed to her diverse sound.

  • Zibonakalise (Msaki & Tubatsi Mpho Moloi) – 2023
  • Madonna – 2022
  • Subaleka – 2022
  • Hopping for a Miracle (Msaki & Johnny Clegg) – 2022
  • Pata Pata Saguquka (Msaki & Sun-El Musician) – 2022
  • uNdize (feat. Kwanda Limani Mvana) – 2021
  • Anisixabisanga (feat. The Brother Moves on) – 2021
  • Sizophelelaphi (feat. Oskido) – 2021
  • Chasing Summer (Sun-El Musician, Msaki, Claudio & Kenza) – 2020
  • Pearls to shine – 2019
  • Ungazilibali – 2019
  • Limfama Ziyabona – 2016

Msaki Biography, Relationships, Career & Net Worth in 2024


  • Zaneliza: How the Water Moves – 2016
  • Platinum Heart Open – 2021
  • Platinum Heart Beating – 2021
  • Synthetic Hearts (Msaki & Tubatsi Mpho Moloi) – 2023

Awards and Recognition

The 2022 South African Music Award for Best Produced Album went to Platinumb for Heart Open. She also won the Standard Bank Artist of the Year.

Msaki Current Estimated Net Worth in 2024

As of the year 2024, available data suggests that Msaki possesses a net worth that can be roughly pegged between $1,550,000 on the lower end and $3.5 million on the upper end. This wide spectrum reflects the diversity of her financial investments, ventures, and overall economic standing.

It’s worth noting that net worth figures are subject to change over time due to various factors such as market fluctuations, business endeavors, and personal financial decisions.


Wiki & Profile

Real Name: Asanda Lusaseni Mvana
Stage Name: Msaki
Born: 31st December  1988
Age: 35 years
Nationality:      South African
Place of Birth: EastLondon, Eastern Cape, SA.
Origin:                Johannesburg
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Composer
Genres:              Indie Folk
Years active:      2008-present
Labels:   One Shushu Day Artistry

Msaki Biography, Relationships, Career and Net Worth in 2024


Asanda Lusaseni Mvana, better known by her stage name Msaki, is a South African singer-songwriter and composer. She is known for her unique blend of folk, soul, and electronic music, as well as her thought-provoking lyrics and soulful voice.

She has gained recognition not only in South Africa but also on the international music scene. Msaki’s music often carries messages of social consciousness, love, and self-discovery. Her ability to weave storytelling into her songs, combined with her emotive vocal delivery, has resonated with audiences from various backgrounds.


It’s important to note that developments in an artist’s career can occur rapidly, and there might have been new releases or projects from Msaki since my last update. To get the most up-to-date information about her and her work, I recommend checking out official music platforms, social media profiles, and news sources.


Msaki Biography, Relationships, Career & Net Worth
Msaki – via Afrokonnect

How old is Msaki?

Msaki’s birthdate is on 31st December, 1988, which would make her around 35 years old.

Does Msaki have a child?

There is no widely known information about whether Msaki has a child.

What kind of music does Msaki make?

Msaki is a versatile artist known for creating music in various genres, including soul, folk, and electronic. Her music often features a blend of acoustic and electronic elements, with deep and emotive lyrics.

She’s recognized for her unique and captivating sound that combines different musical influences.


Check out @msaki_za on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with Msaki.


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