How SARS killed Remo Stars footballer – A Friend of Tiyamiyu Kazeem shares his story #EndSARS #Sagamu


How SARS killed Remo Stars footballer – Friend of Tiyamiyu Kazeem shares his story.

Sanni Abubakar witnessed the death of Remo Stars Football Club player.

Tiyamiyu Kazeem was killed on Saturday, February 22, 2020.

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) are yet again in another scandal.

Earlier the police reported that Kazeem died after he jumped off a moving police truck.

While he was trying to evade arrest and interrogation.

However, Sanni Abubakar said the police lied about how his friend was killed.

Oyeyemi also said Kazeem was arrested for wearing army fatigues.

SARS killed Remo Stars footballer

“A police inspector attached to Zonal Intervention Squad, Obada-Oko, in Abeokuta,

was said to have received information about the deceased that he was always putting on military apparel

knowing fully well that he was not a military personnel.

“Based on the information, the inspector went to Sagamu and saw the deceased putting on a military cap

consequent upon which he got him arrested,” the police spokesperson said.

SARS killed Remo Stars footballer

Another version of the story…

Abubakar who was arrested alongside Kazeem,

Said the police version of events is a fabrication.

Abubakar said Kazeem (aka Kaka) was crushed by a hit-and-run driver on the Sagamu-Abeokuta expressway because he was pushed out from a police car.

“We were going to his (Kazeem) father’s house,

when he parked at Ita-Oba Roundabout, Sagamu, to buy engine oil for his car,”

“After he left, the SARS guys parked in front of the car.

They started interrogating me, They asked who I was, what I was doing there and who owned the car.

I told them the car belonged to my friend, and they asked where he was.

I told them that he went to buy something.

“They took my phone and my friend’s phone from me;

they did not explain anything to me.

The SARS guy handed the phones to another guy in the Toyota Sienna.

“Afterwards, my friend returned from where he went to buy the engine oil;

they grabbed him and pushed him inside their Sienna and started driving.

They said they were taking us to their headquarters.”

Watch people Sagamu Protest below:

SARS killed Remo Stars footballer

He said the SARS officer with him (Abubakar) opened the boot of the deceased’s car and when he (Abubakar) attempted to get out of the vehicle, the cop threatened to shoot him dead.

“Then they started driving again. I just saw the door of their Sienna open; they pushed my friend out of the moving car onto the road.

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“A car coming behind us hit him. After hitting him from the lane, Kaka jumped to the other lane. I came out of the car, shouting and crying for help.

Tiyamiyu Kazeem (Remo Stars)
Tiyamiyu Kazeem (Remo Stars)

“We put him inside his car because they did not want to put him in their vehicle. We took him to a nearby hospital, but he was rejected.

“They asked us to take him to the General Hospital, Owode. When we got to the general hospital, we could not find the Sienna vehicle where the other SARS officers were; they had run away.

“I then saw the SARS guy that drove us making calls and asking his colleagues to come that he was in the hospital. I observed that he was moving towards the gate and I ran after him.

“We dragged each other as I insisted that he was not going anywhere and he must kill me like they killed my friend.

“The hospital workers came out and held him for me, while I went to call the police, the parents of Kaka and our manager,” he added.




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