Footage from Lekki toll gate massacre [ Viewers desecration is advised ]

Lekki toll gate massacre

Footage from Lekki toll gate massacre via Afrokonnect [ Viewers desecration is advised ].

This post is about an Explicit Contents from the Lekki toll gate massacre on 20/10/2020,

Nigerians would never forget the event that took place in Lagos, Nigeria on that date.

On a faithful Tuesday evening some peaceful Nigerians protesters were killed by the Nigerian army.

While the #Endsars protest was still ongoing the army opened fire on some protesters,

This was after the Surveillance cameras and Lights at the toll gate was cut off,

Even though the Lagos state government and the Nigerian army have denied all allegations on them,

It’s still perceived as the works of the So called Nigerian leaders,

Below are some footage from theLekki toll gate massacre via Afrokonnect;

Footage posted on social media shows several hundred people demonstrating, in defiance of a curfew imposed hours earlier by authorities.

Nigeria’s security forces have reportedly shot dead demonstrators protesting against police brutality in Lagos,

according to several witnesses, as authorities imposed a curfew and promised an investigation.

Four witnesses told Reuters news agency that soldiers fired at the protesters who had gathered in the Lekki district of Nigeria’s largest city in defiance of an indefinite curfew imposed hours earlier by the authorities.

Hundreds of people were at the site at the time of the shooting, which witnesses said took place around 7pm local time (18:00 GMT).

Lekki toll gate massacre  20-10-2020

“They started firing ammunition toward the crowd. They were firing into the crowd,” said Alfred Ononugbo, 55, a security officer. “I saw the bullet hit one or two persons,” he said.

Inyene Akpan, 26, a photographer, said more than 20 soldiers arrived at the toll gate in Lekki and opened fire.

Akinbosola Ogunsanya, a third witness, also told Reuters he saw soldiers remove bodies.

During the attack Nigerian Dj popularly known as “Dj Switch” was able to gather some clips,

You can watch them below;

Nigerian Celebrities have also condemned the attacks and urged protesters to stay safe;

Say no to Police Brutality in Nigeria;

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Lekki toll gate massacre

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