Burna Boy said He’s the best after Fela, Do you Agree ?

Nigerians are reacting in different proportions as Burna Boy declares himself as the best Nigerian musician after Fela Kuti.

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The Grammy Award nominee made his deceleration statement via his official Twitter handle.

According to Burna Boy, he mentioned that he is the best Nigerian musician after the late Afrobeat icon Fela Kuti.

A statement which did not sit well with some Nigerians on Twitter.

Disagreement sparked, with other bringing to his notice that many people paved the way for him.

Burna boy continued that some people paid money to get the west to like Afrobeat but he did that organically and brought respect to the genre.

Burna’s tweets shared below:

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Is Burna boy the best Nigerian Musician after Fela Kuti ?

According to the ‘Killin Dem’ crooner nobody paved the way for him to have an easy ride.

“Lol. NOBODY paved shit for me. Everybody dey find them own. I bin Out here, if you knew the way they made us look weak by begging and paying the western world to like us you will see that no table was set and I’m the one that brought you the Respect you currently enjoy.” He tweeted.

Burna went on to declare himself the best after Fela.

Burna boy Best after Fela

“FACT! I always knew I was and I am THE BEST. Everyone you think is the best KNOWS I’m BEST since Fela Kuti. But @timayatimaya told me something a long time ago that made me not care about being the best. “The World can do without the Best” the world will still spin regardless.”

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Do you think Burna boy is the best After Fela Kuti ?

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