Apply for a UIF Compliance Certificate Online

UIF Compliance Certificate Online

Apply for a UIF Compliance Certificate Online via Afrokonnect.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) is embracing technology in a big way,

This time they have finally launched its highly anticipated E-Compliance Certificate online system.

This will enable employers, small businesses and entrepreneurs to apply for a UIF compliance certificate (tender letter),

Without leaving the comfort of their homes of having to queue for manual issuance.

The new and innovative system replaces the old application process of manually completing and submitting a form, sworn statement and SARS tax clearance certificate via email.

This will help Small businesses, companies and entrepreneurs to register on the system using their UIF reference number,

And, apply for the UIF compliance certificate (tender letter).

“If you are up to date with your Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) compliance requirements,

the system will issue you with a compliance certificate immediately, which you can download or print.

If you are not compliant, the system will issue a non-compliance letter with reasons for the rejection,”.

How to Apply for a UIF Compliance Certificate Online

Kindly visit to apply for a UIF Compliance Certificate (tender letter).



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