Best Business Schools in USA for MBA & Undergraduate (Top 10)

Welcome to this post about top 10 best business schools in USA (United States of America) for MBA and Undergraduate programs in 2024 via Afrokonnect. So, let’s start with Introduction: what is a Business School?

A business school is a tertiary level institution which offers a degree in either business administration or management. In a business school some of the topics that are thought there are: Economics, accounting, administration, strategy, finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, public administration, leadership, Etc.

In order words we can say that, Business schools educates people how to own and manage a business. A business degree is one of the most flexible degree’s because you can choose to pursue the degree either physically or online. More so, earning this degree can boost your career opportunities.

Entry Level Business Degree Jobs – Business Degree Jobs Salary in 2024

There are a lot of jobs that can be attained with your business degree but I will be mentioning just 10 of those jobs in this article:

1) Human resources specialist

National Average salary: $51,581 per year

Primary duties:

  • They recruit, screen and interview prospective candidates
  • They maintain communication between team members and managers
  • Solve issues that the employees have which relates to their role at the company
  • Ensure that the company follows government employee regulations regarding the safety of the work place

Basically, they should have a huge understanding of their business policies and guidelines to ensure that the company doesn’t break any of the rules and it operates safely and effectively.

2) Accountant

National Average salary: $53,806 per year

Primary duties:

  • Maintain the company’s financial operations
  • Review and analyze financial records and data in order to ensure accuracy
  • Prepare the company’s report on the budget in order for the managers and executives to create their business plan

3) Investment banker

National Average salary: $64,520 per year

Primary duties:

  • Assist individuals as well as organizations to manage their business portfolios.
  • An Investment banker is also hired to reduce expenses in a business by aiding the company to identify where they are overspending
  • They are expected to identify market trends in order for the company to invest wisely
  • Also, they buy stocks and issue bonds when necessary.
  • They can also perform the role of consultancy for those who hired them

4) Financial advisor

National Average salary: $65,278 per year

Primary duties:

  • Their main function is to help individuals or companies to budget their finances
  • They scan through the salaries and assets of the company in order for them to create a long-term plan for their client needs
  • Perform the work of an Investment banker: in the sense that they research market trends in order to aid the company in making reliable investments.
  • They also provide estate planning, debt management and tax budgeting services

Note: Mostly investment and advisory businesses usually require the services of a financial advisor.

Jobs after Business Schools in USA 2024

5) Research analyst

National Average salary: $65,815 per year

Primary duties:

  • Use market data to prepare reports intended for financial use
  • They research on specific markets to predict trends
  • Develop strategies in order to make the company’s product more profitable
  • Work with a team of marketers in order to observe sale methods.

6) Business development manager

National Average salary: $67,452 per year

Primary duties:

  • Help the growth of the company by scouring for leads, identifying market trends and drafting financial strategies
  • Co-operate with internal teams and also clients in order to ensure customer’s satisfaction
  • Through understanding of their products and services, they can aid the company by tilting them towards financial growth and success.

7) Loan officer

National Average salary: $73,315 per year

Primary duties:

  • Determine if a financial institution should give a business or an individual a loan
  • They guide the applicant of a loan through the necessary steps so they would understand the rules and regulation before borrowing a loan
  • Review the applications of people who want a loan and either accept or reject it
  • Evaluate the financial data of the applicant to verify if the information is genuine and not fake

Note: Loan officers are mostly recruited by Banks and lending companies. 

8) Business analyst

National Average salary: $74,469 per year

Primary duties:

  • Make use of their evaluation skills to provide a variety of services in multiple industries
  • They make use of data to analyze business opportunities and they also provide suggestions to improve the company’s profits
  • They are mostly seen working with a team to create Information technology solutions to customers and clients
  • Make sure that a communication link exists among all parties of a project to ensure that the project goes on smoothly

Note: Healthcare and ICT industries usually require the services of a business analysts.

