The Vibes Award is an award for individuals in Unimaid and Maiduguri.

An award recognize the efforts, contribution and values added by students.

Through a fair and open online voting Process coordinated by Afrokonnect.

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Vibes Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the Northeastern part of Nigeria.

It’s going to be a night of great entertainment and experience with performance from A lot of amazing talents.

Vibes award

BOC, SteveJOSH, BOKMAN among others.


  1. David mark juguma

    Voting for the queen of vibes

  2. David mark juguma

    Love the life you live and live the life you love.

  3. Isaac Denis was always the code
    Plsss vote for best dresser

  4. My vote for you

  5. I vote for my choice

    • Gat your back guy.Mesech Ameh

  6. Comr ibrahim suleiman abbas

    I vote what i want

  7. Tijjani m Lamba

    I Vote For My People

    • I have voted for Faruok Ahmed

  8. I vote el_ongar D give and take master

  9. I equally voted for my choice Barka Bulus the most wanted male

  10. aliyu abubakar (sug)

    Comment:my vote for el ongar the best

  11. Ahmed abdullahi

    I eagerly voted for my choich fatema Hassan

  12. I go for Michelle Solomon, fatima hasan,kalifa remond.

  13. I voted for unise musa

  14. Mustapha shettima

    Voting for the queen fateema Hassan

  15. My voting for you godiya

  16. Suleiman Abdullahi (Boda)

    My vote for is for Ambassador Farouk Ahmed Yazah, for the most popular male.

  17. My vote for you Ayuba Bartholomew

  18. my vote for Ayuba Bathalomew

  19. Hello, Vote for out boy pls, Under the Best Artist. @ ABDULRASEED ISMAIL (ELONGAR),
    AND PLEASE , show us the vite percentage when we vote. Atleast.

  20. Will never leave you behind Ruth Bukar

  21. Kla®️an©️e

    Guy pls vote for Shadrack John”Mr personality”much much vo al

  22. I vote for wadas bulus

  23. I have voted for buddies of my choice

    • I have vote for Abba goni

  24. I vote for Ruth Bukar

  25. I vote for fateema hassan

  26. Sadiq Muhammad Ismail

    I vote for Mohammed Alkali

  27. I vote for Mohammed garba

  28. I vote for Mohammed garba

  29. I voted for Joseph Williams

  30. Suzy Hamza
    Meshack Ameh
    Mary Benjamin
    Nina Wudiri
    Martha Wakawa
    Barka Fada
    Abdul Rasheed Ismail
    Fateema Hassan
    MD Maina Ali
    Precious Luka
    Y’all got voted for and couple more..

  31. Bello Abuammaar

    My vote is Ambassador Ahmad faruq yazah

  32. Vote for Destiny Davis as Mr Unimaid

  33. Hey guys, plz vote Meshach Ameh as most social male….gat yha back Meshach Ameh

    • Musa Alhaji Madu

      I wish to be participants of this occasion I can’t wait

  34. I vote for farouq yazah brown

  35. Maimuna Al-ameen

    I have voted for farouk Ahmed

  36. I vote for Abba goni

  37. I vote for Drizzy grt
    Ah gat ur back bro

  38. Vote for Rebecca Mathias

  39. Chiomsy anyanwu

    I voted for my friends like, rich ishaku, patience Simon,jenet Godwin,and the rest, I

  40. Maryam chiwar and binta my two favorite although I voted for other I don’t know shar…..Go girl

  41. Comment:hello guys pls vote for Meshack Ameh as most socail male..i gat ur bck

  42. But this one that they ain’t showing the score again, hope there won’t be rigging oo.. Don’t do us APC o

  43. I’ve voted 4 all mah people
    We Surely gonna bring it home

  44. Khalifa abubakar

    Vote for abdulrasheed

  45. Alfred hyellagyadani

    Vote for. Benny bulus guys

  46. Alfred hyellagyadani

    Vote for Benny

  47. I vote Ayuba Bartholomew

  48. Shadrach John for Mr personality let’s make happen pls

  49. I vote for suzy hamza, john Dennis n rest of my lover onces

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