Khaid Biography, Career, Record Label and Net Worth 2024

Khaid Biography, Career, and Net Worth
Khaid - Via Afrokonnect

You are welcome to this post about Khaid Biography, Songs, Career, Age, School, and Net Worth in 2024, via Afrokonnect. Khaid is the stage name of Sulaimon Shekoni Solomon, a musician and composer from Nigeria.

Sulaimon Shekoni Solomon is known professionally as Khaid, he is a native of the Western area of Nigeria, he was born in the year 2004 in the state of Lagos, which is located in Nigeria.

Khaid Biography Songs, Career, Age, School, and Net Worth in 2024

Professional Career and Early Life

Khaid began recording and posting freestyles on Instagram only for the sake of having fun and his intense enthusiasm for music. He also began tagging celebrities in his posts, including Don Jazzy, Davido, Wizkid, Burna Boy, Sydney Talker, and a large number of other notable people.

The Nigerian comedian Sydney Talker first became aware of Khaid when a friend of his showed him some of Khaid’s freestyle videos. After seeing these, Sydney Talker took an instant interest in Khaid.

After receiving a message from Sydney Talker on Instagram, Khaid went to Sydney’s residence and remained there for a period of one year.

Following that, Sydney established his record company, Neville Records, afterwards, in January of 2022, he signed Khaid as his very first musician to the label. Khaid released his first single, “WITH YOU,” on January 28, 2022; it was a love ballad that quickly rose to the top of the Nigerian music charts.

Khaid Biography Songs, Career, Age, School, and Net Worth in 2024


Singles & EPs

  • Diversity (EP) – 2022
  • SKI – 2022
  • With You – 2022

Khaid Net Worth in Dollars and Naira in 2024

We can’t complete this article about Khaid biography without pouncing on Khaid’s net worth, his record “With you” off his debut EP titled “Diversity” has been trending on the chart. From his record deal with Neville, streaming royalties and performance fee Khaid is said to have an estimated net worth $75,000 which equals around 31,572,000 Nigerian Naira.


Profile Summary
Khaid Biography, Career, and Net Worth
Khaid – Via Afrokonnect
Real Name Sulaimon Shekoni Solomon
Stage Name Khaid
Date of birth 2004
Place of birth Lagos, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
State of origin Lagos State
Profession Singer, songwriter
Record label Neville Records
Net Worth $76,000

Social Media

You can connect with Khaid on various social media platforms via the usernames given below;

  • Instagram: @khaidxr
  • Twitter: @khaidxr
  • Facebook: KHAID

Conclusion about Khaid Net Worth in 2024 and Biography

After careful consideration, it can be concluded that Sulaimon Shekoni Solomon, better known by his stage name Khaid, is a promising artist and songwriter who hails from Nigeria.

Khaid demonstrates a singular combination of musical aptitude and creative expression that strikes a chord with people. This has been accomplished via his artistry and his dedication to his trade.

As Khaid continues to traverse the music industry, his journey acts as an inspiration to budding artists. It exemplifies the power of enthusiasm, determination, and honesty in the pursuit of one’s aspirations at the same time.

With his one-of-a-kind sound and captivating songs, Khaid is well positioned to make a huge influence on the music industry, leaving an unforgettable mark on listeners all over the world.

Khaid’s history as a rising talent in the Nigerian music landscape is guaranteed to remain, establishing his position as an artist to keep an eye on in the years to come. Fans are anxiously anticipating his upcoming albums and concerts, and this legacy is sure to endure.

This brings us to the end of this article about Khaid Biography, Songs, Career, Age, School, and Net Worth in 2024 via Afrokonnect.



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