‪Full Biography of Big Brother Naija 2020 Lockdown Housemates and Eviction Verdict‬ via Afrokonnect (BBNAIJA Lockdown Edition).

Feel it! The ecstasy and happiness of finally being able to hear the soundtrack and theme song of the biggest reality show in Africa,

hosted by the most fashionable Ebuka Obi-Uchendu himself to have ever come out of Africa.

2020 in itself didn’t start on a good note at all.

First we were greeted with the premiere of a somewhat wacky Ultimate Love that got us scared as to whether BBNaija was beginning to slide into extinction,

since they had to use Biggie’s house for the stuff, And then corona happened.

But with the second half of the year giving us a full dose of the BBNaija Pepper Dem reunion show involving the fiery Tacha,

the Queen of highlights turned winner (Mercy) and the rest of pepper dem gang,

the season 5 of the most anticipated show in Africa welcomed us with a timely and well suited theme BBNAIJA Lockdown.

So you know how the drill goes:

multiple housemates are selected out of thousand applicants to live in Biggie’s house,

with eviction holding every week (or as Biggie’s spirit leads) until the viewers’ favorite is announced as the winner After 3 months or so.

However, this BBNAIJA Lockdown season would witness just 20 housemates, with the show running for only 71 days,

Prize to be won at Big brother Lockdown edition

Biography of Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates ( BBNAIJA Lockdown )

One person would be cashing out with a whopping N85 million naira! Yeah, you heard me.

Eighty five million naira worth of prize is to be won this year,

broken down into:

  1. N30 million,
  2. two-bedroom apartment courtesy Revolution Plus,
  3. a top of the range SUV courtesy of, Innoson Motors,
  4. a trip to Dublin courtesy Guinness,
  5. home appliances courtesy Scanfrost.

Other prizes includes:

  • trip to Dubai packaged by Travelbeta,
  • a year’s supply of Indomie noodles, Munch it, and Colgate toothpaste, a years supply of Pepsi, a branded chiller,
  • trip to watch the UEFA Champions League finale,
  • a brand new Oppo mobile smartphone, ati bee bee lo!

Now, with a week already gone since the housemates got locked down,

with each housemate already fully kitted with their respective game plan,

its time to give you a little gist about their biography, what you can expect from each, and my eviction verdict.

Eric Akhigbe – Biography of Big Brother Naija 2020 Lockdown Housemates

Eric’s full name is Eric Akhigbe, He’s from Edo State, Nigeria.

Currently a final year student at the University of Lagos,

Eric is a sexy bodybuilder whose sweet lips and six packs adds to his height feature that is standing at 1.95m.

My verdict: Eric is one of the sexy housemates in the house;

and if there’s anyone to have a knack or knack a person looking for a knack or being knacked by a knack seeker,

then this dude will be among the top 2 candidates.

Unless his village people are looking for him or someone presses his mumu button,

he is supposed to be in Biggie’s house for a pretty long while.

Nelson Enwerem Prince Big Brother naija Housemate

Another sexy guy in the house, Prince’s real name is Nelson Enwerem Prince.

He is A 24 year old Entrepreneur from Abia State, Nigeria.

Prince is a jack-of-all-trades whose portfolio includes modelling, fashion designing and interior decoration.

He’s a graduate of Pure Physics from the University of Calabar and he’s currently based in Lagos.

One of the recent highlights of Princes budding career is when he won the Mr. Nigeria contest in the year 2018,

and representing Nigeria in the Mr. World competition the year after.

My Verdict: This guy is supposed to stay for many weeks.

He’s cute, handsome, sexy, frosh, and has a combined personality + look of Tobi Bakare and Miracle of the Big Brother Naija Double Wahala season 2.

I don’t know when he’ll ja, but if there’s a guy that could surprise us with a place in the final the same way Tobi Bakare and Miracle were both loved and got there,

then it could be this Prince of a guy.

Ladies, watcha say?

