Welcome to this post about Facebook Metaverse and it’s social impact via Afrokonnect.

The metaverse or new virtual world is a space where consecutive interaction with unique avatars and virtual objects can carry out various daily online activities,

Such as walking, playing, cooking, working, and many others; hence, join the bitql today so you can try its impacts.

Some were already aware of this project since it had been seen for the first time in movies, books, and more particularly in digital environments such as video games.

But it is no secret to anyone that the metaverse has achieved significant importance.

Therefore the development and implementation of these virtual modules are created based on advanced technology, and countless investments aspire.

No one will be left out of this virtual world.

Currently, people can decide whether or not to disconnect from the digital world just by turning off the intelligent devices that are used,

And being able to live real moments that are not stored in the records of an algorithmic code.

In the future, this possibility will no longer be available or autonomous because incorporating virtual reality without monitoring or control in daily life will be inevitable.

By being constantly online with the augmented reality system, many significant aspects of life will be inaccessible,

Which will cause a tremendous economic, social and intellectual disadvantage to be generated, according to experts’ speculations.

Despite these notices that are in disparity with the Metaverse of Facebook,

It is still assumed and ratified that this technology would be implemented for the benefit and progress of the world population.


Technology and augmented reality could be a tool for good, turning the world into a holistic environment and showing what it means to be human.

The power of this innovative technological project, which encompasses far-reaching future visions, is very remarkable;

However, the commercialization of the metaverse would be harmful because it could be transformed into a violent, addictive, absorbing, and permissive space.

There is a big question: discover if humanity is prepared to handle the social impact generated by the metaverse,

Not only due to the implementation of technology but also due to the absence of interaction with real life.

Many currents have emerged giving reports about this project;

Some claim that the metaverse will bring improvements and benefits to society,

Others say that chaos is coming with this virtual world, causing physical damage, harmful mental health, theft, and impersonation of identity among others.



Metaverse and its vision for the future

Over time and the years, the digital and technological industry has developed significantly, and the desire to create more dynamic and encompassing environments.

Many of the most recognized companies, such as Facebook, have decided to invest in the area of study and development,

So that this new form of interaction and coexistence becomes a reality.

Let’s take as a reference the case of Facebook, which today is known as Meta,

Where its scope lies in the fact that users interact and trust the metaverse,

Thus guaranteeing the particularity of each of the interactions;

focused on this is taken as initial plan issuance of a digital clothing store to obtain a unique and different personality for each avatar.


In short, the metaverse will change the digital spaces that we have known until now, the interaction and social behavior, and the activities constantly carried out.

However, opinions should not be given about the impact of this digital world on society and if it manages to displace reality completely.

The metaverse only seeks the fusion and integration of human life with virtual reality to provide a better experience and get out of the constant routine that life represents;

Therefore, the uncertainty of the above causes what the future fact will be, where not all currents are positive on the subject.

Society needs to experience all these possibilities that technology offers, to be able to emit from its conscience;

If that is what is wanted to be part of human life, making us aware that everything natural and accurate will be left behind, it is.

In other words, we must be clear about the effects of constantly living in virtual reality.

Considering everything included when discussing the metaverse and its future scope would be best.


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