Tacha Titans vs Mercy Mercenaries – BBNaija Expressions.

It wasn’t going to end so

There was always Going to be a war breaking Out of that unforgettable
Fight between Mercy and Tacha that led to the latter’s Disqualification.

At the end of every night party,
There was always an unforeseen
Drama; and at the end of each
Season, there’s always a continuous

Between one fanbase and another.

We witnessed it last season
Between Team Cee Cee and
Team Alex. It was a cold war
That went on to the reunion

Prior to this current saga.

And now, we’re witnessing
Yet another daily, weekly,
And now monthly tussle
For fame, power, influence,
And the person with the
Larger fanbase and money.

It’s been a world of The Titans
Against The Mercenaries.

While history has it that Tacha
Has been trending back to back
On Twitter amongst other social
Media platforms ever since her
Now-infamous disqualification
On the eighty ninth day, records
Have it that Mercy has been having
The bragging rights when it comes
To who has more endorsement deals.

Mercy Eke’s endorsement deal with Royal Hairs.
BBNaija Season 4 Winner, Mercy, signs deal with Mr Taxi App.
Mercy Eke celebrates as she bags another endorsement deal with Upfront and Personal.

As much as we want to have it,
The Titans have been holding on
To their claim as having more
Followers on Instagram and on
The verge of hitting one million

An army that couldn’t even keep
Their fave for just ten more days
In the house.

And when Mercy became a house
Owner in the luxury of Lekki, I bet
The Titans could only lick their
Wounds as not having a fanbase
Strong enough to give their leader
A house of her own.

Except the House of Lunettes deal.

No wonder they’ve been taking
To the streets to celebrate the
Get Fit ambassadorial deal; as
Though it’s greater than what
Hennessy would be giving Mercy
For the Moet deal.

Tacha signs deal with Get Fit.

Mercy agrees deal with Hennessy Moet.

If you remember what happened
During the Headies Award, you
Would remember a Black Mercy
And a Red Tacha.

Each matched the audience blow
For blow with how they dressed
To kill, and how they pulled a
Popularity contest.

In a stunt that shouldn’t even
Happened, if half of the music
Industry wasn’t at O2 Arena for
Wizkid’s concert.

Tacha Titans Vs Mercy Mercenaries

No leave, No transfer!

It was even recently said that
A special award was given to
Mercy as the Emerging & Most
Industrious Celebrity Of The Year.

Only for the organizers to turn
Around and give Tacha an award
Of her own – Social Media Influencer
Of The Year.

To calm down the nerves of the
Titans who were aggrieved with
Mercy’s machineries.

Sorry, Mercenaries.

Despite the meet up between both
Ladies that took away any fear of a
Possible post-bbnaija pepper dem
War, the popularity contest between
Tacha’s Titans and Mercy’s Mercenaries
Is one that’ll hit us in the face for months
To come.

In other news, Diane and Elo have
Been going separate ways, unlike
What the Dialo shippers had been
Rooting for.

While Frodd, Esther, Venita, and
Khafi, have been bagging one
Endorsement deal after another.

[Diane too].

And Cindy was caught posing with
A dress on Instagram without giving
Proper credit to the owner of the

Since she neither bought it nor
Paid for it.

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