Kolaboy Biography, Cars and Net Worth 2024

Kolaboy Biography, Net Worth and Music Career
Kolaboy PentHauze new signee Via Afrokonnect

In this content you’ll discover Kolaboy Biography, Cars, and his net worth in 2024 via Afrokonnect.

I attended one of the Mark-Angel Comedy Campus Tours and they unveiled a new rapper whom I later got to fall in love with his music that day. Kolaboy, no doubt is one of the fastest rising Igbo rappers we have in Nigeria now.

With over 700,000 views on his first music video, ‘Onyx’, which was the source of the name – KOLA BOY, he is no doubt filled with potentials for greatness.

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Kolaboy, is a Nigerian musician and songwriter known for his unique style and lyrical prowess. His musical journey has been marked by determination and a commitment to delivering engaging and thought-provoking content.

Of course luck must have ran into him when he encountered the Mark Angel Comedy Crew. The ‘Kola Boy’ video was uploaded to their YouTube channel with millions of subscribers and gathered plenty views when it was released.

With so many people trying to know more about Kolaboy, there are sadly not so many articles about him online. We have decided to write on Kolaboy’s biography, age, family, relationship, girlfriend, early life, education, net worth, cars, houses and more.

Kolaboy Biography, Net Worth in 2024 and Music Career

Early Life and and Background Information

Born as Nwodo Chinonso, Kolaboy hails from Enugu State, Nigeria and is a Christian by religion. He was born on the 2nd of May and is an indigenous Igbo rapper, just like Phyno and Zoro.

He had his early education in St. Charles Lwanga College, Enugu and then proceeded to IMT, also in Enugu. A very funny and social guy, his music video of the viral ‘you didn’t caught me’ got me lmao! He also has a good number of followers on his Instagram page and constantly posts rap videos to the thrills of his fans.

Kolaboy grew up with a passion for music, honing his skills from a young age. While details about his early life are not extensively documented, he has mentioned in interviews that he had a deep love for music since childhood. He balanced his educational pursuits with his musical aspirations.

Kolaboy gained recognition in the Nigerian music scene with the release of his hit single titled “They Didn’t Caught Me.” The song, released in 2018, became a viral sensation, and its catchy phrase “They Didn’t Caught Me” quickly became a popular social media meme. The track addressed societal issues and was accompanied by a humorous music video.

Following the success of “They Didn’t Caught Me,” Kolaboy continued to release more music, showcasing his versatility and ability to navigate different genres. His style is characterized by witty lyricism, storytelling, and a blend of Afrobeat and contemporary Nigerian sounds.

Entertainment and Music Life of Kolaboy

Kolaboy’s first song, ‘Onyx’ was produced by Korrect Sound and it was an instant hit. He had Mark-Angel Comedy’s Emmanuella in appearance for the video and we can say that helped it’s success too, or maybe because it was posted to the popular YouTube channel.

Later on, he released another song, ‘you didn’t caught me’ using the beat for Olamide’s ‘Olamide Badoo instrumental ‘Motigbana’ and it was also a hit. He went forward to feature Alterplate’s Harrysong for the remix.

Kolaboy Discography

  • They didn’t caught me – 2018
  • Omalicha (Refix) – 2022
  • Kola from the East (EP) – 2022
  • Kolapiano (EP) – 2023

Kolaboy Net Worth in Naira and Dollars in 2024

Doing very fine, Kolaboy has gathered a good number of YouTube views with his local beat and spicy music. We have been able to estimate his net worth and it ranges between $50,000 – $100,000, which equals over 43,000,000 – 87,311,800 Nigerian Naira.

Kolaboy has collaborated with other artists in the Nigerian music industry, contributing his unique flair to various projects and general worth in the music industry. His collaborations often reflect his versatility and adaptability as an artist.

Some of his notable projects include “Kola from the East EP,” “Kolapiano EP,” and “Normal Thing featuring Flavour,” which further established his presence in the music scene.

Kolaboy’s ability to infuse humor and social commentary into his music has endeared him to fans who appreciate both his lyrical prowess and entertaining delivery.

Social Media Handles

Kolaboy is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, where he engages with his fan base and shares updates about his music and personal life. Social media has played a crucial role in connecting him with a broader audience and promoting his music.

Kolaboy is very active on the Nigerian social media space and you can get him on:

  • Instagram @kolaboyofficial

Twitter @kolaboyofficial

Kolaboy Biography, Net Worth in 2024 and Music Career

Kolaboy Biography, Net Worth and Music Career
Kolaboy Via Afrokonnect


Kolaboy’s journey in the Nigerian music industry reflects the evolving landscape and the opportunities that arise from combining talent with strategic releases. As he continues to carve his path in the music scene, fans can expect more engaging and thought-provoking content from this talented artist.

Keep an eye on his discography and social media platforms for the latest updates on Kolaboy’s musical endeavors and creative projects. Thanks for reading along, Please do well to submit any corrections to this profile to us via comment below. Don’t forget to share and drop your comments!



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