Yomi Blaze Biography, Career, Awards and Net worth 2024

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Yomi Blaze is a talented Nigerian rapper and songwriter born and raised in Surulere area of Lagos state, Nigeria. He is a versatile artiste with musical genre of hip hop as his main focus.

Yomi Blaze has been doing music for the past few years, he has been putting out freestyles with his group “Team Blazing” which comprises of Picazo and Ose.

Yomi Blaze was previously signed to Silicon Entertainment record label, under the label where he has released an album “Woomi”. He has also released some other songs like Ika, Dance To It, Make It, Whine For Me, Call that Girl, Hot like fire and many others.

Yomi Blaze caught the attention of Olamide and was unveiled as a new artiste into the YBNL Nation record label, he was unveiled alongside another young talented rapper “Picazo Rhap”.

Yomi Blaze is simply a talent to reckon with in the music industry and he has shown just that in his latest feature on the YBNL Mafia single “juju guns and roses” alongside Davolee, Picazo and Limerick.

Yomi Blaze Biography and net worth in 2024

Yomi Blaze was born on January 31, 1995, in Lagos, Nigeria. His early exposure to music and the vibrant Nigerian hip-hop culture influenced his decision to pursue a career in rap. Yomi Blaze’s style is characterized by his distinctive flow, wordplay, and lyrical prowess, which have earned him recognition within the rap community.

Yomi Olaniyan gained prominence when he became part of the YBNL Nation, signing with the label in 2018. Joining YBNL presented Yomi Blaze with the opportunity to collaborate with other talented artists under the label’s umbrella and benefit from the mentorship of Olamide, one of Nigeria’s most successful and influential musicians.

Yomi Blaze’s official introduction to the Nigerian music scene came with his appearance on the YBNL Mafia Family collaborative album, released in December 2018. The album featured tracks from various YBNL artists, including Yomi Blaze, who showcased his rap skills on songs like “Ika” and “Juju, Guns & Roses.”

Despite his early successes, Yomi Blaze faced a significant career transition when he parted ways with YBNL Nation. This departure marked a period of reevaluation and reinvention for the rapper as he sought to carve his own path in the music industry.

In 2020, Yomi Blaze released his solo project titled “More To Life,” an EP that demonstrated his growth as an artist and explored various themes, including ambition, hustle, and personal reflections. The EP featured tracks like “Bangoshe” and “Sleepless Night,” where Yomi Blaze delved into his experiences and aspirations.

Yomi Blaze’s style encompasses a fusion of indigenous Yoruba elements with contemporary hip-hop, allowing him to connect with a diverse audience. His lyricism often reflects the realities of life in Nigeria, addressing societal issues, the pursuit of success, and personal struggles. Yomi Blaze’s ability to blend cultural references with modern sounds adds depth to his music and resonates with listeners.


Yomi Blaze’s journey into the music industry reflects his passion for rap and his determination to make a mark in the competitive Nigerian music scene.

Below are a List of songs by Yomi Blaze that have been released officially;

  • Ika
  • Dance to it
  • Make it
  • Whine for me
  • Call that girl
  • Hot like fire, and so much more

In addition to his contributions to group projects, Yomi Blaze released solo music that showcased his individual artistry. One of his notable tracks is “Ika,” which not only served as a statement of his arrival in the industry but also highlighted his ability to deliver energetic and impactful verses.

The rapper’s collaboration with other YBNL artists, including Picazo Rhap and Limerick, further solidified their status as a formidable rap trio within the YBNL Nation. They collectively gained attention for their freestyle sessions, which showcased their rap prowess and quickly went viral on social media platforms.

Yomi Blaze Net worth in Naira and Dollars in 2024

Yomi Blaze’s journey in the Nigerian music industry represents the resilience and adaptability required to navigate a competitive landscape.

His decision to pursue a solo career after leaving YBNL Nation demonstrates his commitment to individual artistic expression and the pursuit of success on his terms.

The singer and Rapper who goes by the name Yomi Blaze has an estimated net worth of $20,000 in 2024, which equals over 8,965,120 Nigerian Naira in today’s exchange rates.

Profile Summary of Yomi Blaze 


Yomi Blaze

Also Known As:

Yomi Blaze

Record Label:

Ex YBNL record signee


Hip Hop

Short Biography:

Born in Surulere in Lagos State of Nigeria.

Net worth:


Social Media:






In terms of visuals, Yomi Blaze has released music videos that complement his songs, enhancing the overall storytelling experience. The videos often showcase the rapper’s charisma, stage presence, and creativity, providing visual narratives that align with the themes of his music.

Yomi blaze Biography And Net worth
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Conclusion on Yomi Blaze Net Worth in 2024 and Short Biography

In conclusion, Yomi Blaze remains a noteworthy figure in the Nigerian rap scene, celebrated for his distinctive style and contributions to the YBNL Nation.

His solo career reflects his determination to make a mark as an independent artist, and as he continues to evolve, Yomi Blaze stands as a testament to the diverse talent within Nigeria’s vibrant music industry.

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