Toxic and Unhealthy Relationships in Big Brother’s House.

When Cee Cee reduced the
Life of Tobi to a vegetable
And almost rendered him
Useless on national TV,
The entire continent complained.

Cee Cee was the Double Wahala
Of whatever Gobe TBoss showed
Us to be in the season two.

More than a year after that
Epic drama between the pair,
That same game plan and
Strategy has been repeating
Itself in various degrees and
Forms in this Pepper Dem Gang

These acts, actions, and
Relationships have been
So Toxic and Unhealthy
That no one seems to be
Raising an eyebrow about

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Because of their shitty loyalty
And the blind support they’re
Giving to their faves, at the
Expense of saying what they
Believe is the truth about them.

On Thursday evening, Big
Brother asked the house
Mates (during the diary
Session) if they know of
Any relationship that has
Been looking unhealthy in
His house.

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Though some housemates
Like Omashola and Seyi
Were very blunt and real
With their answers, people
Like Jackye decided to be
Coy about theirs.

And this gave me a sickness
To my throat, as I decided
Writing on people I believe
Are having Toxic and Un-
Healthy relationships in
Big Brother’s house.

Allow me to start with
Jackye, in the part two
That’ll be out tomorrow.

#PaGidiExpressions #BBNaija

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