Rema: The Special African Star and Originator of Afro-rave sub genre.

Rema Biography and Net Worth
Rema - Via Afrokonnect

Rema Originator of Afrorave sound – A sub genre of afro-beat and his fans known as the Ravers, via Afrokonnect.

Divine Ikubor, the popular Nigerian, African Star, known professional as Rema.

Mavin Records frontline act, makes deliberate magic with his artistic experiences posed legit to refine afro culture.

He is the Afro-beat star, who varies with the positioning of his artistry. He sings to various cultures using Afro-beat as a tool for expansion.

“Iron Man”, his 2019 creation made a very strong comparison with Indian culture, which blends with Afro-beats at ease.

Remember, this track made the Barrack Obama’s list of 2019 songs, were Rema spent 3mins 21seconds, singing for the ladies and expressing his feelings of love and care bluntly.

But then that doesn’t mean he lacks various modus in artistic presentations. Rema is a diversified star,

who melds feelings on songs and makes you see a different picture.

Rema Originator of Afrorave sound – A Sub Genre of Afro-Beat

In the interview below Rema spoke about globalizing Afrobeat which he intend to use his sound known as Afrorave,

He said wants to get into non-English speaking zones and shut it down:

REMA see’s himself as the future of Afrobeat; recalling the Headies award night in 2019 when he was gifted the award for the next rated artiste,

the bad commando crooner recently came up with a rebrand of his craft naming it the ‘AFRO-RAVE’ which is a sub genre of AFRO-BEAT.

However, “Soundgasm” released under the afro-rave genre is an energy packed body of work yet still remniscent of the tune attributed to the singer when he first graced the scene,

the type from his ‘Iron Man’ track that made Obama’s playlist.

Many would criticize his sound but yet can’t get off the ear-warming tunes he has unleashed so far.



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