Rollexzz Biography and Music Career

Rollexzz Biography and Music Career
Rollexzz - Via Afrokonnect

Welcome to Rollexzz biography, music career, songs, education and more via Afrokonnect,

George Izuyon is the real name of the independent artist Rollexzz,

He is an indigene of Edo state and he was born in Edo state, Nigeria.

Shortly after, he moved to kaduna state in the early stages of his life,

The family of Eng. & Mrs George gave birth to Rollexzz on the 19th of September in 1999.

Interestingly, Rollexzz found his love for music at a very tender age when he was only 11 years old. 

He found his passion through listening to the music of the great America rapper lil Wayne “drop the world ” 

According to Rollexzz, he’s father needed him to focus only on studies and make him understand that the only gateway to success was through education.

Rollexzz Biography, Music Career and Education

In 2014 Rollexzz gained admission into Nuhu Bamali polytechnic Zaria, where he studied computer science and graduated,

While he was there he came across first producer “kingdee” who was the ceo of 3D studio,

Also, he is associated with the likes of “ClassiQ” one of arewa’s top artist.

In 2017 Rollexzz moved to Benin republic to complete he’s education from Hegt University where he secured his Bsc in computer science with second class upper.

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Music Career

In 2019 Rollexzz visited Zaria where he made his first ever record “show me d-love” creatively produced by kingdee,

He returned back to kaduna to move on with he’s career.

Rollexzz started writing music at the age of 14,

His debut single “show me d-love” was the first major kick to his career,

Rollexzz has released few other tracks following his debut single in 2019,

He’s single “ONOME” in 2021 was one of the tracks that brought more attention to him.

Since then Rollexzz has release couple of other singles,

Including his recent single tilted “Dorime” which was released on the 12th of January 2022,

It tells the story of how happy you should be with your real friends and love one’s.

During an interview with hyai fm 89.5 kaduna, he answered 21 questions about himself,

Insisting he’s single and only ready to focus on his career for now,

He also made it clear that he finds Runtown unique, and one of his idols.



Rollexzz Biography Profile Summary 

Rollexzz Biography and Music Career
Rollexzz – Via Afrokonnect

Birth name:

George Izuyon

Stage name:


Place of birth:

Edo state

State of origin:

Edo state, Nigeria






singer/song writer 

Record label:



aftopop, Afro-beat

Social media 

Rollexzz is an active user of the social media platforms and you can connect with him via:

Instagram: @rollexzzsound

Facebook: rollexzz

Twitter: @rollexzz1

TikTok: Rollexzz

Youtube: Rollexzz

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