VeryDarkMan Biography, Sextape, Origin & Net Worth in 2024 (VDM)

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Martin Vincent Otse Popularly known by the Moniker, Verydarkman, is a popular Nigerian
Controversial Social Media Personality and Influencer. He is widely recognized for creating Social Media Videos, ranging from humorous content and criticizing celebrities to discussing daily life and so much more.

In this brief but informative biographical piece, we will briefly explore the life story,
professional journey and public disputes of Very Dark Man, including his Popular Sextape Leak. Read more post content below.

VeryDarkMan Biography, Sextape, State Of Origin, Net Worth & Controversies

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Reportedly, VeryDarkMan often known as Verydarkman was born on the 8th of March, 1996. The Social Media Personality hails from Edo State, Western Nigeria.

Verydarkman attended the University of Lagos (UNILAG) an earned a degree in Business Administration. This is all the information we have at the moment on Verydarkman’s early life and Education.

VeryDarkMan Biography, Sextape, State Of Origin, Net Worth & Controversies


Verydarkman is a Social Media Personality and Influencer, the influencer currently runs Social Media Content Creation, Product Critique and Reviews (Popularly known for skin care products bashing). Yeah, I mean all this still falls in line with Business Administration right, abi how una see am my readers? Lmao you will learn the hard way…

Verydarkman is also known for making videos of himself from pranking people, talking about everyday issues in a humorous way and at the same time, criticizing celebrities and making contents off every trendy topics on social media.


Martin Vincent Otse, better known by his online alias Verydarkman, has acquired a considerable amount of attention not just due to his presence on the internet but also due to the speculation that surrounds his wealth. It is commonly reported that Otse has earned a large amount of fortune through a variety of channels, including corporate collaborations, sponsored content, and item sales.

Although accurate figures are frequently difficult to come by in the domain of social media influencers, it is widely believed that He has done so. His capacity to live a luxury lifestyle and participate in high-profile activities shows that he has achieved a level of financial success that is consistent with his standing as a popular social media figure.

This is despite the fact that there is no formal confirmation in this regard. However, the precise amount of his net worth continues to be a topic of discussion and speculation among his following as well as the larger internet community as a whole.

Verydarkman has an estimated Net Worth of about $15,000 in 2024, which equals over 22,398,165 Nigerian Naira. He makes his money off his Social Media Marketing, Content Creation.

Thanks to recent monetization features from Both Meta and X (formerly Twitter), Content Creators and Influencers can make money off their content. READ ALSO: Magnito Biography, Age, Songs, Net Worth, Albums, Tribe, Canada Challenge


Usually, being a Social Media Influencer, comes with lots and lots of Controversies, coming from various directions. However, I will list a few of some of the most popular Controversies related to Verydarkman.

– In 2023, Sometime between August and September, Verydarkman publicly denounced Popular Skin Care Merchant/Vendor; JennysGlow, for selling Bad and Fake Skin Care Products to the public.

He went on to upload a recorded Video of The National Agency for Food, Drugs Administration and Control, sealing one of JennysGlow’s Branch in Abuja, after it was discovered that JennysGlow uses a fake NAFDAC Number to promote her goods/products.

– In September 2023, Verydarkman gained more popularity, after he posted a video, requesting for a DNA test to be done on Late Popular Street Pop Sensation, Mohbad’s Son.

In the video, Verydarkman suggested that Mohbad’s Baby Mama should conduct a DNA Test on the boy to confirm whether the child was truly Mohbad’s.

This happened following the tragic and Mysterious Death of Mohbad on 12th Of September, 2023. The entertainment industry was in an uproar trying to find answers to the death of Mohbad. Verydarkman made this video because of the Child’s striking resemblance with Marlians Records Associate, Samlarry.


Towards the Ending of September, 2023, A Nude Sextape Video of Verydarkman Masturbating with his Cucumber, Gbola or Cassava, was leaked online by Popular social media Blog, Gistlover. The video is a 19 seconds short video of Verydarkman Caressing and Romancing his Odogwu in a Very Dark Room. Hmmmm he is a Very Dark Man indeed. READ ALSO: Qing Madi Biography, Net Worth, Music Career & Age.


  • Instagram: @verydarkblackman
  • Tik Tok: @coolverydarkman
  • X (formerly Twitter): @VeryDarkMan3


  • Verydarkman is from Edo State, Western Nigeria, A country located in West Africa.


  • Verydarkman is currently 28 years of age as at the time of writing this post, in 2024.


  • Verydarkman’s Real Name is Martin Vincent Otse.


  • Verydarkman is from Edo State Nigeria.

Very Dark Man Biography, Sextape, State Of Origin, Net Worth & Controversies

Very Dark Man Biography, Sextape, State Of Origin, Net Worth & Controversies
Very Dark Man – via Afrokonnect


We await to see more Controversial Content from Verydarkman, abeg more nudes. I would want to conclude that Martin Vincent Otse, better known by his online name Verydarkman, exemplifies the complexity of contemporary social media influence in Nigeria.

One cannot deny the fact that he has left an indelible effect on the digital environment, despite the fact that his character has been the subject of controversy. The power and reach of social media in shaping public discourse and cultural narratives is highlighted by his influence, regardless of whether it is appreciated or criticised about their impact.

As his story continues to develop, it serves as a reflection of the changing dynamics of online identities and the impact that they have on society as a whole. Thanks for reading this very engaging post, do better by reading other posts below this one.


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