Top 10 Best Modeling Agencies in Nigeria 2024

Best Modeling Agencies in Nigeria

Welcome to this article about Top 10 Best Modeling Agencies in Nigeria for the year 2024 via Afrokonnect. The majority of Nigerian women have the dream of one day being a supermodel, but the reality is that not every woman can be Agbani Darego.

Nevertheless, with the assistance of Nigeria’s leading modeling agencies, the fortunate ones have the opportunity to become recognized as well. These modeling agencies that are going to be described spend a significant amount of money on their models. Different components of the industry are taught. Starting with picture taking and ending with a focus on social media savvy.

Top 10 Best Modeling Agencies in Nigeria 2024

The following is a list, presented without further ado, of the most successful modeling agencies in Nigeria at the present time.

  1. Silverbird Group

The modeling agency Silverbird is widely regarded as one of the most successful in all of Nigeria. Most notably, they host the “Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Award,” one of the country’s most-watched modeling contests.

Agbani Darego became the first woman from Africa to win the Miss World beauty pageant in 2001. She did it when she was represented by Silverbird group, which was also her modeling agency.

  1. Box Model Agency

Another modeling agency in Nigeria that is vying for the attention of Nigeria’s most potential up-and-coming models is Box Model. All of the services offered by the box model are geared toward one goal: Turning its customers become supermodels.

Best Modeling Agencies in Nigeria in 2024

  1. Few Models

When discussing the most successful modeling agencies in Africa, few Models just must be brought up at some point. Originally established by a fashion model by the name of Bolajo Fawehinmi. Since it first opened its doors, this modeling agency has been responsible for unearthing a great deal of undiscovered modeling talent all around Africa.

  1. Beth Modeling Agency

Another one of Nigeria’s most established and well-known modeling agencies is called Beth Modeling. It maintains connections with a large number of modeling agencies in the nations of Europe and North America. In addition to this, it cultivates young women from Africa who are beautiful and sophisticated, hones their skills, and makes them into superstars who are famous all over the world.

Best Modeling Agencies in Nigeria in 2024

  1. Fashion Instinct Modelling Company & Agency

Models from this agency are available for a wide variety of media and events, including film and television features, commercials, the runway, promotional events, trade exhibitions, and more. The main office of the modeling agency known as fashion instinct can be found in New Jersey, in the United States, but the firm also has a branch office in Lagos, in Nigeria.

  1. 202 Modelling Agency

This modeling agency deals with models who have already achieved supermodel status and they also train young people to become celebrities. 202 Modeling Agency at the same time provides training and support to models of both sexes.

  1. Yray Models – Best Modeling Agencies in Nigeria

The Yray Modeling Agency is well-known for its involvement in many types of ads and for providing fashion modeling services to a variety of clients, including people, businesses, and other modeling agencies as well. This organization is open to serving individuals of all ages, including children, teenagers, adults, and senior citizens.

Best Modeling Agencies in Nigeria in 2024

  1. Pflamez Entertainment

Though Pflamez is mostly a beauty pageant management company, they also provide modeling services. Pflamez entertainment is responsible for organizing a large number of beauty pageant shows in Nigeria, including Pzflamez Fashion Night Out, Miss VIP Nigeria, and a great deal of other events.

  1. Bredance & Crusader Limited

Another one of Nigeria’s most iconic successful modeling agencies is called Bredance and Crusader. This business has made a name for itself in the industry by consistently playing home to Nigeria’s International Supermodel Beauty Pageant.

  1. Elite Model Look

Best Modeling Agencies in Nigeria

In a similar vein, Elite Model is another another internationally known modeling firm that is headquartered in Nigeria. The BETH Model firm owns and manages the “Elite Model Look Beauty Pageant,” which takes place annually. Aspiring supermodels from all across the nation often attend this competition, which is owned and managed by BETH Model company.


How much are runway models paid in Nigeria?

Runway models make anywhere from N20,000 ($46.55) to N80,000 ($186.21) for each event that they walk in. This is their average earnings. It is important to note that even if there are modeling agencies that pay less, the pricing range that has been presented here is representative of the market standard for models in this particular category.

Best Modeling Agencies in Nigeria 2024


So there you have it, the list is complete and this brings us to the end of this publication, kindly share this if you find this article helpful. Good Luck



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