Brymo Biography, Net Worth in 2024, Controversies and Awards

Brymo Biography and Net Worth
Brymo - via Afrokonnect

Welcome to this post about Brymo Biography, Net Worth in 2024, Controversies and Awards, via Afrokonnect. Olawale Oloforo, also known by his stage name Brymo, is a Nigerian singer, actor, composer, stage performer, and novelist. He was born Oluwale Ibrahim Ashimi.

Brymo is most commonly known by his stage name. He began performing professionally when he was just thirteen years old, and he is now thirty-seven years old, having been born on May 9, 1986.

Brymo is a singer that can perform a wide variety of musical styles. Some of them are; Yoruba music, alternative rock, R&B, folk, soul, pop and of course, the Almighty Afrobeat. Additional content for posts can be found below.

Brymo Biography, Net Worth in 2024, Controversies and Awards

Early life and Background information

The community of okokomaiko, which is located in ojo, Lagos state, is where Brymo was born and nurtured. His father worked as a carpenter, and his mother employed herself as a petty merchant. His lack of siblings is due to the fact that he was an only child.

During his time at Aganju Aka primary school, he maintained an interest in playing football, which is a goal shared by the majority of African youth. However, he eventually shifted his focus to music. Brymo went to Lagos State University (LASU), where he majored in Zoology. However, he was unable to finish his education because he quit school in the middle of his second year in order to pursue his passion, which was music.

Professional Music Career

Earlier, it was mentioned that Brymo began his musical career at a very young age. He released a song titled “tilted future” in the year 1999, when he was only 13 years old. The record that became his breakthrough, which was also his debut album, was titled Brymstone and was released in 2007.  Within a few months of its release, it went on to sell more than 2,000 copies.

It was in the year 2010 when he signed a contract with the Chocolate City Record label. On November 15, 2012, Brymo released his second studio album, which was titled Son of Kapenta. The album was released to the public. It includes well-known songs from Brymo, such as “Ara,” among others.

A number of well-known performers, including M.I and Ice Prince, were included on the album as well. Following the release of the album, a single track titled “Good Morning” was released. In a later statement, Brymo will explain that the act of using Son of Kapenta as the title of the album was inspired by the fact that his father worked as a carpenter. The album garnered positive vibes from it, despite the fact that it did not perform well in terms of financial performance.

In 2013, Brymo released his third studio album, which was titled Merchants, Dealers, and Slaves. The album was released on October 20th.The album featured well-known songs such as “Down,” which served as the album’s lead single and was dedicated to his family and the people of the country.

In addition, his song “Eko” became a musical phenomenon due to the fact that it was extremely well received by the audience and garnered excellent reviews. As a consequence of a disagreement, Brymo’s fourth studio album, titled Tabula Rasa, was released. This disagreement will also result in the album’s title being changed, and Brymo will be departing Chocolate City Record Label.

It was during the dispute between Chocolate City Record company and the artist that the title of the album, Tabula Rasa, was obtained from a judge in court. According to Brymo, the judge made use of it in his remarks (which is interesting, isn’t it?).

Some of the more well-known songs from the album are “Fe mi” and “1 pound,” amongst many others. The compilation album titled “Trance” was released by Brymo on December 8, 2015. It had eight tracks that were taken from the albums “Merchants, Dealers & Slaves” and “Tabula Rasa.” The album was aimed specifically at the American audience because the songs on it are already well-known in his home country of the United States.


The executives of Brymo’s record label, Chocolate City, were involved in a disagreement with him. Several sources claim that the disagreement began when Brymo refused to remove an improper picture from his Instagram account, citing the fact that doing so could be detrimental to both his career and his record label. Eventually, Brymo decided to leave the record label after going through a series of highs and lows with both parties.

Following the exit from Chocolate City

On May 9, 2016, Brymo released his highly anticipated fifth studio album, which was titled Klitoris. Memories, Naked, and a great deal of other tracks from the album were among the most popular ones.

According to Brymo, the name of the album is actually a Greek term that means “Key,” despite the fact that it may provide the impression of being misleading and unappealing. On March 27, 2018, he released his sixth studio album, which was titled Oso. The album contained eleven unique tracks. There was a lot of negative feedback from the audience over the song “Heya,” which was a hit single from the album.

