Affordable Airtel Data Plans, Subscriptions and Pre-Paid Plans 2024


Affordable Airtel Data Plans, Subscriptions codes, prices and Pre-Paid Plans in 2024, via Afrokonnect. This article would guide you through varieties of affordable Airtel Data Plans, Subscriptions plans you can opt in with your Android, IOS and Blackberry device and how to subscribe.

Affordable Airtel Data Plans, Subscriptions and Pre-Paid Plans in 2024

Free Surf Plan

The affordable Airtel Data Plans, Subscriptions offers you a lower browsing rate on a pay-as-you-go basis and can also provide you with up to 160MB for free when you make use of up to 160MB. The charges rate on Free Surf starts at 1Kobo/Kb. To subscribe to the plan, simply dial *400#.


Airtel Data Plans Subscriptions codes and prices in 2024 Below:

Airtel Daily Data Plans

  • 20MB costs ₦50 (To subscribe dial 14150#)
  • 75MB costs ₦100 (To subscribe dial 141100#)
  • 200MB costs ₦200 (To subscribe dial 141200#)
  • 300MB costs ₦300 (To subscribe dial 141300#)
  • 750MB cost ₦500 (To subscribe dial 141500#).
  • All the above plans has a validity period of 24 hours (1 day) to subscribe just dial the code 14150#.

If you are a first-time subscriber, Airtel compensates you in a way.

5-STAR Pack (for ₦100): This offers you very little data but has a longer validity period.

It gives you 5MB daily over a period of 5 days.

The 5-STAR pack is obviously not the best plan for smartphone users since such mobile devices use a lot of data.

It is ideal for phones running Java or Symbian OS. To subscribe to this plan, dial *401#.

Airtel Weekly Plans

  • Weekly (300MB for ₦300): This offers you 300MB of Internet data, and it expires in 7 days.

It can be used on any device and goes for ₦300.

To subscribe to the Airtel Weekly plan, dial *417#.

  • Easy Plan (750MB for ₦500): It gives you 750 MB that will expire after 14 days of usage.

Its cost is ₦500, and it works on any device. To subscribe, dial 141500#.

  • The 2G Pack: This offers you unlimited Internet data service over a 2G network and its subscription costs ₦200 or ₦500.

The Unlimited 200 plan goes for ₦200 and has a validity period of 10 days.

While the amount of data is unlimited, the rule of fair usage still applies.

Dial 4821# to subscribe to this plan.

The Unlimited 500 plan costs ₦500 for 25 days.

Its subscription code is *4822#.

Airtel Data Plans Subscriptions codes and prices in 2024

Airtel Android Data Plan Bundle

This package offers you 1.5GB of data for ₦1000, 3.5GB for ₦2000, 5GB for ₦2500, 7GB for ₦3500, and 9GB for ₦4000.

These Android data bundles are usable with modems, MiFi, Android, iOS as well as other internet-enabled devices.

Let’s explain these offerings better  below:

The cost of the 1.5GB Airtel Android bundle is ₦1000 and is valid for 30 days.

To subscribe to the plan, dial *496#.

The 3.5GB offer goes for₦2000 and has a validity period of 30 days as well.

Its subscription code is*437#.

The 4.5GB + 1GB night cost ₦2500 for 30 days.

Subscription code: 4371#.

The 5.5GB + 1GB night Android bundle is priced at ₦3000, valid for 30 days,

Dial *438# to subscribe to the plan.

The 7.5GB + 2GB night offer goes for ₦4000 and also expires after 30 days of use.

Dial 4381# to subscribe.

Airtel doubles data for its new customers for 3 months.

To check your Airtel Android Data Bundle on any of the options above, simply dial *223# or *140#.

Airtel Opera Mini Data Plan codes and price in 2024

With this data plan, you can stay connected to your favourite social media apps, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, Opera, and others.

The Airtel Opera Mini Data plan gives you 250MB data for ₦300 only, which is valid for 25 days.

Dial 8851# to subscribe.

You will find this plan quite useful if you love chatting and socializing with friends and family all day long,

and most especially if your default phone browser is Opera mini.

It is pertinent to note that not all the internet-dependent apps on your mobile will work when you use this plan.

Airtel Data Plans Subscriptions codes and Prices in 2024

Just Incase you subscribe to any of this plan and will love to share data with your friends or family,

Then you can check out How To Share Airtel Data: Prepaid & Postpaid Gifting.

Airtel Monthly Data Plans in 2024

Free 1GB on Airtel NG Vodafone GH | Affordable Airtel Data Plans
Airtel NG X Vodafone GH

10GB + 2GB night for ₦5000: With this data plan,

You get 10GB of Internet data to browse during the day and 2GB to browse from 12am to 5am for ₦5000, valid for 30 days.

It can be used on all devices, and the subscription for this plan is *452#.

22GB for ₦10,000: With MEGA 10 plan, you will receive 22GB of data for ₦10,000 with a validity period of 30 days.

Simply dial *462# to activate your subscription to this plan.

From the above plans you can choose a plan that suits your budget or check out this offer offer.

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