Laycon Shall we Begin Album Review

Laycon Shall we Begin Album Review: Worth the hype or Not ?

First of all the Album had 12 amazing song,

It started With an intro of “…And So she speaks” then ended with “…And they spoke”.

The name Laycon or Icon were arguably the two most popular words in the Nigerian dictionary in 2020,

The former was the domino effect of the latter.

Olamilekan Moshood Agbeleshe better known as Laycon was first a rapper before the BBNaija fame last year,

Coming from obscurity to stardom, he won the reality show, and coming with it were myriad of endorsement deals, visitation to the political class,

he even became a chief in his home town.

Laycon became a world traveler, cavorting where his ancestors might have dreamed about but the big question remains,

Would he be able to replicate this success in his music career?

Well in the Interview below with The Beat 99.9 Fm Laycon spoke about why he’ll stick to music and nothing else,

Watch and Enjoy;

Recently, Laycon released his fifth body of work which he titled “Shall We Begin”,

this was an ambitious title, he makes it a point of duty to remind everyone he has a lot to offer, this was just a tip.

Laycon has a large number of followers on social media who would stream anything he drops, no matter how good or bad it is.

The streaming figure on previously released singles and collaborations are adequate references.

Laycon Shall we Begin Album Review

On “Shall We Begin”, Laycon explore different sounds to quench the thirst of his fans,

The album’s strongest point were the features and when he sings.

If you’ve heard Verified which had a guest appearance from Mayorkun you’ll understand more, anyone who A&R this project deserves a bottle of VSOP.

Mayorkun sustained the tempo of the song by singing the first verse,

Beyond being a potential hit song, Verified celebrates popular hoods in Lagos state.

Laycon is an intellectual when he speaks, you know he talk from a wealth of experiences or an accumulation of books reading.

He looks meek (He reinforces that on All Over Me), he is the gentle-looking person Salawa Abeni was referring to in her classic tune.

Wagwan was produced by Finito, on a cruise mode Laycon talks about money, fame, and all other vain things.

Every featured act on this album brought fire to the track, complementing Laycon whenever it is necessary.

Kele which featured Joeyboy might become a wedding anthem if properly pushed, it’s a feel-good type of song.

Terri does one thing perfectly, he give you a pristine hook, leaving the rest to you.

Laycon mildly delivered on Jeje. Topically, it shared similarity with the preceding track.

Teni and Laycon created magic on Want You Back, if you have ever been caught in the act, you would relate to the track,

It’s a tale about a relationship that was sliding into oblivion.

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Falling back in love after a major heartbreak takes a while,

While nursing a breakup, Laycon meets a girl who “give it to him” while he urges her not to fall for him, I hope she listens.

Laycon Shall we Begin Album Review

Laycon Shall we Begin Album Review

The guest artists were the saving grace of this album,

he leverage on them to create songs that might be here for a while coupled with unsullied productions.

Album overall Rating

Here is the Tracklist and overall rating of Laycon Shall we Begin album;

1. And so She Spoke – 2/5

2. God Body 3/5

3. Verified (feat. Mayorkun) 3/5

4. All Over Me 4/5

5. Wagwan 3.5/5

6. Kele  (feat. Joeboy) 3.5/5

7. Jeje (feat. Terri) 4/5

8. Bam Bam 3/5

9. Want You Back (feat. Teni) 3.5/5

10. Fall For Me  (feat. YKB) 4/5

11. My Lane 2/5

12. And So They Spoke 2/5

Listen to the full album via Spotify 

Overall rating Grade: 7/10

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