9) Controller

National Average salary: $93,624 per year

Primary duties:

  • In charge of all accounting functions for their companies
  • They make sure that all accounting departments run their financial activities smoothly
  • Supervise employees in the accounting sector and they offer services which includes guidance and they also assign projects as needed.
  • They must have a thorough knowledge of the company’s finance and the tax laws of the state in order to be successful

10) Product manager

National Average salary: $96,022 per year

Primary duties:

  • Work with a team to ensure the goods that they produce yield a lot of profit
  • Review products to determine if it will be accepted by the consumer
  • They are required to have knowledge about the market so they would know how to gain their own share of the consumers
  • Must have good communication with their team on the progress of the project so that adjustments can be made where necessary and when needed

Note: Technology companies are fond of hiring a lot of product managers though they can be hired by any manufacturing company. Similarly, you can secure your next new dream job from vacancies all over the USA via Jooble, enjoy more than 917900 current vacancies available to you.

Top 10 Best Business Schools in the USA in 2024

1. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)

The Wharton wing of the university provides a variety of departments ranging from accounting, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, Etc. You can apply for either full time or part-time courses, depending on your availability

2. Stanford University – Business Schools in USA

Their business school is very efficient and will get you very high on the business scale. However, you can only apply for full-time program at Stanford university and not part-time.

3. Harvard University

This is one of the best universities in the world and their business school students are guaranteed of a Job before their graduation. Harverd business school is one of the best in the world as well.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)

It is a technology school but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be one of the best business schools in the whole of America, it has a variety of international courses which makes it a popular choice among non-U.S. citizens.

Best Business Schools in the USA 2024

5. University of Chicago (Booth)

The Booth business school provides courses like accounting, economics, finance, Etc. And, whatever you may need to become a business person. You can apply for both full-time or part-time tuition depending on your payment method either per year or per credit.

6. Columbia University

It was founded in New York and it was established in 1916, it is also one of the oldest universities in the world which places it at the top of the Ivy League ranking. Columbia University possesses one of the best business school that you could attend.

Best Business Schools in USA 2024

7. Northwestern University (Kellogg)

It was founded in Evanston; Illinois and their focus are mainly on team leadership and teamwork. They also partake in a lot of projects which are based on group work and make you dive deeper in the business world.

8. University of California- Berkeley (Haas)

The Berkeley Haas business school was founded in 1898 and it was one of the first business schools that was part of public university. It is old but that doesn’t take away the reputation it has build, the school has produced lots of successful people all over the world, which enables it to rank in the top 10 best business schools in the USA.

9. Yale University

This university is one of the best where you can get a degree in business and they offer both Full-time and Part-time courses in their business school.

10. Duke University (Fuqua)

The university holds a great value for cultural diversity, it’s business school is the perfect place for you to get a degree as someone who isn’t an indigene of the United States.


Top 10 Best Undergraduate Business Schools in the USA in 2024?

The top 10 Undergraduate business schools in the USA are:

  1. University of Pennsylvania
  2. New York University
  3. University of California, Berkeley
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  5. University of Michigan
  6. Cornell University
  7. Carnegie Mellon University
  8. The University of Texas at Austin
  9. Boston College
  10. University of Southern California

Steps to consider before applying for MBA online in the USA 2024? 

Below are 5 factors to consider before applying for an MBA online in the USA:

  • Make sure that the school is accredited.
  • Take a look at the curriculum if it is relevant to your line of study
  • Evaluate your budget
  • The way the course is delivered: either through books or you want everything to be learnt online
  • Check the reviews to know if they are credible enough

Business Schools in USA without a grant and work experience

You can study in these following business schools without a grant and work experience:

  1. Chicago Booth School of Business
  2. Haas School of Business
  3. Sloan School of Management – MIT
  4. Wharton MBA – University of Pennsylvania
  5. Haas School of Business – University of California, Berkeley

Business Schools in Canada vs USA

With USA having over 50% of the top universities in the world, USA has better business schools than that of Canada. However, Canada also has a lot to offer in terms of Business,

You can check out Canada Business Visa Requirements and types of Canadian investment Visas available to foreigners.



Best Business Schools in USA for MBA & Undergraduate (Top 10)

Which University offers Best MBA program in the USA

America has a lot of Universities that offers Some of the best MBA programs in the world, at the moment the Stanford University offers the best MBA program in the USA.


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