Digital Marketing Tactics to use in 2024

Digital Marketing Tactics

Welcome to this post on the Top digital marketing tactics to use in 2024, via Afrokonnect. Once you assign a budget to the marketing of your brand, you expect a lot of return no matter how little or much the budget is.

However, it is very important to note that even if you assign a huge budget to the marketing of your brand but didn’t use the right channels and plan the right tactics – it will be a huge fail.

What are Digital Marketing tactics?

These are channels that various marketers use to enable the wide reach your brand needs while also targeting the right audience with important information on your brand. These channels provide you with the solutions you may need to aid your customers’ problems,

Hence, providing you with an edge over your competitors and pushing you closer to your marketing objectives/goals. Note: There are various channels when it comes to digital marketing but not all are fit for your business so stick around and let me explain all you need to know about Digital Marketing.

The importance of Digital Marketing to your business?

We are in the digital era and most businesses have changed from the usual traditional form of marketing to digital marketing, which provides them with a wider range of customers in the desired market. Here are various benefits which digital marketing can provide for your business or organization:

1) It is less expensive and is very efficient:

Various businesses are really befit from digital marketing unlike the usual traditional marketing as they spend less on promoting their brand, running advertisements, Etc. The major catch is that they spend less and earn more – as the bulk of the target audience is now on the online space.

2) Better ROI:

ROI stands for Return on Investment; unlike traditional marketing, business owners spend less when marketing their brand online and earn more in purchase and profits hence getting a higher ROI.

3) Wider range of audience:

As I have stated in previous articles, the internet has made the world a global village and the use of it to promote your brand will ensure that your brand is shown to a wider range of audience worldwide.

4) Establish your brand reputation:

With a wider range of audience patronizing your brand regularly, your brand will gain a reputation quickly and establish itself properly in the online space.

Top Digital Marketing Tactics to use in 2024

The Digital space has grown widely as there are over 5 billion users on the internet in 2024 which equals to 63% of the world’s population. Hence, your brand can gain access to over half of the world’s population on the internet alone through digital marketing.

This facts doesn’t make your work as a business owner or a digital marketer easier as you will also be gaining stiff competition from others, so you have to stay aware of the latest changes in the digital marketing sector.

Once you have a well planned marketing program you have a 365% chance of getting more returns (according to CoSchedule’s survey of 3,217 B2B and B2C marketers worldwide). In this article, I have done a lot of research to bring to your screens the Top Digital Marketing Tactics to use in 2024.

Top Digital Marketing Tactics to use in 2024

This article is very helpful to you as a business owner or marketer because customers’ loyalty can be bought as they abandon and shift to brand that provide them with solutions they seek, your brand may provide solutions that’s needed but because you aren’t using the right streams to promote your brand – it will be left in the dark so read on:

1) Influencer Marketing:

How we love Drake, Eminem, Dax, Cardi B and the likes. These types of people are called influencers because they basically influences the lives of a group of people who are called “Followers”.

Once it comes to marketing, these types of people can be used to promote a brand (although not for free) and you can be rest assured to get a lot of engagements from mostly fans of the influencer,

For Example: Dax has 30 million followers on YouTube and your brand which is based on shoes met him and he agreed to advertise for you – It is crazy to note that over 10 million of his followers would patronize because of the association he has to your brand.

Read Also:

According to various researches, it has sown that over 63% of people trust influencers on their thoughts about a particular brand than the brand’s own view of itself and over 58% actually bough the product because it was recommended by an influencer.

2) Mobile-first marketing:

This is the ability for users to use their mobile phone to access a particular brand; It also entails that marketing should be done in such a way that users with smartphones can be able to access the information being passed across.

According to a report made by Salesforce’s State Of Marketing, over 68% of the companies has included mobile-first marketing in the digital marketing strategy to help boost engagements and sales.

Marketing is all about pleasing the customer and so a business must do all to ensure that the customer has a seamless experience when patronizing their brand. According to a survey by Google in 2019, over 59% of online users prefer that brands have mobile app experience for them to make a purchase and 58% of them prefer for the company’s mobile sites and apps remember their past online history hence having access to their data.

3) Chatbot Marketing:

If you are just hearing about Chatbot, well you aren’t human as most of the customer care agents which you communicate with online when you have a dispute aren’t human but chatbots powered by AI technology. Chatbots are computer programs powered by AI technology which are programmed to interact with humans as if they are humans.

They are very important to a business growth and various businesses that have come to the realization of this fact are now integrating chatbots into their customer care sector. Chatbots have come to the digital space to stay, as unlike humans they are always available to handle customer requests. And, they also provide enough data for the sales and marketing team to use in their strategy generation.

Others include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing.

Top Digital Marketing Tactics to use in 2024

Digital Marketing Tactics


Marketing on the digital space isn’t static as it keeps changing on the daily basis and if you are planning to stand out – you have to come up with an excellent digital marketing tactic. I have highlighted a few which is guaranteed to work for your business so choose the one that’s budget-friendly for your organization. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you another time on



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