Lethabo Lejoy Mathatho Net Worth in 2024, Biography, Age and Career

This post is about Lethabo Lejoy Mathatho Net Worth in 2024, Biography, Age and Career via Afrokonnect. If you’re seeking answers to the question “Who is Lethabo Lejoy Mathatho”, then you’re in the right place.

Because in this article you’re going to discover about her Net worth, Biography, age and her Career. But before we dive into all that let me give you a quick synopsis of her background information.

This will enable you know where she’s coming from, how far she’s come and introduce you to her if you’re one of our random Afrokonnect readers. So, Lethabo Lejoy Mathatho is a South African reality TV star, MC and a radio personality.

Lethabo Lejoy Mathatho is a renowned television and radio producer. She’s a media personality and loves to associate herself with everything entertainment,

Lethabo Lejoy Mathatho became popular after her appearance in the Real Housewives of Johannesburg reality TV show, After the Real Housewives of Johannesburg reality TV show premiered she started getting Buzz from South Africa and beyond.

In this post, I will be writing about Lejoy Mathatho biography, age, career, husband, net worth, nationality and also other facts about her but First, let’s look at her Biography profile;

Lethabo Lejoy Mathatho Biography, Net Worth in 2024 and Career

First thing first, Lethabo Lejoy Mathatho was born on 25 March 1986 in Seshego, Limpopo, South Africa. She grew up in a poor family with less Advantage however she never let that shaped her future.

Lethabo used to skip classes because she didn’t have sanitary pads to put on. Again, that did not deter her commitment towards getting a good grade. ALSO READ ABOUT:- Bonang Matheba Net worth,  Biography and Lifestyle.

She was raised by a single mother known as “Anna Magadi Mathatho”, because her parents divorced when she was still very young. Anna Magadi Mathatho who was Lethabo Lejoy Mother used to be a school teacher,

She raised Lethabo and her siblings including Karabo her brother and Tokologo her sister. Later on along the line when she was 16 years old Lethabo Lejoy met her father, Elliot Semenya, a Disc Jockey. 

They reunited with Lethabo Lejoy Mathatho proceeding her education. Lethabo Lejoy Mathatho secured a Diploma in Broadcast Journalism from the Tshwane University of Technology where she graduated in 2006.

Lethabo Lejoy Mathatho Career, Biography and Net Worth in 2024 

In 2006 when Lethabo graduated from the higher institution, she got a job at a radio company in South Africa. This was like the beginning of her journey in the South African entertainment industry,

Lethabo Lejoy Mathatho worked with two top commercial radio stations namely Capricorn FM and Jacaranda FM. In 2008 she moved to Manna TV where she became a show presenter and program producer.

A year later, she got a role in Limpopo Community station as a program manager. Lethabo Lejoy Mathatho has recorded massive success in her career and has received various recognitions in South Africa.

In 2011, she joined South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) as a co-host of Ditlalemeso, a Breakfast Show on Thobela FM. She made it to the hall of fame when she appeared on the reality television series titled Real Housewives of Johannesburg (RHOJ).

She is the presenter for “Ingane Yam” show which premiered on Mzansi Magic on October 20, 2020, the show is about the stories of parents who later introduce their out-of-wedlock kids from the past to their spouses and families to help the children get a feeling of belonging, she also runs a show called “Tea Talk with Lejoy”.

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Innovative Choreography and Dance Style:

Lejoy’s passion of dancing and natural talent led to her starting her dancing career at an early age. She has refined her technique and created a unique dancing style throughout the years, fusing aspects of hip-hop, afrobeat, and traditional South African dance.

She distinguished herself as a leader in the dance world with her inventive choreography and graceful moves, winning her the respect and affection of both spectators and fellow dancers.

Viral Success and Online Presence:

Lejoy’s social media presence helped her become well-known because she frequently posts dance performances and videos there. Millions of views and an ardent online fan base have been attained by her contagious energy and dynamic choreography.

Lejoy has become a social media star thanks to her ability to engage viewers with her mesmerising dance routines. Her followers are excitedly awaiting the release of her next viral video.


Even though Lethabo keeps most of her personal life off the internet, her relation is one open to the public. To the best of our knowledge Lethabo is not married however it is reported and verified that she is dating Par Thoren.

A Swedish engineer with whom she has been in a relationship with and her fans are looking forward to their marriage soon. According to Lethabo she met Par Thoren in 2016 at an ice cream shop in Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa.


As an act of philanthropy Lethabo runs the LeJoy Foundation situated in Seshego, Limpopo. She established the foundation to improve the overall standard of living in the area.

As an influential icon, she has been called to give a speech by the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) and several schools in South Africa.

Lethabo Lejoy Mathatho Net Worth in Rand and Dollars in 2024

Lejoy earns from multiple streams ranging from her acting roles, radio and Tv work, Endorsement gigs and personal investment. With all this streams of income she’s able to afford her a comfortable lifestyle which we see on social media.

The success she has achieved in her career in the entertainment industry has gained her a vast fanbase in South Africa and across the continent. She’s also a celebrity event and red cap Anchor which means she gets paid for her appearance.

Lethabo Lejoy Mathatho is one of the most popular radio presenters in South Africa with an estimated net worth of about $500,000 in 2024, which equals over 6,993,405 South African Rand.

Profile Summary

Lejoy has worked with a wide variety of performers, choreographers, and influencers across her career, demonstrating her flexibility and adaptability as a dancer. Her fascinating performances and explosive stage presence have captivated audiences at several events, music festivals, and television shows where she has played.

Lejoy’s partnerships with well-known performers and choreographers have increased her notoriety and sphere of influence in the entertainment sector.

Lethabo Lejoy Mathatho Net Worth, Biography,
Lethabo Lejoy Mathatho – Via Afrokonnect


Lethabo Lejoy Mathatho

Origin and Country

South Africa

Date of Birth

25 March 1986


Par Thoren


Radio presenter

Net worth

est. $500,000


What does lethabo Mathatho do for a living?

Lethabo Lejoy Mathatho is a professional producer, speaker and master of ceremony born in Seshego. She’s a multi-gifted South African on air/screen personality.

She became Mzansi magic’s sensation for starring on the The Real Housewives of Johannesburg television series.

Did lethabo Lejoy bleach her skin?

This has been a serious question over the years since lethabo Lejoy became popular. Well, it’ll surprise you that the Media mogul and reality star has been unapologetic about her bleached skin. 

And, she has been outspoken about it in several interviews. In one of her interviews she stated that 90% of the complexion of her skin is cosmetic. And even revealed that she spends a lot of money on her complexion every month.

Conclusion on Lethabo Lejoy Mathatho Net Worth in 2024 and Biography

Lejoy has a promising future ahead of her as her profession develops further. She is positioned to succeed even more in the dance profession and beyond thanks to her unrivalled talent, contagious energy, and relentless resolve.

Future generations of artists will be motivated to embrace their creativity, express themselves through movement, and pursue their passion for dance by Lejoy’s lasting legacy as a trailblazing dancer and choreographer.

Lethabo “Lejoy” Mathatho has had an indisputable influence on the dance community and the entertainment sector, to sum up. Her explosive performances, inventive choreography, and contagious enthusiasm have captured audiences’ attention and established her as a genuine dance phenomenon.

Lejoy will continue to inspire people with her brilliance and inventiveness, pushing limits and breaking down barriers, and her legacy will endure for years to come, creating an enduring impression on the dance industry.

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