Brighto Ezekiel Bright Osemudiame – Biography of Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates

Full names, Ezekiel Bright Osemudiame, Brighto is a young, gentle and handsome 29 year old sailor from Edo State, Nigeria.

He is a graduate of Marine Engineering from Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport in Alexandria, Egypt,

and has a plethora of other professional certificates in his museum.

One major gist about this guy, which should be as good as the rumor it portrays,

is that Brighto is an evangelist from Enugu state who is hustling to make ends meet, so that’s why he’s in Biggie House.

And the truth be told, he really looks like the guy trending on twitter that’s an evangelist.

My Verdict: Well, though he’s not looking like a one minute man, this guy fit no last o.

I hope he doesn’t pull a Jackye on us and just hide in the bedroom for weeks.

Time and fans + nomination for eviction list will tell sha.

Erica Ngozi Nlewedim – Biography of Big Brother Naija 2020 Lockdown Housemates

Erica my Erica, one of the beautiful babes in the BBNAIJA Lockdown this season (coz there are also some not-so-beautiful ones sha).

Anyways, Erica’s full name is Ngozi Nlewedim.

She is a 26 year old actress and commercial model formerly based in London.

She returned to Nigeria after studying Screen Acting at the Met Film School in London.

While there, she produced her first short film with a team in Birmingham.

My Verdict: Erica is beautiful, And Erica also has brains.

At least, from the way she was beautifully looking at Laycon and calling him the philosoper of the house.

I call her “My Erica” because she seems to be a replica of Tacha.

At least, on the looks part of it And she even proclaimed herself a Tacha somebody.

And her beauty rival is Nengi, a replica + fan of Mercy.

If Erica doesn’t win this competition, then we can only hope it won’t be as a result of a Tacha-like 89th day disqualification.

Let’s wait and see who she’ll pick up a fight with, who will pick up a fight with her,

or if shell ever fall in love with someone there (the same way Tacha was almost being shipped with Seyi Awolowo).

Does she also have an army?

Kaisha Aisha Umaru Biography – BBNAIJA Lockdown Housemate 

Kaisha’s full name is Aisha Umaru, a 25 year old entrepreneur from Sokoto state.

Kaisha considers herself to be adventurous, and a great team player, who gets along with people.

She has a good memory of what people tell her as well.

My Verdict: Will Kaisha fall in love? That’s the biggest question we should ask of a lady who wants to get married in 5 years time but doesn’t fancy relationship.

We know them, We sabi their logo, (I didn’t say anything o!)

Anyways, for Kaisha, it’s not a matter of “how far can she go?” but a matter of “at what point will she be finally evicted?”

I don’t even know if the Arewa community can save their queen from a likely and early eviction.

Diane (also from the north) stayed long sha, but wasnt up for nomination that much.

Ka3na Kate Jones Biography – Big Brother Naija Housemate

Kate Jones, better known as Ka3na (initially thought it was Katrina) is a 26 year old entrepreneur from Portharcourt, Rivers State.

She describes herself as a strong woman who wants more from life and she believes she will make the perfect housemate to win the Big Brother Naija season 5.

She is equally a proud single mom.

My Verdict: If there is a list of potential housemates to be evicted,

Ka3na would definitely be among the top 5; and this has absolutely nothing with the fact that she has a child.

I am yet to know what exactly her game plan is, so unless she can (either) up her game a little by making it clearer to us or having a strong fan base to vote-save her when she eventually gets nominated,

it could be an early goodbye for the Portharcourt babe.

Kiddwaya Terseer Kiddwaya Biography – BBNAIJA Lockdown housemate

His Real name is Terseer Kiddwaya, Kiddwaya is a 27 year self-employed guy from Benue State, Nigeria.

But, thats just the least there is to know about this Kidd of a Waya.

Kiddwaya is actually the son of a billionaire and business mogul, Terry Waya,

who may not be known so much due to the fact that he is based in London, just like Kiddwaya himself.

