Faustino Anjorin Biography, Net Worth in 2024, Salary & Girlfriend

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This article will provide more information about the player’s current net worth, salary, sponsors, girlfriend, tattoos, cars, and so on. Faustino Anjorin is an English professional football player who plays as a midfielder for the EFL Championship team Portsmouth, from Huddersfield Town on loan from Chelsea.

In this article will also give you more information about the player’s girlfriend and relationship status. In 2022, Rasheed Anjorin, also known as Tino Anjorin or Faustino Anjorin, moved from the Premier League club Chelsea to the Championship club Huddersfield Town,

Then he moved on to Portsmouth on loan to continue his professional development and growth. Faustino Adebola Rasheed “Tino” Anjorin is his biological name, while just Faustino Anjorin was his other nickname and he still use it.

The footballer has previously competed for England’s national youth squad in international competition from U17 – U20. Though the midfielder has only played in one league game for Chelsea so far,

He has high aspirations of succeeding there when he returns from his loan spell and Tino is putting in a lot of work to make it happen. In the next paragraphs, let’s learn more about the player’s background and profile, shall we?

Faustino Tino Anjorin Biography, Net Worth in 2024, Salary, Sponsors, Girlfriend, Tattoos and Cars

Professional Club Career

The Career of Faustino Anjorin at the Club has been incredible and still developing, Faustino joined the youth academy of Chelsea when he was just 7 years old and began to impress trainers with his playing style at a very young age.

When Faustino joined the youth academy of Chelsea, the player automatically became a future product of the Cobham academy, and after getting promoted in 2019, he was named in the senior squad. The youngster made his first appearance for Chelsea in an EFL Cup encounter in September 2019 against Grimsby Town, a team from League Two.

Chelsea won the match 7-1, marking the teenager’s first professional match. After that, he went on to make his debut in the Premier League against Everton on March 8, 2020. He entered the game as a substitute, replacing Willian, and Chelsea went on to win 4-0 at Stamford Bridge.

He made his debut on the European level as a starter in the Champions League group stage encounter against Krasnodar in December 2020 at Stamford Bridge. The match ended in a 1-1 tie. He made his first appearance in the FA Cup against Morecambe, which resulted in a 4-0 win for his team.

Faustino Tino Anjorin Biography, Net Worth in 2024, Salary, Sponsors, Girlfriend, Tattoos and Cars

In September of 2021, he was offered on loan to the Lokomotiv Moscow team of the Russian Premier League with an option to acquire him at the end of the season. On September 16, 2021, during a match in the Europa League against Marseille, he scored his first goal in his professional career, helping his team to a 1-1 draw.

As a result of the injury, the loan agreement was cancelled, and he was allowed to return to Chelsea. He signed with Huddersfield Town in January 2022 with the intention of staying there until the end of the 2021/22 season.

However, following the conclusion of the season in July 2022, his loan was extended for an additional year as a result of his outstanding play with the Championship team. Faustino Anjorin later moved on to continue his development with Portsmouth.

Faustino Tino Anjorin Biography, Net Worth, Salary, Sponsors, Girlfriend, Tattoos and Cars

Professional International Career

The International Progression of Faustino Anjorin’s Career was largely contributed by his effort for his club side, Faustino could have played for Nigeria, but he choose instead to play for England’s national team despite the fact that he was qualified to play for Nigeria.

Although he has not yet competed for England’s senior team, he has done so for England’s under-17, under-18, under-19, and under-20 teams respectively. On October 7, 2021, he made his debut for the U20 team in a match against Italy.

Playing Style:

Faustino Anjorin is known for his versatility, as he can operate in central midfield or in more advanced attacking roles. He possesses good ball control, passing ability, and a goal-scoring instinct. As a young player, his playing style may continue to evolve.

Potential Developments:

Given that Anjorin was born in 2001, he was still in the early stages of his professional career as of my last update. Young players often experience significant development in their late teens and early twenties.

Family Background Information

Faustino was born on November 23rd, 2001 in the city of Poole, which is located in England. Sheriff Anjorin, the man who raised him, is originally from Nigeria.

Before the player could play football at the professional level, there were several challenges that needed to be overcome. He has not yet provided any information about his mother at this time.


