Burna Boy Kicks a Fan on stage in Zambia.

Burna Boy fans in Zambai are furious with the Nigerian Afro singer for kicking a fan on stage.

The Zambians immediately started a trend #Muteburna After the incident.

Watch Burna boy kicks a fan on stage below:

Burna Boy immediately apologized and explained in replyBurna boy kicks a fan

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” I am sorry about how it looks but this person continuous tried to rob me on stage.

It was like the 10th attempt to do it after telling him several times to stop . This wasn’t a fan.

Apologies for how it looks but it’s not the case at all.

I appreciate all my fans ❤️”

Same night, same show Burna showed his kindness and love for his fans.

Burna noticed a girl drunk and he brought her on stage, passed her to the management for medical attention before he continued his performance.

The action gain back the love he almost lost from his Zambian fans.

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