This was due to the fact that Brymo was shown in the music video for the song performing partly naked. In spite of this, he said that he did so in order to demonstrate how his ancestors dressed before the advent of civilization (such a guy, right?).

He released his seventh studio album, Yellow, on April 1st, 2020. Yellow was his seventh studio album. The various dangers that life presents, including love, mental health, monetary things, politics, and others, were the primary topics of discussion throughout the album.

Brymo released his eighth studio album, titled Theta, on May 27th, 2022. Artiste provided vocal backing for the album, which was in the same genre and style of songs as Brymo’s previous work. Please take note that I have gotten all of the information on the album from Wikipedia, and I am giving them credit for it. In the event that you require additional information, please visit his streaming Platform profile.


A movie titled “Elesin Oba: The Kings Horseman” was released in 2022 and featured Brymo. The movie was broadcast on Ebony Life TV and was also available on Netflix. His role was that of a praise singer to Odunlade Adekoya, who was known as the King’s Horseman. The novel written by Sole Soyinka, who is known for his prolific writing, is the source material for the film, which is also based on a true story.


Putting everything together, Brymo has released a total of over Eight Albums which are;

  1. Brymstone
  2. Son of kapenta
  3. Merchants, Dealers and Slaves
  4. Tabula Rasa
  5. Klitoris
  6. Oso
  7. Yellow
  8. Theta


From what you have read up to this point, it is obvious that you are aware that this individual has been involved in a number of controversial situations. He made a mockery of the Igbo people by saying that no Igbo candidate can win an election in the 2023 Nigerian Presidential Election run and beyond, using derogatory terms.

This is the most recent instance of him doing so, in addition to the afro that was described earlier. Naturally, it was not taken away from him, although he was criticised on social media and a petition was signed by 8,000 individuals requesting that he not be awarded any category of honours at the eighth annual All Africa Music honours (Afrima).

Brymo Net Worth in Naira and Dollars in 2024

There is a widespread belief that Brymo, a renowned character in the Nigerian music scene, has earned a net worth of roughly $3,000,000 in 2024, which equals over 4,423,689,000 Nigerian Naira. Because of the profitable nature of the music industry, which allows artists to accrue enormous revenues through a variety of revenue streams, this substantial fortune is indicative of the lucrative nature of the music industry. Income can be generated by musicians such as Brymo through a variety of channels, including but not limited to the following:

Revenue from Music Sales: A large amount of a musician’s profits comes from the revenue gained from the sale of albums, singles, and digital downloads. Artists like Brymo now have the ability to generate revenue from their music through the use of subscription services and digital purchases thanks to the proliferation of online streaming platforms.

Live Performances: Brymo is known for performances, Live performances, such as concerts and music festivals, provide artists with financially rewarding opportunities to demonstrate their skill while also earning considerable sums. These events frequently draw in enormous audiences that are eager to spend for tickets, souvenirs, and VIP experiences among other things.

Endorsements and Sponsorships: High-profile musicians frequently get into endorsement arrangements and sponsorship agreements with corporations who are looking to capitalise on their enormous fame and impact. These collaborations can involve a diverse assortment of goods and services, ranging from the fashion and cosmetics industry to the technology and beverage industries.

Through the use of these several sources of income, singers such as Brymo are able to diversify their revenue streams and accumulate enormous riches over the course of their careers. However, in order to achieve financial success in the music industry, one must not only possess skill and devotion, but also be able to effectively manage both their career and their professional funds.

Social Media Handles

BRYMO is a handle for social media like Twitter (X). The name “Brymolawale” is the handle that Brymo uses on Instagram, and you can follow him there.


Brymo Biography, Net Worth in 2024, Controversies and Awards

Brymo Biography and Net Worth
Brymo – via Afrokonnect


As was just mentioned, Brymo is the only child of his parents and the only son they have. The records and information of other members of the family are not available. On the other side, he has a kid, and he shared a picture of him on his Instagram account a few years ago.

Brymo is a truly excellent musician because his style of music is able to be categorised into a wide variety of musical genres. This is a quality that is admirable in musicians. It demonstrates that an artist is adaptable and capable of delivering anything at any time.



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