Who is Faustino Adebola Rasheed “Tino” Anjorin Dating? His Girlfriend and Relationship Status

Lauren Bowry is the woman that is dating Faustino Anjorin, Faustino is presently involved in a relationship with Lauren Bowry and they show it off publicly,

The lovely woman is a model who has more than 60,000 people following her on her social media profile. The two couples have been seeing each other for more than a year at this point, and they have high hopes for a future life together filled with joy.

Sponsors and Endorsements Received by Faustino Anjorin

On any of his social media accounts, Faustino has not been spotted providing an endorsement for any products.

In order to entice sponsors, the player must first compete at the Premier League level and demonstrate that he possesses the necessary qualities and capabilities. However, it is believed that the player has a contact with multimillion dollar talent agency, wearefasport.

Faustino Tino Anjorin Biography, Net Worth in 2024, Salary, Sponsors, Girlfriend, Tattoos and Cars

Automobiles and Body Art

There is little doubt that Faustino does not only keep one vehicle in his garage despite the fact that he has been seen driving a Mercedes around the streets of England. The footballer has displayed an interest in getting tattoos on his body and currently sports a respectable design on his right hand.

Faustino Anjorin Current Estimated Net Worth and Salary

So, back to the main question: what is Faustino Anjorin’s Annual Salary and Net Worth? The majority of Faustino’s wealth comes from his career as a football player, which is of no surprise as he’s a professional player.

Faustino Adebola Rasheed “Tino” Anjorin has an estimated net worth that has been assessed to be 6 million pounds, according to reports. According to Transfermarkt in the year 2024, the market value of the midfielder is estimated to be 2.5 million pounds.

According to the terms of his deal with Chelsea, the player receives a salary of 400,000 British pounds per year, and the player has high aspirations of receiving a more lucrative contract as a result of his improved performances.


What is the net worth of Faustino Anjorin?

The amount of 6 million pounds is what constitutes Faustino Anjorin’s net worth at the moment, the player is worth a whooping £6 million.

How many different clubs did Faustino Anjorin played for during his career?

At the top level of the game, Faustino Anjorin has played for four different clubs, including Chelsea, Lokomotiv Moscow, Portsmouth and Huddersfield Town.

How old is Faustino Anjorin?

He will be 23 years old this year.

What is the Nationality of Faustino Anjorin?

He is of English descent and represents England in competition though his father is originally from Nigeria.

Is Faustino Anjorin a past Premier League champion?

No, he does not hold the title of Premier League champion, however, he was part of the team that won the UEFA Champions League with Chelsea in 2021.

Faustino Anjorin Facts And Wiki

Birth Place Poole, England
Father’s Name Sheriff Anjorin
Mother’s Name NA
Star Sign Sagittarius
Net Worth 5.8 million pounds
Age 23
Birthday 23 November 2001
Nationality English
Position Midfielder
Senior Clubs Chelsea, Lokomotiv Moscow, Portsmouth, Huddersfield Town.
Achievements 1x Champions League winner,
1x English Youth League winner (U18),
1x English FA Youth Cup winner.
Girlfriend Lauren Bowry
Children NA
Social Media Instagram

Faustino Anjorin Biography, Net Worth, Salary, Sponsors, Girlfriend, Tattoos and Cars

Faustino Anjorin Biography, Net Worth, Salary, Sponsors, Girlfriend, Tattoos, Cars, and more
Faustino Anjorin with the UEFA Champions League trophy with Chelsea


Faustino Precious Anjorin was born on November 23, 2001, in Poole, England. He joined the youth academy of Chelsea FC, one of the top football clubs in England, at a young age. Anjorin rose through the ranks of Chelsea’s youth system and showcased his talents at various age levels.

Known for his technical skills, vision, and goal-scoring ability, he gained attention as a promising young prospect. He made his first-team debut for Chelsea in a professional setting, featuring in the UEFA Europa League against Grimsby Town in September 2019.

Anjorin continued to be part of the Chelsea squad and gained experience in various competitions. On that note, this brings us to the end of this post about Faustino Anjorin Biography, Net Worth in 2024, Salary, Sponsors, Girlfriend, Tattoos, Cars, and more, via Afrokonnect.


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