How to Pick Investment Platform Safely

How to Pick Investment Platform Safely

How to Pick Investment Platform Safely via Afrokonnect.

When you start investing, of course, you want a safe and reliable investment platform so that they can give you profits in the long-term.

Investing is one of the most effective ways to manage your money with many advantages,

When you invest some of your money, you will secure a part of the income to grow twice or multiple times than your first funding.

That’s how people get their financial gain securely.

But, investing doesn’t always come with “stonks” along the way.

You’ll face the downside of investing if you choose the wrong stocks or, worse, the investment platform itself.

And yet, there are a lot of investment platforms with different offers of advantages but only a few are credible and trusted.

Currently, there are many investment platforms available with various schemes and different estimates of return.

However, you need to be careful with various kinds of tempting offers from these platforms.

After all, investing always comes with big risks,

Choosing the right investment platform can help you avoid such loss.

Make sure you choose trusted platforms to manage your money and invest safely.

What Is an Investment Platform?

An investment platform is an online service that enables you to buy, sell, and hold funds.

You can do it yourself directly without anyone else’s advice, and if you are a newbie, you can use a financial advisor to manage your investment.

Investment platforms have become very popular over the years because they can be an efficient way to invest without physically going to a bank or asset management firm.

In addition, investors also have the convenience of managing multiple products on the same platform.

Investment platforms allow you to view and monitor the progress of your investment at any time.

6 Tips to Choose Investment Platform Safely – How to Pick Investment Platform Safely

Investment is the best way to grow wealth and save it for the future,

With online investing, you can place money in certain instruments and get satisfactory returns every year.

Therefore, investors must know the platform they use to invest to avoid loss.

Online investment is becoming a new trend amid increasingly sophisticated and modern technological developments.

There are many investment platforms that can offer you a bunch of benefits but only a few investment platforms that are safe, credible, and trusted.

Here are some tips to choose the right investment platform.

1. Double-checked the Online Security and Account Protection

A good investment platform will prioritize the security aspect,

The goal is to make investors feel comfortable and ease the transferring process of their funds on the platform.

Generally, a secure investment platform will ask you to generate a password as a token of transaction verification.

In addition, a safe investment platform also has a good and trusted transaction system, asking you to carry out a Know Your Customer (KYC) process so that the transactions process is carried out with the real identities of individuals.  

2. Have a Good Reputation

The second step is to make sure your target investment platforms have a good reputation,

You can search the company’s track record on the internet.

There are useful information and reviews that you can consider in decision-making.

If the investment platform is in the form of an application, you can compare the reviews on the App Store or Google Play.

Besides, a credible investment platform usually launches campaigns to attract more investors and gain brand awareness.

For example, many use product videos to introduce the platform to the audience.

With campaigns using product content, investors can learn more about the platform while also learning the product.

A great investment platform has a clear organizational structure and ownership,

Which you can look at on the internet, including social media, websites, etc.

Companies can include this information on their official website.

Information regarding the physical office address must also be available.

Doing a little research about the investment platform will ensure the safety of your money.

How to Choose an Investment platform for Beginners

3. Figure Out the Fees

The main condition for choosing a safe investment platform is a reasonable profit offer.

If you find an investment platform that promises high returns in a short time, you will need to be careful.

According to, a reasonable return obtained from several general investment products such as debt securities, stocks, or mutual funds are usually in the range of 10 to 20% annually.

This means that the monthly profit is still below 2% on average,

Many investment platforms offer high returns in a short period of time,

For example, 5 percent interest per month or the equivalent of 60 percent per year,

This can be predicted as a scam because of the unreasonable profit offers.

Keep in mind that investment takes time to give a huge return.

4. User-Friendly

The best investment platform not only has a great security system but is also user-friendly.

In other words, investment platforms with easy access to users are worth trying. 

User-friendly is a very important aspect to be considered in choosing the right investment platforms.

That’s because user experience can affect user comfort when using the investment platform, especially for beginners.

Therefore, make sure the investment platform you choose is user-friendly.

How to Pick Investment Platform Safely

5. Easy to Deposit and Withdraw Funds

The next tip is to ensure the ease of depositing and withdrawing funds which may have a big risk when you do transactions in the future.

Therefore, the transaction system is one of your top lists in choosing investment platforms safely.

Is important to avoid various risks such as hacking that causes account breaches, resulting in big losses for the investments you make,

You must ensure that the platform you choose has a double security system to protect your money from various potential account breaches that may arise.

Please take note to always pay attention to the security system that is owned by a trusted investment platform where you invest money online.

6. Have a Great Customer Service – How to Pick Investment Platform Safely

In this last tip, you may have narrowed down your options to finally choose the one that fits your needs in terms of safety, resources, and usability.

You may consider the customer service provided by the platform.

Make sure that the agent is easy to contact and ready to solve your problems.

Especially if you’re a new investor and you feel overwhelmed, make sure you can get in touch with the service staff quickly and easily.

So, it’s important to ensure you understand how to get help when and if you need it.


How to Pick Investment Platform Safely

How to Pick Investment Platform Safely

Summary – Takeaway

Investment activities have now become simpler and easier to do, where investors can easily find and use various investment platforms on the internet.

However, choosing a credible and trusted investment platform is important to invest your money with minimum risks.

You can apply these steps when choosing safe and secure investment platforms.

Stay away from investment platforms that may offer unreasonable profits quickly.

Please be careful before investing so you can generate a decent profit.


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