My Verdict: Many people get into Big Brothers house for diverse reasons:

like Miracle of 2018 who needed funds for his piloting career and Mercy who was here for the mahney! Mahney! Mahney!

But when it comes to Kiddwaya, we can’t even say for sure under what purpose, option or category he falls under, and what exactly he needs the money for.

Last year, we had the grandson of a billionaire in the house, in person of Seyi Awolowo,

the direct grandson of Chief Obafemi Awolowo;

and his intelligence, philosophical skills and tactical game plan

(in choosing not to save himself the first time he had a veto power)

made him a strong candidate amongst the housemates.

What game plan can Kiddwaya bring apart from his physical fitness skills?

Laycon Olalekan Agbeleshe – Biography of Big Brother Naija 2020 Lockdown Housemates

Olalekan Agbeleshe, as he is officially known, is a 26 year old singer and rapper from Lagos State, Nigeria.

A graduate of Philosophy from the University of Lagos,

Laycon best describes himself as one who is easily misunderstood and loves having intelligent + open-minded conversations that doesn’t impose one’s opinion on that of another.

My Verdict: If you watched Seyi Awolowo closely last season, and you were also a follower of BBNaija during the Double Wahala edition,

you would remember that there was a particular Psychologist known simply by the name, Lolu.

Now, Laycon seems to bring a lockdown + mixture of both Seyi and Lolu’s intelligence.

And this one seems to be so intelligence that he has the mental capacity to outwit the BBNAIJA Lockdown housemates, Ebuka and even Biggie himself!

The only obstacle stopping him from winning is the fans and the number of votes they can give him whenever he’s up for nomination.

This is because Laycon is officially a top contender for this competition,

and he’ll definitely face some stiff opposition along the way.

Neo Emuobonuvie Akpofure Big brother Naija House mate Biography

Emuobonuvie Akpofure is the real and official name of Neo.

He is a 26 year old native of Delta State, Nigeria.

Neo is one of the actors of the Warri! script.

Though he describes himself as fun, tolerant, loving and smart,

he said he wont hesitate to become an Indaboski Bahose when it comes to issues concerning bullying and inequality.

My Verdict: Neo! Chief noise maker of the 2020 BBNaija lockdown housemates.

He talks too much! Just way too much! Ordinary first diary session,

and I was already pissed off by the Omashola-Khafi-like script he was trying to portray.

My advice to Neo is that he should better stop that nonsense and get a life before eviction comes to take him away.

Lilo Boluwatife Aderogba big brother Naija Housemate Biography

Boluwatife Aderogba, popularly known by her stage name, Lilo, is a 23 year old native of Osun, Nigeria.

She is currently based in the city of Lagos before the big brother.

She is also a beautiful entrepreneur who practices as a dietitian and specializes in weight loss therapy.

A graduate of Babcock University, Lilo describes herself as a product of Gods grace.

My Verdict: Eric. That’s just my verdict, Eric.

If we are going to witness a return of the Miracle and Nina + Khafi and Gedoni bedimatics,

then its going to happen with Eric and Lilo.

And because of this, the duo might most likely survive an early eviction.

Lucy Essien BBNAIJA housemate Biography

Not much is known about Lucy except the fact that her surname is Essien and she is a 30-year-old entrepreneur from Cross River State, Nigeria.

Her story turns a bit sad in that, she is an orphan and dropped out of school in her first year while studying Mass Communication at the University of Calabar.

My Verdict: At the start of the show, Lucy described herself as easy going,

but she seems to be more of an argumentative talkative,

always seeking attention and looking for a way to cause trouble,

than actually being as easy going as she initially portrayed herself to be.

Dorathy Bachor – Biography of Big Brother Naija 2020 Lockdown Housemates

Breast milk of life! No! Theres no way I can overlook Dorathys breast milk,

even if any other person wants to act religious or morally sound.

Just 2 seconds into the house and everywhere burst with Vaseline and tissue paper!

See ehn, theres nothing else I can say about Dorathy other than her surname is Bachor and she is a 24 year old Entrepreneur from Edo State.

