Burna Boy Reacts to Fans celebrating His Grammy Loss in recent hit back reply by the African Giant.

The African Giant via his official twitter account clapped back at cretics and his haters that ranted “thank God he didn’t win” on social media.

The singer clarified fans that claimed He was only around for couple of years so he can’t be the BEST after FELA, READ MORE.

Burna boy reacts to fans

In his defense he said;

If you know you danced or sang along to any Burna Boy song Or you was at any of my Shows turning up anytime from 2012-2018 and you are following these Spineless Olodo’s to say I’ve only been here 2years or your following them to rejoice and wish me bad

Burna boy also made emphasis on his earlier claims: I repeat. Nobody that is not Fela or My Family can EVER say they paved any way for me. Fuck you! He Tweeted.


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Burna Boy Reacts to Fans Via tweets, More below:

Remember I Told you I was the African Giant and most of you laughed and said I should be grateful for small fonts. I pray that you Learn from me, I mean this in no bragging way and the Wise know that the Future of Africa depends on the kind of strength and resilience i Show.

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You say “thank God he didn’t win”. Because I say the Truth? And because of your twisted Fake views on humility. Ive been out here With My Family since 2012 going through unspeakable things just to get here against ALL ODDS.

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I drew my own map and followed it. This is just the beginning tho. Una no go sleep!

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Shortly after Burna boy made the above proclamation the singer deleted his tweets.

Reasons are yet unknown to us but we’ll keep you updated.


















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