Other than that, shes the main girl everyone on the planet is rooting for,

and looking out for coz mama got some milk mehn!

My Verdict: Dorathy is officially the babe with the biggest boobs in the history of the Big Brother Naija show!

She could pull out a Diane on us by getting into the final week without being nominated,

though it would also be interesting to see her up for eviction every other week,

so Biggie can cash in heavily on how guys may (or might) want to vote for her breast milk instead of other faves.

I mean, this girl is a big breatssest to Biggie, trust me, and she can breast feed the whole housemates!

Don’t be surprised if Biggie clears his throat by 2am and says Dorathy, report to the diary room.

Ozoemena Joseph Chukwu Ozo Biography – BBNAIJA Housemate

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Extraordinary GentleMan, Ready for shipping?

A post shared by OZOEMENA JOSEPH CHUKWU (@ozoemenajchukwu) on

Ozoemena Joseph Chukwu, as he is officially known, is a 27 year old Consultant and Entrepreneur from Imo State, Nigeria.

A First Class graduate of Economics with a Master degree in Business and Financial Management,

Ozo is a sweet and handsome dude, one of the most handsome in the house,

and he considers working with a UEFA Federation in Europe to be one of the greatest achievements of his career so far.

When he’s not consulting or managing his urban clothing line,

you’ll find him analyzing sports and watching documentaries and TV shows.

My Verdict: Ozo is one of the most handsome (maybe the most handsome) dude in the house,

and it’ll take a big effort to stop him from getting to the final.

He’s a major contender for the N85 million naira,

and also one of the contenders for the pretty girls in the house.

He’s fully loaded, and fully loaded.

Praise Nelson BBNAIJA lockdown housemate Biography

Praise Nelson is a 28 year old certified Latin ballroom dance expert from Enugu State, Nigeria.

Not new to fame or competition, Praise has won some competitions to his credit in his dancing career.

This includes the K-Pop World Festival in South Korea which he won in the year 2015,

and National Dance Competition in 2010 where he was placed third.

He is also a fitness and personal trainer, currently based in Abuja.

My Verdict: Its not easy to say how far Praise can go in this competition,

as he could be one of the early-shocking evictees if we remember how Tuoyo was shockingly evicted with 6% of votes despite being a part-time stripper

and the life of the Saturday night party.

Tochi Tochukwu Okechukwu Biography – BBNAIJA housemate

Tochukwu Okechukwu Tochi is a 28-year-old rapper and real estate agent from Imo state, Nigeria.

While growing up, he was faced with many hardships and adversities, including doing all sort of menial jobs.

After school, he worked for a magazine company as a social media manager before establishing an online clothing line.

He later started a transportation business and evolved into real estate and business development.

A graduate of Abia State University, Tochis biggest achievement is that he has a university degree,

and he is living independently of his parents.

My Verdict: Tochi brings to us a feeling of how Frodd’s life was (while in the house) and the emotionalism that came with it.

Only that in this case, Tochi doesn’t look to be the rosary-praying guy Frodd was and there’s yet to be an Esther in his life.

So, early exist or prolonged stay? We never can tell.

But he’s definitely not a future winner.

Tolanibaj Tolani Shobajo Biography – BBNAIJA Lockdown Housemate 

Tolanibaj’s full name is Tolani Shobajo, and she is one of the beautiful faces at this years BBNaija Lockdown edition.

A 27-year-old media personality (Artist and Repertoire) from Lagos state,

Tolani has spent most of her career in the United States, working with A-List media brands including Universal Music Group.

After spending nine years in the US, Tolanibaj relocated to Nigeria in 2018,

landing a job at one of the leading music entertainment companies within four months of her return.

My Verdict: Okay, so its fair to say Tolanibaj is one of the beautiful faces at this years Big Brother event.

But so was Kimoprah last year, and she didn’t use up to a month in the house.

Whatever game Tolanibaj is looking at playing,

I can only hope it doesn’t backfire against her the same way Kimoprah’s gameplan backfired

(when she was placing herself as a contender for the prize and seeing Tacha as her rival, meanwhile, Tacha wasn’t even focusing on her).

Vee Victoria Adeyele Biography – BBNAIJA lockdown housemate 

Not much is known about Vee except the details that she is Victoria Adeyele,

she was born and raised in London, she is twenty three years old, she is a musician, and she only moved to Lagos, Nigeria about a year ago to boost her music career.

My Verdict: Just do something like Venita (in terms of shaking up the house a little the few weeks she was there) and leave when the ovation is loudest.

Wathoni Florence Anyansi Biography of Big Brother Naija 2020 Lockdown Housemates

Florence Wathoni Anyansi is a 29-year-old fashion entrepreneur of dual citizenship her dad being of Igbo descent,

and her mom from East Africa, Kenya to be precise.

A graduate of Sociology from the University of Lagos,

she has worked as a sales representative, public relations officer, receptionist, usher, amongst others.

This multi-talented single mother juggles a fashion business and a parenting blog. She is also bilingual,

because she speaks and writes in Swahili as fluently as she does in English.

My Verdict: Not a popular name or figure or beauty amongst the BBNAIJA Lockdown housemate;

so the question is, when eviction day comes,

will she have the right amount of fans to save her from having 20 seconds to leave Biggies house?

Tricky Tee – Timmy Sinclair Biography | Big brother Naija Housemate

The oldest in this years competition, Timmy Sinclair, popularly referred to as Tricky Tee,

He is a 35 year old Creative Artist from Bayelsa State, though currently based in Lagos.

Tricky Tee considers himself a storyteller who uses the media of film and music to express himself.

One of his biggest achievement prior to being a housemate of Big Brother housemate,

Was winning the Best Director for the best stage drama at the National Youth Service Corps culture and sports in the year 2013 in Abuja.

My Verdict: On first contact, this guy looked like one with a loud mouth on the verge of being in the notice-me gang.

But considering his age and how matured he ought to be, there’s a sense of believe that he should be able to coordinate himself well and use his experience,

(as the oldest housemate in the house) to his advantage.

And who knows, he could gradually win over the hearts of the audience.

Nengi Rebecca Hampson – Biography of Big Brother Naija 2020 Lockdown Housemates

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Nengi Rebecca Hampson A Lady who has defied the odds since she got into the house, Pretty girls have something to offer too ? •A SMART Competitive girl. • A Great Leader • A Game Player • A Smiling Queen Need i mention that the game Just started and as time goes on we'll get to see that Nengi has no Malicious intent. She is Guarded because it is clearly a Game for a price but with time she'll definitely loosen up, learn to trust and make friends? With her eyes still ON THE PRICE. Thank you for the Love Nengi Lovers. We Appreciate you. Nengininjasofficial #Nengiroyals #NengiDuchess #NengiBarons #teamnengi #bigbrother #bigbronaija #bigbrothernigeria #bigbrothernaija2020#Nengininjas

A post shared by Rebecca Nengi Hampson ? (@nengiofficial) on

Rebecca Hampson (22) is a model and an entrepreneur who hails from Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

She is a former model and Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) Top 5 contestant,

also formerly contesting for Miss Peace and Tourism, Nigeria.

Nengi studied communications at the University of Port Harcourt.

While here, she also contested for and won Queen of Trust pageantry.

My Verdict: In the BBNaija Pepper Dem edition, we were all aware of the Mercy-Tacha script that successfully played out well.

This years script seems to come in the shape of Nengi and Erica Nengi being the ass lady and changing clothes almost three times a day (just like Mercy),

and Erica (a self-proclaimed Tacha fan) looking to be the other side of the beauty duo that may slug it out till the final.

Hopefully, we get to witness another shocker maybe a shock eviction.

But all eyes will be on Nengi, and the money bags wouldn’t want to see her leave just any time in the nearest or farthest future,

until she comes home with the mahney!


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